Aetna Supplemental: NEW Silverscript PDP Options Available for 2021

Have you seen Aetna’s PDP plans?
This Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), you have new options to help your clients meet their prescription drug needs.

Cross-selling with Aetna just got easier! They now offer SilverScript prescription drug plan (PDP) as part of Aetna’s Medicare solutions.



Aetna Senior Supplemental Email Signature Option Update

Update: Email signature option

Aetna Senior Supplemental is making their email signature process on Aetna Quote & Enroll even easier for you. You’ll see this new feature starting Monday, September 14.

Email signature option temporarily unavailable September 9 – 14

As they update the systems with this new feature, the current email signature feature will be temporarily unavailable for new applications from Wednesday, September 9 at 4:30 p.m. CT until Monday, September 14 at 8 a.m. CT. 

NOTE: During this time, you’ll still be able to use any of Aetna’s other signature options (in person or secure question) for new applications. If you have already started an email signature and sent it to your client, you can still have the client complete the signature and submit it through the “My cases” tab on Aetna Quote & Enroll until September 14.

New email signature process starts September 14

The updated email signature process will be available starting Monday, September 14. After this date, any outstanding email signatures will have to be cancelled in “My cases” and the new email signature option used.

Fewer steps, faster submissions

With Aetna’s updated email signature process, your application will go directly to the home office once your applicant signs the emailed application.

View new email signature process


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Representative. 

Aetna Supplemental: Florida Medicare Supplement Plan Changes

As of 8/24/2020 Aetna Announcement:

Due to recent regulatory changes, Aetna will no longer offer a household premium discount on new individual CLI* Medicare Supplement policies in Florida.

The last application signature date Aetna can accept for applicants requesting the household premium discount is August 27, 2020. Any applications signed on or after August 28, 2020 will not be eligible for a household premium discount.

Aetna has revised the paper sales materials (including the application), which are now available. You can order the updated paper sales materials here. Be sure to destroy your existing paper applications and replace them with the new application.

Aetna Quote & Enroll will have the revised E-App starting August 28, 2020.

Medicare Supplement policyholders in Florida currently receiving the household premium discount will continue to receive the discount.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Cornerstone representative.

Aetna E-App Companion Sales Kits Available…and more.

E-App companion sales kits

Right now, more than 98% of Aetna new business comes from electronic applications, but they understand that sometimes you also need some paper materials to share with your clients. Did you know that you can order companion paper sales kits for electronic applications?

Medicare Supplement companion kits include: a pocket folder, brochure, Outline of Coverage, and Guide to Medicare.

Protection Series companion kits include: a pocket folder, brochures, and Outlines of Coverage for all ancillary products in that state.

Read the full update here, which includes:  the Accendo Final Expense new sales handbook, and updated schedule of commissions and this week’s webinars.



Aetna 2021 Certification Starts 7/1/20: More details below!

Aetna’a MA Producer News Release on 6/5/20:


2021 certification kicks off July 1

We’re launching our annual Individual Medicare producer certification process earlier than ever before. On July 1, visit to get started. Our certification process includes AHIP and only costs $125– that’s a $50 savings off of the AHIP retail price. Save the date and plan to certify with us.

Certify for 2021 Aetna MA/MAPD and SilverScript PDP in the same portal

New for 2021, you’ll get to certify for both Aetna MA/MAPD and SilverScript PDP in the same portal. Last year agents had to log in to two separate portals. This year we’ve made it easier. Just go to on July 1 to access both Aetna MA/MAPD and SilverScript PDP certification.

For those who don’t plan to sell Medicare Advantage, you will be able to certify for SilverScript PDP only through the SilverScript portal, as in past years.


Check out the new Ascend Virtual Sales Office app features

Send a pre-filled application (e-Kit) to your client to sign

Just fill out an enrollment application on behalf of your client using an e-Kit in the Ascend app. Then, send the application to your client to review, sign and submit. Learn more.

Check to see if your client qualifies for Extra Help


In addition to looking up your clients’ pharmacy and drugs, you can now check if they’re eligible for Extra Help. To see if your client qualifies, just enter their info on the Extra Help tab in Ascend and click ‘Check.’

VBE option now available with e-Kit enrollments

Earn up to $50 when your client initiates a value-based enrollment (VBE). How does it work? Using the Ascend app, just send an e-kit to your client to enroll in a plan. After they enroll, your client will see and select one of the VBE options. Read more.

Avoid delays by checking your client’s MBI number


Now, through the Ascend app, you can verify that your client’s Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) number is correct. This new feature will help you submit your clients’ applications more efficiently, without delays.

Need access to the Ascend app?

Click here to request access on Producer World and start enrolling your clients online. Please note, it may take 2-7 business days to process new requests.


COVID-19: 1,000 testing locations available across the country

In May, CVS Health continued to expand access to COVID-19 testing, establishing testing sites at up to 1,000 CVS Pharmacy locations across the country. To get tested, individuals must register in advance at to schedule an appointment. Once registered, they’ll be provided with an appointment window for that same day or up to two days out. Click here to find a testing location and register. 

Learn how we’re supporting our Medicare members.


NEW: Need a PDF copy of a 2020 enrollment kit? You can download it

Follow these steps to download a 2020 enrollment kit for your market:

  • Log in to the enrollment kit ordering site through Producer World.
  • Search for the kit you want to download using the order wizard filter.
  • Click on the kit details.
  • Click on “Show full size image.”
  • Click download in the upper right hand side of the new tab that pops up. If a new tab doesn’t populate, you may need to turn off your pop up blocker.
  • Save the PDF file to your computer.

Coming soon: The enrollment kit ordering site is getting a fresh, new look

In late July, we’re launching a new enrollment kit ordering site and making it easier for you to order 2020 enrollment kits. Stay tuned for more details.

Aetna EKit

E-kits are an easy and compliant way to help your clients enroll in the Aetna Medicare (MA/MAPD) or SilverScript PDP plan when you’re not able to meet with them in person. 

Read More

Aetna Ascend Update: Extra Help Eligibility and MBI Verification

Are you using Ascend to enroll DSNP clients??  If so, here is some great news.

WiPro functionality has been added into Ascend to verify Extra Help eligibility and MBI verification.  This functionality should be used to see if a prospect qualifies for Extra Help. You also benefit by making sure that the MBI that is given to them is entered in correctly and the enrollment is not pended due to invalid MBI.

Aetna is still working to enable functionality for Medicaid Eligibility – so stay tuned!

To verify Extra Help, your agents can follow the screen shot below:

Verifying MBIs should significantly reduce the need for additional information in this category.  To verify MBI, please see below:

Aetna’s Remote Selling Tools & Resources


Aetna has made their entire enrollment kit available for agents to download, which also includes a PDF version of the enrollment application.

Agents can find the PDF kits in the broker ordering module (access from Producer World, like normal). Same process as ordering kits, but there’s a link to view the kit, which is now a PDF that can be downloaded.




Aetna COVID-19 SEP

Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for individuals affected by a FEMA-Declared Weather Related Emergency or Major Disaster — Applicable for COVID-19

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) clarified yesterday that the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Individuals Affected by a FEMA-Declared Weather Related Emergency or Major Disaster is applicable and is available for beneficiaries who were eligible for — but unable to make — an election due to the COVID-19 pandemic and meet the terms of the SEP listed below.

Read the full release here

Aetna Appointment Updates

Agents that had appointments with First Health Life Insurance Company, Coventry Health Life Insurance Company or Coventry Health Care of Florida will be receiving a Termination of Appointment notice in the mail for these entities. See sample.

This is being done in an effort to streamline Aetna MA processes and reduce the number of appointments in their system.

This will not impact agents’ current Producer Agreement or any appointments for our other products, such as Medicare Advantage or Commercial, for the other Aetna entities.

Please note that many Medicare plans previously marketed under the Coventry brand are now marketed exclusively under the Aetna brand name starting in the 2020 plan year. The termination of appointment on the entities listed above DO NOT affect the Aetna Medicare and Commercial plans previously marketed under Coventry brand. Your current appointments for Aetna Commercial and Medicare products remain valid and those products will continue to be marketed under the Aetna brand name.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact your CSM rep