Aetna Appointment Updates

Agents that had appointments with First Health Life Insurance Company, Coventry Health Life Insurance Company or Coventry Health Care of Florida will be receiving a Termination of Appointment notice in the mail for these entities. See sample.

This is being done in an effort to streamline Aetna MA processes and reduce the number of appointments in their system.

This will not impact agents’ current Producer Agreement or any appointments for our other products, such as Medicare Advantage or Commercial, for the other Aetna entities.

Please note that many Medicare plans previously marketed under the Coventry brand are now marketed exclusively under the Aetna brand name starting in the 2020 plan year. The termination of appointment on the entities listed above DO NOT affect the Aetna Medicare and Commercial plans previously marketed under Coventry brand. Your current appointments for Aetna Commercial and Medicare products remain valid and those products will continue to be marketed under the Aetna brand name.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact your CSM rep