Anthem Ohio: Growing Your Business While Dealing with Coronavirus

We are all navigating uncharted territories as we face new developments from the Coronavirus every day. The health and safety of Anthem’s members and you, our partner brokers, is of the utmost importance. Given the demographics of our business, these individuals are at the greatest risk. We know that potential clients may not want to meet in person until we come out the other side of this virus. This presents new challenges for how to continue to write business. To this end, Anthem is committed to share ideas with you that will assist in the ability for you to continue to provide the valued services you offer and allow our senior and dual population to obtain the coverage they need.


You will find a presentation on how to transfer an application to your client HERE. Anthem recently made changes to this process. The  document highlights how your client can log in to the application without having to create an account, thereby removing the cumbersome challenges with that process. Once you have transferred the application, your client will receive an email that contains a PIN number.

Please stress the importance of keeping this PIN number available. The number is required to log in to the application. Once they have written down the PIN, they click on the link to the Online Store, enter the PIN and their Date of Birth, and they are then directed to “Complete Your Application” . It is very important that at this point they select “Continue as Guest”. This will bypass the need to create an account and allows them to move immediately into the application.

Please review this document and reach out to any member of the Ohio team with questions. Also, please check for dates of upcoming webinars where we will be reviewing the entire online application process.


Additionally, now is a great time to contact your existing clients and remind them that they have the ability to “visit” a physician from the comfort of their home through our LiveHealth Online benefit. Please see the below information that outlines how you can order co-branded LiveHealth Online brochures at no cost. These are great pieces to share with your existing clients. We encourage you to discuss this benefit with all prospects as well as it positions you as their health care expert who will guide them safely through the buying decision with their health as your number one priority.


Now more than ever is an important opportunity to promote LiveHealth® Online doctor visits

Because the health and safety of all we serve is a priority, you can help by encouraging the use of online doctor visits from home with the LiveHealth Online Flier – available NOW on the Sales Toolkit.


Visit the Sales Toolkit TODAY and customize the flier with your contact information. Share the flier with prospects, current clients and your community centers of influence. Reminding them of this valuable tool supports our commitment to access to care, especially for those with special needs.


LiveHealth Online is a safe and effective way for members to see a board-certified doctor and receive health guidance from home with a smartphone, tablet or computer-enabled web cam.