UHC’s Advance Renewal Payments- May & June

UnitedHealthcare wants to continue to support you. Due to a planned system upgrade to the sales operations system, and the financial challenges COVID-19 has presented—UHC will be advancing May and June renewal payments in April.

Renewal Payments
• The April renewal commission payment schedule will remain as planned:
o Medicare Supplement: April 13, 2020
o Medicare Advantage: April 20, 2020
o Prescription Drug Plans: April 27, 2020

Advanced payment of renewals for May and June are as follows:
o Medicare Supplement: April 15, 2020, and April 17, 2020
o Medicare Advantage payments: April 22, 2020, and April 24, 2020
o Prescription Drug Plans (combined payment for April, May, June): April 27, 2020

New to UnitedHealthcare Payments
• New to UnitedHealthcare second quarter payment to agencies is targeted to be included in the April Medicare Advantage renewal payment as normal, April 20, 2020.

UHC is working closely with  IT partners on details of the planned upgrade. More information will be coming soon about what you can expect during this time.


NEW! UHC’s Enhanced Underwriting Function for AARP Med Sup Plans

UnitedHealthcare has made improvements to the underwriting process for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company.
Enhanced functionality allows automatic acceptance of certain underwritten applications that qualify for the best eligible rate!


Agents who submit an application through LEAN™ will see a “Processing, please wait” message as the system works to determine if the applicant is eligible to receive the best rate, without further review.

If immediately accepted at the best rate, LEAN will display “APPROVED” on the confirmation page. If not, LEAN will display “PENDING” on the confirmation page. Underwriting will then continue to evaluate the application.

Once received, underwritten paper applications, such as those submitted via US mail or fax, will also be considered for automatic acceptance. Agents may check the status of applications, no matter the submission method, in Jarvis. Simply navigate to Enrollment > Application Status.

Please note the process has not changed for applications that do not require underwriting.

More changes are coming, so keep an eye out for future enhancements!

UHC Telephonice Enrollment Tip: If consumer has no access to internet

What if the consumer does not have access to the internet? Scope of Appointment and Enrollment forms can be sent via mail for signature. In the event that using mail does not meet the desired effective date, agents may use the following process for consumers without internet access:

1. Following your needs analysis conversation, direct the consumer to call 855-572-3837. Inform your consumer that the representative will repeat some of the questions in order to meet all compliance requirements.

2. Email agentoversightadmin@uhc.com to indicate your consumer was unable to electronically sign documents and completed the application telephonically instead. Include name of prospect, date of presentation/referral to telesales, agent name, and writing ID. This will help ensure your commission payment and Agent of Record status.

UHC Renew Active – Update through COVID-19

In rapid response to gyms temporary closing due to COVID-19, Renew Active has enhanced its offering to include Fitbit Premium, as well as a “Staycation” feature with our cognitive partner, AARP Staying Sharp.

Fitbit Premium is now available to take advantage of for all members with Renew Active when they join the Fitbit Community for Renew Active (screenshot below). Fitbit Premium offers premium content and thousands of workout videos for all levels and intensity. The premium content and workout videos include;

  • A vast selection of yoga, weight training, low impact and equipment optional workout videos
  • Guided programs
  • Advanced sleep tools
  • Personalized insights
  • Mindfulness sessions 

Please note a Fitbit device is not required to access these workout videos.

In addition to Fitbit Premium, AARP Staying Sharp, our cognitive partner, launched a Staycation tile on their website. Here Renew Active members can access various content, including 17 quick in-home workout videos for members to stay active while in their home.

Additional information:

  • Member access: For access to the Fitbit Community and/or AARP Staying Sharp, Renew Active members can visit the Health and Wellness tab in their portal and begin the process of either joining the Fitbit group or registering on AARP Staying Sharp.
  • Renew Active Fitbit Community: Digital community where members can engage in health & wellness discussions and participate in step challenges with other Renew Active members
  • AARP Staying Sharp: Members can engage in a brain-health assessment, articles, recipes and even several short exercise videos. The videos vary between stretching, showcasing different types of yoga poses and strength exercises.
  • Many of our gym partners are offering digital classes and workouts to members during the time of their closure.


UHC’s New Base Contract Requires Agent & Agencies Signature- Please Read!

UHC’s New Base Contract Requiring Agent/Agency Signature

March 25, 2020

Beginning April 2, 2020, and continuing through May, UnitedHealthcare will begin sending new base contracts in an email from UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions Contracting. The new consolidated contract incorporates all contract changes incorporated in recent years by amendments, and contains minor changes to clarify terms.

Please look for an email from UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions Contracting and review and sign your new contract using DocuSign® within 30 days of receipt. Once you have completed the re-contracting process you will receive a confirmation email.


Remember to check your spam folder throughout April and May if you do not see an email with the new contract.

For more information and assistance with reviewing and signing the new contract please review the attached Job Aid and FAQ

UHC Medicare Solutions LEAN Electronic App with Esign

Agents can complete apps, start to finish, electronically with the prospect esigning at their home.  UHC is hosting trainings including an esign refresher, via webinar, starting March 24th.  Due to limited space, please sign up for only ONE session.

Register:  Tuesday, 3/24 @ 2p CST

Register:  Wednesday, 3/25 @ 3p CST

Register:  Thursday, 3/26 @ 11a CST

Register:   Friday, 3/27 @ 1p CST


UHC’s Update Regarding Walmart/Solutran OTC Benefit

Recently, UHC was made aware of questions regarding the Walmart / Solutran Over-the-Counter (OTC) ancillary benefit. This issue has been escalated to leadership and are working diligently to improve the member experience.

Below is a list of the issues members are experiencing with best practices to help them work through them

  1. Registration:

Agents may need to assist members with the registration process.

  • Member will need to authenticate the card received in the Welcome Packet in the portal so that they can order their products with the card number.
  • The member will need to enter the 16-17 digit number from their order card.
  • Members will receive a Welcome email upon registration.

Find additional information on the UnitedHealthcare® Toolkit; search Health and Wellness Catalog Benefit and click on the link to download.

2. Shipping:

All orders come with free shipping- no matter how much or how little the member orders

  • The standard shipping is two days. Back ordered items will ship in two days once they’re in stock and the order is processed.
  • UnitedHealthcare will pay the shipping charge if it is indicated that they are below the required purchase amount. The member will NOT be charged for shipping.

3. Price Changes:

  • Generally, the catalog pricing will remain consistent with the website for the entire year. In certain cases, changes in market pricing for an item could impact a catalog item. A service representative can try to identify alternative versions of any products impacted by a price increase. The alternative item will be in line with or lower in price than the original item.


UHC’s Medicare Med Supp Deep Dive Trainings in Ohio

UHC will be covering topics ranging from the new rates, At Your Best by UnitedHealthcareTM (including Renew Active for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans) and the Authorized to Offer program, among MUCH more!


Register to John Herbut @ johnherbutfromthedeskof@uhc.com, for the session that best accommodates your schedule.


Can’t make any of these sessions?

Fret not, because WebEx meetings are coming soon! And John from UHC will be back in Ohio the week of February 24th in Dayton, Toledo and Akron- more info to come!


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

Holiday Inn Independence

6001 Rockside Rd.

Independence, OH 44131

REGISTER TO JOHN HERBUTplease indicate which training date you will be attending


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

Hilton Garden Inn

6165 Levis Commons Blvd.

Perrysburg, OH 43551

REGISTER TO JOHN HERBUTplease indicate which training date you will be attending


Thursday, January 16, 2020

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET


8700 Lyra Dr.

Columbus, OH 43240

REGISTER TO JOHN HERBUTplease indicate which training date you will be attending

UHC Update – Former AARP Medicare Supplement members

For your immediate attention

In late September, UHC notified of an exclusive offer for select former AARP Medicare Supplement members to return to the plan without being underwritten.

Effective immediately, this offer has been discontinued for any applications received beginning December 5, 2019 for consumers residing in the state of Ohio. Former members can still enroll into an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan to take advantage of beneficial services with At Your Best by UnitedHealthcare™ and receive the improved Enrollment Discount (if eligible); however, they will likely be subject to underwriting, unless they qualify for a Guaranteed Acceptance situation.