Aetna – COVID-19 Update

Aetna:  March 26, 2020:  Steps we’re taking to keep members safe:

  • To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, we are cancelling all in person group member meetings and sales events at all venues, including those at retail locations. 
  • Sales events: If you have a filed a sales event with Aetna, we have canceled your event. CMS requirements for canceled events still apply. Please contact your Broker Manager if you have any questions about CMS requirements for cancellations.  
  • Member meetings: Please note that we will contact all members who RSVP’d for a meeting, by phone or email, to let them know about the cancellation. 

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend avoiding face-to-face contact with your clients. Instead of meeting with them in person, we encourage you to use our remote-selling tools (e-kits and RATE) to engage your clients electronically. 

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COVID-19 update_broker communication (March 19) FINAL

Aetna Remote-Selling Tools (ekits and RATE)

Try these remote-selling tools (e-kits and RATE)

Do you have clients who want to move forward with enrollment, without having an agent enter their home? For Aetna Medicare (MA/MAPD) and SilverScript PDP products, there are two tools you can use: e-kits and the Remote Agent Telephonic Enrollment (RATE) tool. To use either option, you must have access to the Ascend Virtual Sales Office app; to get access, fill out an Ascend app request form on Producer World. (Please note that it can take up to 2-7 days to process new user requests for Ascend.)

Why use it? 
Allows your clients to enroll online and maintain you as their writing agent
•   You must have access to the Ascend app

•   Works on any laptop or iPad mobile device

•   (No special set up or extra training required)

Remote Agent Telephonic Enrollment (RATE) tool
Allows you to obtain a complete, compliant enrollment entirely by phone
•    You must have an iPad to use the RATE tool; it is not compatible with other tablet brands

•    You must have access to the Ascend app
•    You must complete an online, self-paced compliance training and pass a quiz with a score of 90% in two tries or less

Aetna Medicare Solutions: Keeping you informed about COVID-19

Keeping you informed about COVID-19

Aetna Medicare Producer News March 16, 2016:  As we continue monitoring the outbreak of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, we remain focused on the health and safety of our members and agents. As an agent, you play an important role in keeping members informed. We encourage you to check our website frequently for updated information about the virus and tips for staying healthy, and to learn about the ways we’re supporting members.

Read the full update here.





Webinar – Aetna DSNP Model of Care Training

Cornerstone Senior Marketing is pleased to host our special Aetna guests, Shannon Ward and Christine Compliment.  Shannon and Christine will walk agents through specifics regarding what happens with a DSNP member once they’re enrolled into the Aetna DSNP product.  REGISTER

CVS Health Announces COVID-19 Resources for Aetna Members

CVS Health announces COVID-19 resources for Aetna members

Friday, March 6, 2020

Diagnostic testing and telemedicine visits available with no co-pay

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) today announced several steps to support Aetna members in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Supporting the health and well-being of our members and removing barriers to care are among our key areas of focus as we navigate the spread of COVID-19,” said Karen S. Lynch, President, Aetna and Executive Vice President, CVS Health. “That’s why we’re providing COVID-19 diagnostic testing and telemedicine visits with no out-of-pocket costs or cost sharing for Aetna members, along with a number of other programs and offerings that reinforce our commitment to delivering timely and seamless access to care.”

CVS Health has engaged with public health experts and organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to spread awareness of emergency preparedness efforts. Through its frequently-updated COVID-19 resource center, the company is providing the latest information on precautions consumers should take to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and who should seek medical attention.

Effective immediately, Aetna members will have access to the following resources:

Aetna will waive co-pays for all diagnostic testing related to COVID-19. This policy will cover the test kit for patients who meet CDC guidelines for testing, which can be done in any approved laboratory location. Aetna will waive the member costs associated with diagnostic testing at any authorized location for all Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid lines of business. Self-insured plan sponsors will be able to opt-out of this program at their discretion.

For the next 90 days, Aetna will offer zero co-pay telemedicine visits for any reason. Aetna members should use telemedicine as their first line of defense in order to limit potential exposure in physician offices. Cost sharing will be waived for all video visits through the CVS MinuteClinic app, Aetna-covered Teladoc offerings and in-network providers delivering synchronous virtual care (live video-conferencing) for all Commercial plan designs. Self-insured plan sponsors will be able to opt-out of this program at their discretion.

Through Aetna’s Healing Better program, members who are diagnosed with COVID-19 will receive a care package containing CVS over-the-counter medications to help relieve symptoms. The package will also include personal and household cleaning supplies to help keep others in the home protected from potential exposure.

Through existing care management programs, Aetna will proactively reach out to members most at-risk for COVID-19. Care managers will walk members through what they can do to protect themselves, where to get information on the virus, and where to go to get tested.

Aetna is extending its Medicare Advantage virtual evaluation and monitoring visit benefit to all Aetna Commercial members as a fully-covered benefit. This offering will empower members with other conditions that need follow-up care to engage with providers without the concern of sitting in a physician’s office and risking potential exposure to COVID-19.

CVS Health is implementing the following programs to educate members about COVID-19 and help address any associated anxiety and stress:

  1. Opening Crisis Response Lines for all Aetna (Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid) and Caremark members who may be experiencing anxiety related to COVID-19.
  2. Expanding 24×7 access to the Aetna Nurse Medical Line for all Aetna and Caremark members.
  3. Providing Aetna plan sponsors with a Resources for Living toolkit with materials specifically developed for members experiencing anxiety related to COVID-19.

Anyone presenting symptoms compatible with COVID-19 should contact their health care provider immediately.

About CVS Health

CVS Health employees are united around a common goal of becoming the most consumer-centric health company in the world. We’re evolving based on changing consumer needs and meeting people where they are, whether that’s in the community at one of our nearly 10,000 local touchpoints, in the home, or in the palm of their hand. Our newest offerings from HealthHUB locations that are redefining what a pharmacy can be, to innovative programs that help manage chronic conditions are designed to create a higher-quality, simpler and more affordable experience. Learn more about how we’re transforming health at

Aetna’s MAPD and DSNP 2020 OTC Catalogs Now Available

Aetna’s 2020 OTC catalogs are now out on Producer World and can access directly.

Here’s the direct link to the OTC catalog page on PW: Or here’s the path/instructions for how to find them on your own:

  • Login to Producer World:
  • Click “Individual Medicare,” which is in the black navigation bar in the top-right corner of the page
  • Click the Product tab.
  • Click “2020 OTC catalogs”
  • Next, from the OTC catalog page, select a state from the dropdown menu, and then select the applicable OTC catalog.


If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your CSM rep.

Aetna Med Supp February Updaes

February 2020 Updates:

A few callouts for Aetna Medicare Supplement online quoting and enrollment tool. Here is how it works:

New underwriting process and application tracker

Aetna’s underwriting process will give you faster decisions for underwritten Aetna Medicare Supplement applications. Aetna has not altered their underwriting philosophy in any way. Most applications will have a decision within a few minutes. This exciting change also comes with an updated online application tracker, to give you clearer visibility to those decisions.

Changes: Point-of-sale telephone interview and voice signature option

To help make the underwriting process even easier for you, Aetna will no longer require or offer a point-of-sale telephone interview as of October 1, 2019. We’ll also be discontinuing the voice signature option.

  • If any point-of-sale interviews are still pending after October 1, the phone line will still be available to use until those interviews are complete.
  • Instead of a voice signature, you’ll continue to have 3 easy signature options for your electronic applications: security question signature, in person signature, email signature.

Our new underwriting process

Once Aetna receives your Medicare Supplement electronic application, they will provide one of the following underwriting decisions within a few minutes:

  • Approved
  • Needs further review
  • Declined

Aetna will also provide decisions on your paper applications once they have verified all required information has been included with the submission. This review may delay how soon the decision is displayed on the website.

    • Approved applications will be processed as normal.
    • If an application needs further review, the application will be reviewed by our underwriting staff.  And if necessary, our associates will call your client with targeted questions for clarification. This new telephone interview process will be easier for your client, as we will not need to review all health questions.
    • If an application is declined, we’ll send the applicant (and you) a letter with details about how to get a copy of the information used to help with the underwriting decision. The application tracker on the agent website will show if an application is declined. A copy of the letter will be accessible within 24 hours.

Aetna Med Supp MACRA 2020 has been a huge success thanks to you! They have launched their MACRA 2.0 strategy in 16 states.

August launches for MACRA 2020 – SC, IL, LA, AZ and TN

July launches – AL, GA, IA, MI and MS

September launch – FL and DE

October launches – OH, NC, KS and PA

What does all this mean? Aetna’s plan F rates will be on average within $15-$20 a month of our plan G rates and our plan F rates have been lowered.

Why is Aetna putting out rates that are so competitive on plan F? There are tens of millions reasons why.  After 1/1/20 anyone on a Medicare Supplement currently or Medicare eligible by 12/31/19 will still be able to purchase plan C, F and HIF after 1/1/20.

These clients that would like to receive a very competitive plan F rate with us will need to go through underwriting so this with be a very healthy group of insureds which can mean lower rate increases.



  • AETNA MED SUPP has a new agent services phone number: 866-272-6630
  • Clients can now purchase just the Cancer or just the Heart Attack and stroke benefit separately.
    • Also added a recurrence benefit and changed the look back period from 10 years to 5 years.
  • Aetna now has the ability to refund premiums directly into your clients accounts via EFT. No longer will it take 10-4 days to receive a refund.


If you have any questions please contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing rep.




LifeStation medical Alert System Benefit

Clarification: To start using the LifeStation medical alert system benefit, members should call Member Services

Members with the Aetna Medicare Plus Plan (HMO) in Southern California have a benefit that allows them to get a LifeStation medical alert system at no charge. This benefit is available in the following counties: Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego.

To start using this benefit, members should call the Aetna Member Services Department by dialing the number on their Aetna member ID card. 

Please note: During recent 2020 product trainings, we told you that members should call LifeStation directly to activate this benefit. However, this was incorrect. Please help educate members that they need to call the Aetna Member Services instead.


What steps do members have to take to use the LifeStation benefit?

  1. To get the LifeStation equipment, a member must call the Aetna Member Services. Members will then be transferred into the Care Management Engagement Hub to go through the eligibility process.
  2. Eligible members will be connected to a Lifestation representative to order the device and finalize the process.
  3. Members will receive the equipment by mail.


2020 WellCare Updates for Aetna Legacy Book of Business

Sales Commission and Book of Business Updates for Aetna Legacy Membership:

  • WellCare was not responsible for paying out all renewals and commissions through the end of 2019.
  • WellCare has received the complete legacy membership file, including which agents/agencies are associated with each member, and will begin paying sales compensation for all legacy members who are still active and have not changed their plan.
  • Commissions for this membership will be paid out on January 31st, 2020. Due to your current commission assignment, you will not receive payment or a statement directly. If you have any questions regarding these legacy payments, please reach out to your commission assignee.
  • These legacy members will not be visible in the book of business within the Agent Connect portal. However, this information will be listed on your commission assignee’s commission statement. Please reach out to your assignee with membership related questions.
  • We recognize this is an inconvenience. We are working to correct our system limitations to provide this information in the future.

Premium Withholding Options:

Legacy members who utilized premium withholding option (PWO), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) have been signed-up for direct pay with WellCare and were mailed coupon books in December. If these members would like to sign up for EFT, please advise them of the following:

  • The fastest, most effective method for EFT sign-up is via the EFT election option on the member portal.
  • Alternatively, a copy of the EFT form can be returned to WellCare by mail
  • The form can be downloaded by clicking here WellCare EFT Form.

Members can call Customer Service (833) 207-4241 for assistance with:

  • Requesting a copy of the EFT form to be mailed to the member that must be returned to WellCare by mail
  • Assistance in utilizing the online member portal to complete their EFT election

Legacy members whose premiums were deducted from their Social Security (SSA) or Railroad Retirement (RRB) checks, will continue to be deducted for WellCare plans. There is no action needed by these members.

Thank you for your continued partnership!