Brokers International Adds AuguStar Life to Carrier Line-Up

Brokers International is pleased to announce a dynamic addition to our carrier line-up with the partnership of A-rated AuguStarSM Life. This means you have access to a suite of life insurance choices right for a wide range of individual family needs and crucial business protection.

Our new relationship with AuguStar Life (formerly Ohio National Financial Services) is now being offered to BI’s network of agencies and financial professionals.

AuguStar is focusing on further expanding the role of life insurance in protecting the financial health of individuals, families, and businesses through life’s predictable and unpredictable events. Products include:

  • Indexed universal life—to protect loved ones, grow wealth, and create tax advantages
  • Indexed whole life—life-long insurance protection, level premiums and death benefits, and tax-smart cash value that earns interest based on an investment index
  • Term life—for death benefits guaranteed throughout a specific period, premiums based on insured’s age, health, and life expectancy, and possible renewal and conversion

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