UHC’s Medicare Med Supp Deep Dive Trainings in Ohio

UHC will be covering topics ranging from the new rates, At Your Best by UnitedHealthcareTM (including Renew Active for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans) and the Authorized to Offer program, among MUCH more!


Register to John Herbut @ johnherbutfromthedeskof@uhc.com, for the session that best accommodates your schedule.


Can’t make any of these sessions?

Fret not, because WebEx meetings are coming soon! And John from UHC will be back in Ohio the week of February 24th in Dayton, Toledo and Akron- more info to come!


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

Holiday Inn Independence

6001 Rockside Rd.

Independence, OH 44131

REGISTER TO JOHN HERBUTplease indicate which training date you will be attending


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

Hilton Garden Inn

6165 Levis Commons Blvd.

Perrysburg, OH 43551

REGISTER TO JOHN HERBUTplease indicate which training date you will be attending


Thursday, January 16, 2020

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET


8700 Lyra Dr.

Columbus, OH 43240

REGISTER TO JOHN HERBUTplease indicate which training date you will be attending

Open Enrollment Period – January 1 to March 31

From Jan 1 to Mar 31, OEP is in effect, allowing a beneficiary enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan (with or without drug coverage), a one-time opportunity to make plan chang


Refresher: Anthem AOR Process

An excellent reference document!  Anthem provides a review of the AOR process and added AOR info on the stand alone PDP’s in November, 2019.

Download here!

UHC Hierarchy Update – What You Need To Know!

Cornerstone Senior Marketing’s agents who have an active appointment with UnitedHealthcare may have received an email communication from UHC regarding a hierarchy level change. 

 We want to be clear that you will NOT be impacted by this, and can disregard this message. The letter was generated due to an internal hierarchy change with our contracts from Cornerstone Broker Services Insurance Agency to Cornerstone Senior Marketing LLC. 

See below for a sample letter of what you will receive:

UHC Hierarchy Change Letter


Contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales Representative if you have any questions.

LAUNCH DATES: Surebridge’s DVH Product

Surebridge’s NEW DVH product is coming!

States that are launching 6/21: LA, MO, ND, NM, NV, and UT

State that are launching 7/19: TX, KY, & OH (More states to come for 7/19 launch!)

Surebridge has your clients covered from the neck up for Dental, Vision, and Hearing.

Highlights about the company and product:

  • Backed by UnitedHealthcare & underwritten by The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company.
  • Industry-leading premiums, commissions, and lifetime renewals!
  • Insured can visit any provider they choose or take advantage of big discounts using a large network.
  • Day 1 preventive dental covered at 100% with NO deductible (Policy maximums apply).
  • Day 1 vision & hearing exams covered at 100% with NO deductible (Policy maximums apply).
  • Easy Online Application & Enrollment

Email Danielle Flesch @ Danielle.Flesch@cornerstoneseniormarketing.com for more information! 


MeridianCare Compliance Updates

As Meridian continues their integration with WellCare they would like to inform everyone of a new process. Starting May 1st, 2019 any grievance or CTM that is filed against an agent will now be investigated by the WellCare Compliance Investigation Unit (CIU).

Below are a few important things to know about the change:

  • Lizeth Villa will now be conducting the investigation directly (contact information below)
  • During her investigation she will be reaching out to both the member and the agent
  • She will make three phone call attempts to reach the agent at different times to obtain a response
  • If she does not reach the agent after the third attempt then it will be a founded complaint against the agent

Any compliance concerns can still be directed to Agentoversight@mhplan.com

Lizeth Villa  |  313-324-3700 ext. 21461  |  Compliance Investigator


If you have any questions please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales Representative.

Mutual of Omaha Compensation Update

The following is information regarding the payment of compensation for Mutual CareAdvantage (HMO) (MA) and Mutual of Omaha Rx (PDP) sales.

Medicare Advantage Compensation

  • Payment will be made beginning January 2019
  • Compensation Schedules – can be found on Sales Professional Access (SPA), click on the Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner.  Choose Communications and filter on company – Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage Company and access your contract packet which includes your compensation schedule.
  • Compensation Statements –  can be found on the Medicare Advantage producer portal by clicking on the ‘Commission’ icon. A link to the portal is found on the Medicare Advantage product page on Sales Professional Access (SPA) www.mutualofomaha.com/broker.
  • For questions:  Call Producer Support at 877-259-8657; or  Email: producersupport@lumeris.com

Prescription Drug Plans Compensation

  • Payment will begin April 2019
  • Compensation Schedules – Can be found on Sales Professional Access (SPA), click on the Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner.  Choose Communications and filter on company – Omaha Health Insurance Company and access your contract packet which includes your compensation schedule.
  • Compensation Statements –  can be found on Sales Professional Access (SPA) under Reports beginning in April.
  • For questions: Call Compensation at 800-475-4465; or Email:  broker.compensation@mutualofofmaha.com.
  • Click for details on PDP Compensation

TECH TIP: Phish vs. Spam?

Phish or Spam? No, it’s not what’s for dinner! However, it could be a question you struggle with when deciding what types of email to report to your IT department. Potentially malicious emails make it to your inbox every day, so it’s important for you to understand the difference between a Phishing email and a Spam email.

This Email Seems Phishy
Phishing is the process of attempting to acquire sensitive information (such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details) by pretending to be a trustworthy entity. Most commonly, phishing emails will try to lure you into clicking on a link or opening an attachment.

Phishing emails can appear to come from reputable businesses or even departments and users from within your own organization. They often have a sense of urgency to them. Some may even use shock and intimidation to get what they want.

If you come to the conclusion you’ve been sent a phishing email, we strongly recommend that you report the email to your IT department for their review.

Spam Alert
Spam is unsolicited, unwanted email typically sent for marketing purposes. It is often trying to sell you something, such as unwanted goods or services – but, it is not asking you to take specific action. Although spam can be annoying, it is common to receive it in your business email. These types of emails do not typically need to be reported, unless you believe they pose a threat to your organization. In most cases, spam email can simply be deleted or ignored.

Note: Always follow your organization’s policy regarding what type of email to report in case it differs from the above.

Whether a Phishing email or Spam email, you should always be cautious when clicking on a link or opening an attachment. An email should never be considered safe until it is analyzed carefully. Remember, you’re the last line of defense to prevent a phishing attack on your organization. Always Stop, Look, and Think!

Let’s stay safe out there!

You’re Invited: CAHU’s 2019 Expo

Mark you calendars for CAHU’s 2019 Annual Expo on Tuesday, March 5!

WHERE: Hollywood Casino Columbus 

 200 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH 43228

WHEN: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Each year the stakes in this industry get higher. That’s why this year’s event is  important to attend. The message this year is BET ON YOUR FUTURE. It’s a fitting message for these changing times. Industry leading experts attending will be showing participants how to:

  • Increase their volume
  • Beat the competition
  • Grow profitability
  • Deliver unparalleled value to clients with solutions unheard of just a few years ago!

All Cornerstone Senior Marketing brokers can receive $10 OFF their registration fee by using the offer code below when registering for the event!


Code expires 2/20/2019


Anthem OH Medicare Supplement Updates

2019 is in full swing and Medicare continues to be a growing market. Along with Anthem’s MAPD plans, their Medicare Supplement plans continue to be very competitive. Please keep the following in mind when evaluating options for your Medicare Supplement clients:

  • Anthem’s bonus program has been extended through 4/1/19 effective dates (3-4 apps $100, 5-9 apps $150, 10+ apps $250). View flyer here for details.
  • As of 01/01/2019 effective dates, you will earn 21% commission!!! View 2019 agent commission schedule here.
  • All of Anthem’s currently offered Medicare Supplement Plans include Silver Sneakers and provide access to over 13,000 Silver Sneakers Fitness locations across the US.
  • Members have access to a tuition savings program through the SilverSneakers partnership with CollegeSave www.collegesave.org/silversneakers
  • Anthem offers a 5% household discount, a $48 discount for annual payment or a $24 discount for monthly EFT.
  • 2019 Sales Kits are now available on  Custom Point.

If you have any questions please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative.