Anthem’s Review on Insulin Coverage

Do you have questions about Insulin? Anthem BCBS is here to help!

Email communication from Anthem OH Medicare team from: 2/22/21


There are many questions regarding insulin coverage so we’d like to take a moment to highlight Insulin specific benefits on our MAPD Plans.  We have solutions to help your members manage their Insulin costs.  In many cases, these options can be even lower than the $35 Insulin Copay program.  Take a moment to review the tips below to help members make the most out of the opportunity to $ave!

Lispro, Humulin, Humalog and Levemir FlexTouch PEN are in our MAPD Tier 3 Category.  Using Mail Order, the member will receive a 90 Day Supply for 2 Months copay!  That equates to a total cost of $84; or, $28 per month!

Be certain, when doing a drug search in the OnLine Store ( ), search “Humalog” or “Insulin Lispro”.  Make sure to indicate Mail Order for the 90 day supply pricing. Please note: you must enter “Insulin Lispro”.  Also, make sure you are running a full comparison of all drugs the individual is taking.  There can be a significant difference in pricing.

On our MAPD plans, Lancets are covered at a $0 copay.  Lifescan One Touch and Roche Accu-Check Diabetic Test Strips and Monitors are covered at a $0 copayFreestyle Libre Glucose Monitor is also covered at a $0 copay.

Our plans also provide Unlimited Routine Foot Care with a $0 copay.  Competitor plans often limit the number of visits per year and include a copay.

In addition to our Insulin benefits, there are many other benefits to consider when comparing plans:

  • MOOP
  • PERS
  • OTC benefit that carries over quarter to quarter
  • $3000 hear aid benefit
  • Essential Extras option that improve quality of life

We hope that this brief overview has helped answer some questions you have around Insulin and Diabetic Supplies.



If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your CSM Representative.