Anthem – Introducing mProducer Electronic SOA Transfer

Introducing: mProducer Electronic SOA Transfer! 

In these changing times, we have found ourselves in a situation where traditional use of mProducer w/ digital signature is not our first option. In response to that, largely due to the feedback YOU provided, a new capability has been deployed in mProducer to electronically transfer the SOA to the beneficiary to sign. 

What’s New?

  • Agents have the ability to electronically send a Scope of Appointment to the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary needs an email address and a 4 digit PIN to provide to the agent – can be any random numeric digits

When can we begin using eSOA Transfer?

This functionality was released in mProducer is available NOW!  Speak with your Cornerstone Rep for more information.



Customer ESOA:

Producer Guide: