MeridianCare Compliance Updates

As Meridian continues their integration with WellCare they would like to inform everyone of a new process. Starting May 1st, 2019 any grievance or CTM that is filed against an agent will now be investigated by the WellCare Compliance Investigation Unit (CIU).

Below are a few important things to know about the change:

  • Lizeth Villa will now be conducting the investigation directly (contact information below)
  • During her investigation she will be reaching out to both the member and the agent
  • She will make three phone call attempts to reach the agent at different times to obtain a response
  • If she does not reach the agent after the third attempt then it will be a founded complaint against the agent

Any compliance concerns can still be directed to

Lizeth Villa  |  313-324-3700 ext. 21461  |  Compliance Investigator


If you have any questions please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales Representative.