Anthem Dental Expansion Update: Liberty Dental

Anthem communication as of 10/24/22:

Provider Network Expansion – More dental providers for your Medicare clients!

A network arrangement between our existing commercial participating network of dentists and LIBERTY Dental provides an expanded network for Medicare Advantage dental products effective January 1, 2023. Note: Network expansion will not include NJ and NV.



Introducing the Anthem Benefits Prepaid Card

Easy Access to OTC Benefits, Account Balances & MORE from a Single Benefits Prepaid Card!

AEP 2023 is bringing big changes to how your current & prospective clients access popular benefits like OTC, Healthy Grocery, Flex Accounts and MORE! Now all their spending allowance-based benefits and funds will be accessible through ONE Benefits Mastercard® Prepaid Card! Your clients will enjoy using a proven and familiar benefits prepaid card they can use as debit or credit (no PIN required). *

This easy-to-use card is automatically loaded with the monthly, quarterly, or annual benefits included in their Medicare Advantage plan. That means they can begin shopping as soon as their plan is effective.

One, integrated call center supports your client’s questions about all of their plan’s spending allowance-based benefits.

*Note – Benefits vary by plan and member eligibility. Members will still have a separate member ID card for their Medicare Advantage plan medical benefits.


If you have any questions, please contact your CSM Sales or Service Rep

Anthem Ohio Medicare Update – Sydney Health and PHE Guidance

In This Week’s Updates:

  • Sydney Health Member Flier
  • PHE – Guidance and Clarification


Sydney Health Member Flier

Medicare Advantage members can access their benefits easily on their mobile device by downloading and registering on the Sydney Health app. The app is free and can be downloaded anytime from the Google Play or Apple App store.

NEW!  A member flier is now available to provide to your Medicare Advantage members! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD! 

How can the Sydney Health app help Medicare Advantage members?

  • Provides quick access to their health plan information, including a digital version of their member ID card.
  • Helps members easily track claims and confirm benefit coverage.
  • Members can search and locate in-network doctors.
  • Members can even request a new prescription or refill an existing prescription.

Quick Tip: If a member has already registered online by creating a username and password on the online portal website, there is no need to register again on the Sydney Health app. Members will use the same username and password on the app.

Encourage your Medicare Advantage members to download the Sydney Health app by sharing the member flier with them!



PHE Guidance and Clarification

According to our CMS Account Management team a few weeks ago, there is no valid SEP in place related to the COVID PHE (last renewed 4/15/2022). We were also informed at that time CMS has been reviewing/investigating carriers releasing information; however, we have no ETA on resolution (i.e. retraction).

Anthem Med Supp Update – Proof of Loss of Group Coverage Required

Anthem Producer Online News – May 5, 2022

Beginning May 14, 2022, proof of loss of group coverage must be provided for individuals moving from Employer Group medical coverage to a new Med Supp plan. This requirement is found in the Med Supp Guaranteed Issue Guidelines, Situation #2.

Guarantee Issue Situation #2 is described as having Medicare and an employer group health plan (including retiree or COBRA coverage) or union coverage that pays after Medicare and that plan is ending. Please review this GI Situation in the guidelines as the member may have additional rights under state law. The Med Supp Guaranteed Issue Guidelines are included with the Med Supp application for your convenience.

Beginning May 14, 2022, when submitting electronic Med Supp enrollment applications for GI Situation #2, you will receive a system prompt, indicating “Loss of Creditable Group Coverage” is required and must be included with the enrollment application submission. If you are submitting a paper application, you or your client must submit the documentation directly to the plan.

Acceptable documentation includes a loss of group coverage letter also known as a “Certificate of Coverage,” or letter from the former plan noting the dates the coverage started and ended. The “Certificate of Coverage” serves as proof of coverage. It is always possible to obtain a replacement copy from the employer or union.

  • If required proof is not submitted with the application, the application cannot be processed until loss of group coverage proof is received.
  • If the loss of group coverage proof is not received within seven calendar days, the application will be closed, and a letter will be mailed to the applicant letting them know the application will be re-opened for processing when it is received by the plan.

The application can be re-opened up to 180 days from the signature date on the application.

Update from Anthem Ohio Regarding Welcome Kits & ID Cards

Anthem updates on the welcome kits and cards that are being sent out to Ohio clients.

Member Welcome Kit Includes (See link below for more details):

  • Member ID card
  • New member checklist
  • Instructions on how to set up their introduction call

OTC Welcome Kit Includes (See link below for more details):

  • OTC card
  • Important tips on using the OTC card
  • How to use the OTC card guide
  • List of retail stores where members can use their OTC cards

Flex Card:

  • Pre-activated Mastercard that is ready to use when delivered
  • To check the balance of their account members can visit or call member services at 1-833-299-5088 and choose the option to hear their current balance.




Lastly, Please be sure to visit Anthem Broker Connection website (using Google Chrome) to register for upcoming trainings




Anthem Ohio News: 2022 Member ID Cards & Non-SNP Medicare Advantage HRA Bonus

Sourced from Anthem Broker Communication from 12/14/21:

We would first like to acknowledge that our friends and families in Western KY are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. When things like this happen it makes us all stop and think about what is really important and to be grateful for the things that we have. We are doing outreach to all of our brokers in Western KY to see how we can help. If anyone on this email needs anything, please let us know.


Now that AEP is behind us, we want to thank all our broker partners for finishing strong and putting up some great numbers for Kentucky. We appreciate all your hard work and we can’t thank you enough.

Here is what is included in your Ohio News:

  • ID cards and when to expect them.
  • HRA for Non-DSNP members eff 1/1/2022


Member ID Cards 2022: What To Expect

For 2022 plan effective dates, based on product availability and selection, our members can receive up to four different member Identification (ID) cards as follows:

  1. Member ID card: to be used for all medical services
  2. OTC card: to be used to purchase over-the-counter products at specific retailers
  3. Healthy Groceries: A monthly grocery allowance that can be used to purchase healthy grocery items.
  4. Flex Account –An annual allowance that a member can use to extend their supplemental coverage for dental, vision, and hearing.


When will the member receive their cards? On certain plans, some of the benefits included in Essential Extras/Everyday Extras for 2022 are embedded supplemental benefits. Please review specific plan documentation for more details and lists of specific plans.


Member ID Card:

  • New members will receive their ID card and either a Welcome Guide or a Checklist in their Welcome Kit that is mailed to the member approximately 10 days after their enrollment is confirmed.
  • Existing members MAY receive a new ID card.  Existing members with plan benefit changes (copay amount, phone number, etc.) can expect to receive a new card late November or early December.

OTC Card:

  • New and Existing members – Members will receive their ID card in their 2022 OTC Welcome kit along with the catalog. No activation is required.
  • New members enrolling during AEP will receive their OTC card and product catalog by 1/1/2022. If enrolling after AEP, they will receive it approximately 4 weeks after their enrollment  date.
  • Example of Kroger OTC card below (for Kroger branded plans). Reminder, OTC can be used at both Kroger AND Walmart in store.

Grocery Card:

  • If pre-certification IS NOT required (DSNP Plans) – The Grocery Card should arrive prior to the member’s enrollment effective date. No activation is required
  • If pre-certification IS required – Essential Extras/Kroger HMO & PPO – The Grocery Card should arrive within 5 weeks from initial request. Member must call in to request this benefit.

Flex Card:

  • Essential Extras/Everyday Extras – The Flex Card should arrive in about 3 weeks from initial request.


Earn EXTRA CASH While Building Relationships with Your New Non-SNP Members

OEP is just around the corner. As promised, beginning January 1, 2022, you can earn an extra $50 for the completion and submission of a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for members enrolled in a NEW Non-SNP Medicare Advantage (MA) plan for January 1, 2022 effective dates and beyond.

You read that right! During OEP, from January 1 through March 31, when following up with your NEW Non-SNP members who enrolled and are effective January 1, 2022 and beyond, simply help them complete the Non-SNP HRA and you’ll receive an additional $50.


Be on the lookout for a separate email communication that includes the following details:

  • Ways to submit the Non-SNP HRA
  • Talking Points for OEP check-in calls leading to the completion of an HRA
  • Payment process and timing of payment



We appreciate your support and commitment to us during this selling season and thank you for your dedication to our members.



Anthem’s OTC Network to Now Include Kroger Stores

Sourced from Anthem broker communication on 11/10/21: 

Kroger Company Stores will soon be included in Anthem’s OTC network of retailers

Convenience and value are important factors when your clients shop using their OTC network — and they deserve nothing but the best. That’s why we are proud to include all Kroger Company stores as participating retailers.

You and your clients will both be pleased to know that as of January 1, 2022, Kroger Company retail stores and affiliates* will be part of the Anthem OTC retail network.


As a MEDICARE AGENT, If you have any questions or concerns regarding Anthem’s OTC network or issues  please reach out  to  ANTHEM’S BROKER SERVICES AT   (800) 467-1199

Anthem: Here’s How to Earn FREE 2023 Certification Training

Sell & Retain 22 During AEP 2022 to Earn FREE 2023 Certification Training!

Sell and retain 22 or more NEW Medicare Advantage plans with 1/1/22 effective dates to earn FREE 2023 Certification Training from Anthem!*

Eligible NEW sales include all types of Medicare Advantage plans including D-SNP and C-SNP plans. PDP sales are not included.

Make sure rapid disenrollment doesn’t reduce your chance of earning Free Certification Training!
• Follow up with clients two weeks after their enrollment is approved.
• Make sure they have their Welcome Kit, ID card and the PCP of their choice.

*Only approved new enrollments with 1/1/22 effective dates that are still enrolled as of 2/15/22 count toward the goal to earn FREE 2023 Certification training.




Questions? Contact your CSM representative for more information.





Anthem’s Health Risk Assessment with DSNP Applications

Anthem Update from 10/5/21: If agents submit an HRA (Health Risk Assessment) with DSNP applications, your reimbursement is increasing from $50 to $100 per HRA  for effective dates 11/1/2021.

In addition to the incentive increase, agents will soon see a shorter more consolidated HRA that will be available for 11/01/2021 effective dates and the time to complete and submit the HRA has been extended to 7 calendar days from the point of sale.


It’s fast and easy to submit your new D-SNP member’s application and Health Risk Assessment through Anthem’s mProducer!


You have the option to either:

  • submit the HRA electronically via mProducer by utilizing the HRA link on the submission confirmation notification page (PREFERRED METHOD) or
  • complete a fillable PDF of the HRA and send it via a secure email to


Reimbursement payments of $100 per HRA will be processed once the new D-SNP application is approved and the new member is active and will be included in your commission statements.


If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your CSM representative.

Anthem Ohio Medicare Important Updates – 9/28/21

ANOC Letters:

2022 Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) Update

The 2022 Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) have begun to mail and will continue through the last week of September so that our members receive their ANOCs timely by September 30th and in accordance with CMS regulations. Beginning 10/1, you can download the ANOC from mProducer using the Plan Documents on the Plan Details quoting page.

The 2022 ANOC mailing includes the following components:

  • Envelope messaging (address sheet showing through a clear plastic bag) which, depending on the amount of plan changes, will have several variations:
  • It’s easy to keep your current plan. No action is required — it will auto-renew in December.
  • Your plan just got better. No action is required — it will auto-renew in December.
  • Want to keep your current plan? No action is required — it will auto-renew in December.
  • See what’s new in your plan for next year.  Questions? Call us to go over what’s changed – we’re here to help.
  • Annual Notice of Changes booklet, which includes:
  • Provider Directory, EOC, and Formulary Notice; the notice provides our members with information on how to access these documents online or request by paper
  • Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP)
  • CMS Opioid Disclaimer


Moving from PDP/MS to MAPD:

  • When PDP members enroll into another plan, their MS plan will NOT cancel automatically.
  • Please inform the member that they MUST contact MS customer service to process that cancellation/disenrollment.
  • If leaving a competitor plan, they should contact the competitors MS Customer Service to cancel that policy.


National PPO Network:

See attached for PPO Networks. As long as provider is in network, OH Members can travel to any of the attached states on their MA Plan.


Product spotlight – PERS

If you are looking for a ‘sticky’ benefit to help keep your clients with Anthem, look no further!

Our Personal Emergency Response System benefit will help you retain that member and make it near impossible for them to leave. Why you ask? Well, there are many reasons that set our unit as Best in Market. All of our plans have this at no additional cost and requires no health qualifications. All the member has to do is call member services and request it!

  • 24/7/365 assistance anywhere in the country where there is a cell signal (works off ALL cell towers, not just certain carriers like other plans)
  • Unit has a GPS locater and microphone inside. If member is lost, all they have to do is press the button to be connected to the care team. If their child or caregiver needs to find them, they can call the Care Team and have the unit pinged
  • Optional fall detection services
  • Water resistant; ok for shower or playing in sprinkler with grandkids, not ok for scuba diving
  • Unit is great, but it won’t work if member forgets to charge it. Unit has a 36 hour battery life, but we recommend charging at the same time each day (put the charging cradle on tv stand and charge it at the same time every day. Do they watch news or Jeopardy every day? If so, make that the charging time. It will take @3 hours to charge from 0-100%
  • Care Team includes licensed social workers. Member can press button to talk to someone because they are lonely, or, to ask for more information about a product they just saw advertised on tv. The Care Team is there for them around the clock


2022 Sales Kits:

They are coming in. Have you ordered yours yet? If not, head on over to and place your order today. The account is always wpss.


Virtual Seminar Schedule:

If you were unable to attend a live road show, please join us for a live webinar. You can register in our Anthem Broker Connection site here.