UHC’s Update Regarding Walmart/Solutran OTC Benefit

Recently, UHC was made aware of questions regarding the Walmart / Solutran Over-the-Counter (OTC) ancillary benefit. This issue has been escalated to leadership and are working diligently to improve the member experience.

Below is a list of the issues members are experiencing with best practices to help them work through them

  1. Registration:

Agents may need to assist members with the registration process.

  • Member will need to authenticate the card received in the Welcome Packet in the portal so that they can order their products with the card number.
  • The member will need to enter the 16-17 digit number from their order card.
  • Members will receive a Welcome email upon registration.

Find additional information on the UnitedHealthcare® Toolkit; search Health and Wellness Catalog Benefit and click on the link to download.

2. Shipping:

All orders come with free shipping- no matter how much or how little the member orders

  • The standard shipping is two days. Back ordered items will ship in two days once they’re in stock and the order is processed.
  • UnitedHealthcare will pay the shipping charge if it is indicated that they are below the required purchase amount. The member will NOT be charged for shipping.

3. Price Changes:

  • Generally, the catalog pricing will remain consistent with the website for the entire year. In certain cases, changes in market pricing for an item could impact a catalog item. A service representative can try to identify alternative versions of any products impacted by a price increase. The alternative item will be in line with or lower in price than the original item.