Anthem Reminders on 2021 Certification

The 2021 Anthem Agent Certification site is open.  Below are a few friendly reminders.  Agents can access the certification site via the Broker Portal.

Friendly reminders:

  • Certification link:
  • Please make sure to direct all downline agents to use External-SelfReg (with hyphen, exactly as shown) in the Access Code Field.
  • Agents must have current licensure, certification, and appointment in every state they sell in to be eligible for commission payment of sales or pre-order/order Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan enrollment kits. In order to receive commissions on your sales or renewals for 2021, you must keep a current licensure and appointment, and finish the 2021 certification.
  • If an agent was not previously certified for 2020 and does the 2021 Certification training, it will certify them for the rest of 2020 as well as all of 2021.
  • From your Appointment and Certification Status report, please make sure all agents maintain an active license on file.  If agents are no longer with your agency, please send the termination request to  If an agent is active but our report reflects an expired license, please send a copy to so we may update their records.
  • In order to market the SNP plans, agents must complete the SNP and Part D modules, as well as the HMO or PPO module depending on the type of SNP plan available in your area.  If any one of those trainings are not completed, they will not be certified for the SNP plans**Please make sure to advise brokers of this requirement if they are planning to sell any of our SNP plans**
  • PDP module is required for all MAPD products.
  • All agents who have completed the necessary requirements to be Ready to Sell should appear on your Appointment and Certification report Status report with 2021 RTS as Yes.  If an agent is missing from the report, please contact us to review the agent’s appointment and certification status.
  • Any issues related to the certification site, please send an email to and make sure your email includes ALL of the information listed below.
    • Agents Name:
      Date of Birth:
      Last 4 digits of your SSN:
    • Provide a brief explanation of the issue and screenshots


If you have any other questions or concerns please reach out to your CSM Service Rep

Anthem Retail Program for 2021 AEP

You are invited to participate in the Anthem Retail Program for 2021 AEP.

How Do I Sign Up?

Participation is easy. Simply follow these steps: Instructions and screen shots attached.

Register for AEP 2021 to participate through our Anthem Retail Program website

  1. Select Register Now at the bottom of the page.
  2. Fill out the Form and select register.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to finish registration immediately upon selecting register.

Follow the steps on your Dashboard.

  1. Training – Complete ASAP
  2. Choose Locations – Complete ASAP
  3. Order Retail Kits and Other Promotional Items – Complete after store selection.
  4. Select Schedule (this can be done later)
  5. Reporting (will start during AEP)

You’re ready to Sell on Location at High-Traffic Retailers in Your Area!

Program Updates

  • No Registration Fees for participating agents!
  • Participating retailers include Kroger and affiliated brands, and Giant Eagle. Kroger Brands include Ralphs, Pick N Save, Payless, Owens,  Metro Market, Gerbes, Fred Meyer, Copps, Frys, Smiths, King Soopers, City Market.
  • Kroger stores are available any day of the week and a minimum of 20 hours per week. Kroger Mandatory shifts are displayed on the site under MY Stores and are a requirement of the program to be worked in their entirety.
  • Giant Eagle is available Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Mandatory hours are  Monday – Tuesday from 10-4 . (you can work anytime on these days from 9-7).Optional Giant Eagle Days include Saturday from 9 – 12 and Sundays 11-4. You must work at least 10 hour per week in each Giant Eagle store registered.
  • Our strategy provides an opportunity for high-producing agents like yourself to market in the right locations to help you maximize your opportunity for success!
  • To make sure you have your kit, you need to sign up and select your store no later than July 3rd!

Registration for this opportunity ends Sunday June 28th.

Retail Program Registration Instructions

Anthem Ohio June Updates

Sent from Anthem Ohio Reps on 6/3/20:


While we are slowly moving forward with more face to face meetings, we encourage you to take advantage of our electronic tools. These tools allow you to efficiently review and write our plans without the face to face interaction. As we approach AEP, this will allow you to meet with more of your current clients and free time for you to meet with new clients. Keep in mind, your RSM would love to set a time to discuss marketing plans and co-op for AEP. We appreciate your partnership.


 SEP extended through June 30, 2020 due to COVID-19

This SEP is for Medicare beneficiaries who were prevented from submitting a Medicare Advantage (MA/MAPD) or Prescription Drug (PDP) plan enrollment request during another valid election period due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency (declared on March 13, 2020). This includes both enrollment and disenrollment elections. This SEP

applies to beneficiaries who reside in all U.S. states and includes all Anthem brands and affiliates. In addition, the SEP is available to those individuals who rely on help from friends or family members when making healthcare decisions and those individuals were impacted by the State of Emergency. The SEP is available from the start of the incident period and continues for five full calendar months thereafter, beginning January 20, 2020, and ending June 30, 2020. Enrollments are effective the first of the month after the plan receives the enrollment request. Only those beneficiaries who did not make an election during another eligible enrollment period are eligible for this SEP. An individual can use this SEP one time for each election period they missed.


2021 AHIP Certification:

We have recently received inquiries on whether Anthem will require the AHIP certification course this year or whether we will accept the new NAHU course.  After focused consideration, Anthem will require the AHIP certification course this year as it is built into our Certification platform.  We will consider the NAHU course for next year and will review it by the end of this year so that we have time to assess the content.  Should we decide to accept the NAHU program for next year, then we will be able to make any modifications to our Anthem certification subject matter and build our platform to include it.


Agent Microsite:

Did you know you can create a personalized microsite in the Producer Toolbox. This will allow you to enroll and gather leads with no physical interaction required. You receive commissions  on all online application submissions.

  • Build an Anthem Medicare Microsite via your Broker Portal
  • Enroll and gather leads with no physical interaction required
  • Receive commissions on all online application submissions



Looking for a convenience way to learn more about Anthem’s products, resources, electronic enrollment processes? Join us for our weekly webinar series. We have a variety of topics we will be discussing throughout June, including Selling Telephonically, Medicare Social Media and Your Business, How to Create your own Anthem Microsite, and many more. You can view the list of upcoming webinars and register via the Anthem Broker Connection website at will need to use Google Chrome web browser)


Did you know?

SilverSneakers has conducted a survey from their newsletter readership to provide feedback on current topics ranging from exercise to nutrition to technology during the shelter at home lockdowns.  For example, a post-pandemic survey was sent to a national sample of members active in the months leading up to stay-at-home orders, asking members to reflect on intention and speed to return to SilverSneakers locations once permitted.  Below are a few noteworthy insights from the recent surveys:

  • Social Connection: When mandated social distancing began, 27% of those surveyed were comfortable with video conferencing. Since then, 84% used video calls to connect with others.
  • Exercise: Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, 31% participated in live video exercise classes, now more than 84% of those have done an exercise class virtually.
  • Healthy Food: The crisis has changed how seniors are getting their food, as 3x as many members are using grocery delivery apps (Instacart, Amazon or local delivery) – increasing from 28% to 87% in the last month.
  • Return to SilverSneakers Locations: Of the 92% who plan to return to SilverSneakers locations once given the all-clear, 84% intend to do so within one month.

Anthem State Appointment Renewal Fee Issue

Anthem recently sent out the request for brokers to log in to NoMoreForms to pay their OH, VA, and NV state appointment fees.  Unfortunately, NoMoreForms is experiencing an issue with their payments.  It is easy to miss as it looks like the payment is going through but you get the email below.  Problem being UNKNOWN TOKEN.  A representative with NoMoreForms they are aware of the issue and are working on a resolution.

If you have any questions reach out to your CSM rep

Anthem Med Supp Rates July 1, 2020 – Approved

Medicare Supplement rates for July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 have been approved.  Click below to view  the Outline of Coverage and rates. Sales kits have been updated on CustomPoint and are available to order. For effective dates prior to July 1, you can continue to use the current kits.


Also, Anthem has refreshed some of the underwriting guidelines in thier medicare supplement field underwriting guide. This tool is designed to assist during the application process and help determine what medical conditions would result in automatic denial of an application and when other plan options should be considered that may be better suited for the prospect — all before submitting a Med Supp application.

It is important to note that this is not a complete listing of all the medical conditions or prescribed medications that would result in an application denial. These guidelines are broker tools ONLY and are not to be shared with members or prospects. Brokers should remember that the company is the underwriter, and Anthem is not asking the broker to make underwriting decisions. If there are questions about whether or not a Med Supp application would be approved or denied due to medical underwriting, brokers/agents should submit applications as normal and allow the underwriters to manage the underwriting review process.

Finally, keep in mind Anthem’s Med Supp bonus is a great opportunity to increase your earnings. CLICK HERE TO VIEW!

Anthem – Introducing mProducer Electronic SOA Transfer

Introducing: mProducer Electronic SOA Transfer! 

In these changing times, we have found ourselves in a situation where traditional use of mProducer w/ digital signature is not our first option. In response to that, largely due to the feedback YOU provided, a new capability has been deployed in mProducer to electronically transfer the SOA to the beneficiary to sign. 

What’s New?

  • Agents have the ability to electronically send a Scope of Appointment to the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary needs an email address and a 4 digit PIN to provide to the agent – can be any random numeric digits

When can we begin using eSOA Transfer?

This functionality was released in mProducer is available NOW!  Speak with your Cornerstone Rep for more information.



Customer ESOA:

Producer Guide:


Anthem’s Limited Agent Support Center Staff

A Message from Anthem as of 3/19/20:

During these times of change, Anthem asks that you be patient with. As of yesterday (3/19/20) California has issued a statewide shelter. Our Medicare Agent Support center is based in California. This will reduce the number of agent services representatives we have available. Wait time will be longer than normal.

To help with the wait time we ask that you use the DSNP Validation tool. Also, email issues when you can. Please add member name, id, and dob with any details you can provide.

In the wake of these unprecedented times we appreciate your patience and partnership.


If you have any questions please reach out to your CSM rep

Anthem advancing Med Supp comimssions starting April 2020 and more!

Medicare Supplement commissions will be paid for 9 months in advance beginning in April.  Learn more here.

Medicare Supplement Plan offerings for Under 65 applicants.  In most cases, an under-65 applicant must apply to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan within six months of their Part B effective date, unless they have a Guaranteed Issue right.  Learn more.

Primary Care Physician Auto-Assignment – Member Impact:  Improve member satisfaction by making sure you client’s Primary Care Physician (PCP) selection is correct to avoid PCP auto-assignment.  Learn more.

Anthem, Inc. Acquires Beacon Health Options:  Joining forces enhances whole-person health care in new ways!  Learn more.