Western Untied Assurance Company Discontinuing in Ohio

Western United Life Assurance Company (WULA) is discontinuing the states below due to the launch of ManhattanLife Assurance Company (MAC).

  1. IL
  2. MS
  3. OH

View document for Ohio agents. 

All active agents should have received a Discontinuance notification if in a state that is being withdrawn VIA email.  It indicated the dates that business can be submitted until it is pulled.


For Recruiting purposes, the online system is being updated to no longer shows these states as an option EFFECTIVE 10-20-20.


As of today, 10-19-20:


  • If a link was sent to an agent prior to this email and the agent submits today or after, the contract will only be processed if they submitted with a state that is available.
  • If a request for an add on state is received we will only process if that state is available.
  • If a new contract or add on state is received/requested that cannot be processed due to a withdrawn state(s), we will close out and notify with normal procedures.
  • If a contract change has been submitted or is received today or after, we will only process the states that are available.  To help avoid delays, please check with the agent that is requesting the change that they hold a valid license for the state(s) that are available and indicate the states they want processed..


If an EXISTING agent has business to write in one of these withdrawn states and it is not currently added to their contract, they should be able to complete an E-App on the Manhattan/WULA Website until the state is pulled. Please do not request the state to be added, the carrier will advise AIMC in this situation.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Michelle Kapp, Cornerstone’s Proprietary Products Sales Director.