Humana Dental Now Available to Enroll Via CSG!

Sourced from CSG Communication from 11/15/21:

Humana is the newest carrier available on our Dental E-Application!

Humana Dental Plans available on E-App include Bright Plus, Loyalty Plus and Preventive Plus. The plans we have available for enrollment are age rated, meaning premium is calculated by individual based on the age band they fall into. Humana has tier rated dental plans that we do NOT have available yet. It’s in the works, but do not have an ETA on this.

Agents will validate their appointment using their Humana agent number, which Humana refers to as a SAN.

The Humana Dental E-App is available on MedicareCENTER.

Cross-sell, cross-sell, cross-sell!!!!! Agents can use the CSG Shopping Cart to cross-sell and enroll a Med Supp plan with a Humana dental plan. For example, an Accendo or UHC Med Supp with a Humana dental plan can be taken in ONE application process! Client shopping cart training video is available here –


If you have any questions, please contact your CSM rep.