Anthem DSNP Broker Bonus!

Connect Your New D-SNP Members to the Support They Need While Earning EXTRA CASH!

Great News! Beginning with 11/1/2020 effectives, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield will reimburse brokers $50 for their time and effort to complete and electronically submit Health Risk Assessments for new members enrolling in a D-SNP plan.

Completing a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an important part of helping Anthem connect your new D-SNP members with the support and care they need. It only takes a few minutes to complete!

It’s fast and easy to submit your new D-SNP member’s application and Health Risk Assessment through mProducer!

Here’s How It Works:*

  • Each HRA must be completed and electronically submitted at the point of sale along with the application.
  • Reimbursement payments of $50 per HRA will be processed once the new D-SNP application is approved and the new member is active.
  • HRA completions for current members moving to or switching between D-SNP plans are not eligible for payment.
  • Reimbursement payments will be included in commission statements.

*Reimbursement for HRA completion will be paid to the writing agent identified on the enrollment application within 60 days of the policy’s effective date. Reimbursement payments will only be paid for new D-SNP policies in participating plans sold with 11/1/2020 and beyond effective dates