UHC: Ohio Network Update

Sourced from Broker Annoucement from 2/16/23:

UnitedHealthcare’s Network is Growing in Ohio

We are excited to announce that several new providers within Agilon Health will be in-network for all UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage (MA) and Dual Special Needs Plan (DSNP) members of Jan. 1, 2023.

For more information on Agilon Health providers visit:

Central Ohio Primary Care

Pioneer Physicians Network

Community Health Care

Primed Physicians

The Toledo Clinic

Wood County Hospital/Bowling Green Hospital

*This does not apply to Medicare Supplement plans which do not require the use of a network.

UHC Ohio Medicaid Updates: Verification & Emergency Assistance Changes

Ohio Medicaid Verification Update via PHD, Jarvis, Mira
UnitedHealthcare has recently learned that the state of Ohio Medicaid verification system is undergoing a transitional stage that will prevent agents from verifying Medicaid in our state. Jarvis, Mira and the Producer Help Desk (PHD) are impacted by this change and currently do not have a workaround to verify eligibility.

What you need to know:

The state system will likely go down at 5 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 31. This outage could potentially last for several days.
• You are able to continue writing new business during the outage, but you may need to ask additional questions of your prospects to verify their status & eligibility (ask if or who’s paying their Part B premium, are they part of MyCareOhio, do they have a local JFS office case worker they work with re their benefits, etc.)
• Please submit enrollment applications as soon as possible before the blackout window to avoid any potential delays.
• There may be a delay for applications being approved for Feb. 1 and March 1 effective dates.

At this time, UHC is unable to determine how long this outage will be. UHC will keep brokers updated as they receive additional information. UHC is working with the state of Ohio to get this resolved as quickly as possible.


Ohio Medicaid – Emergency Assistance Changes

Beginning in April, Medicaid expansion is set to begin unwinding across each state that took part in the COVID pandemic related Medicaid coverage increases. This will result in a county by county effort by local JFS offices to contact over 1 million Ohio Medicaid recipients letting each person know they need to reenroll.


This is very likely to cause confusion & frustration among clients & prospects at the low income venues and organizations you partner with. At the same time, this becomes an OPPORTUNITY for each of you to provide additional service and assistance and value to the locations you visit each week.


For additional information, please see this recent local TV video report from the local Columbus NBC station: Changes approaching for Medicaid recipients | NBC4 WCMH-TV (nbc4i.com)


UHC: New UHICA Med Supp PAPER Applications For Specific States Effective 9/1/2022

Sourced from UHC broker email communication from 7/11/22:

New Enrollment Kits and applications will be available and required soon for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company (UHIC) and, where available,  AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company of America (UHICA) in: Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico and Ohio.

The new applications will be required for plan effective dates of September 1, 2022, and later, and will be included in state-specific Enrollment Kits that will be available for the states noted above on August 26, 2022.

What to do Now
Existing Enrollment Kits can no longer be used after August 26, 2022, when the new Enrollment Kits and applications are available.

Please plan to download or order new Enrollment Kits on August 26, 2022. As of August 26, 2022, you need to use the new materials to ensure you have and are submitting the correct application.


What NOT to do Now
Do not order large amounts of Enrollment Kits now, as they will be outdated and the applications will not be the correct version as of August 26, 2022.

HELPFUL TIP!  Use LEAN to submit applications and you’ll always have the correct applications!


If you have any questions, please reach out to your CSM rep.

UHC – Important Update Regarding the Annual Sales Production Evaluation Period Administrative Fee

UHC Broker Communication from 7/11/22:

UnitedHealthcare wants fully engaged agents who are excited to understand and meet the needs of Medicare-eligible consumers and we are committed to providing the tools and resources needed for agents to succeed.

As a reminder, if you have not sold UnitedHealthcare® plans during your evaluation period, you will be charged an administrative fee. Beginning August 1, 2022, the fee increases to $200.



A $200 administrative fee will be charged when both of the following occur:

  • External Distribution Channel (EDC) agent/agency (not including solicitors) had an active writing number at any time during their recurring 12-month evaluation period (i.e. the period beginning the first full month their Writing ID was issued and ending 12 months later).
  • The agent/agency did not write at least one UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage (MA) plan, Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) or Medicare Supplement plan (i.e. submitted and approved active member application) during the evaluation period.


  • If the agent/agency does not have a book of business, the agent/agency’s immediate upline is liable for the administrative fee.
  • To avoid the administrative fee for a subsequent evaluation period, the agent/agency must terminate their active contract no later than the last day of the current evaluation period (e.g., move to servicing status).
  • If an agent/agency is terminated at UnitedHealthcare’s request during the evaluation period, the administrative fee for non-production will not be assessed.


To learn more, please read the following:

Agent FAQ 


If you have any questions, please reach out to your CSM Representative.

UHC: Changes coming for AARP Medicare Supplement Plan applications

Application changes are coming soon and may make the enrollment outcome more understandable for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare® in:

Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

For states with kits not yet available, please refer to the new rate pages on Jarvis or populated in LEAN™ when using the current kit.To find rate pages on Jarvis, go to  Knowledge Center > Product Overview > Medicare Supplement Plans > Rates & Underwriting and select a state from the drop down menu.

Get Ready for What’s Next

·         DO use LEAN for enrollments

o    Enrolling clients with LEAN means always having the correct application, plus less hassle managing Enrollment Kits

·         DO watch your email closely

o    Read emails to know when the new application will be implemented and new Enrollment Kits are available

·         DO NOT order large amounts of Enrollment Kits

o    Save the hassle of managing outdated kits you cannot use, as application changes are coming soon to Enrollment Kits in the impacted states

2022 UHC Ohio Rate Information Effective June 1, 2022

UHC AARP Medicare Supplement Plan email communication from 4/13/2022


2022 Ohio rate information is now available for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company.

Effective June 1, 2022, the rates in Ohio will change. Please click on the button below to view rates for new enrollees with initial plan effective dates of June 1, 2022 to May 1, 2023.





Full rate charts can be found on Jarvis under Knowledge Center > Product Overview > Medicare Supplement Plans > Rates and Underwriting > Choose Ohio > Annual Rate Change.

Please note, new 2022 Ohio Enrollment Kits will be available in June. Read more here.


  • Rates for plan effective dates through May 1, 2022 can be found on LEAN or in the Ohio Enrollment Kit for enrollment June 1, 2021-May 1, 2022 effective dates.
  • All available discounts in Ohio can be found on the Discount Stuffer, located in 2022 Ohio Enrollment Kits.

Member Billing Information
Updated billing materials will be sent to members in the Spring and will include:

  • A letter notifying the member of their new monthly premium payment (including any applicable discounts). View the two versions of the letter:

Electronic File Transfer (EFT) payer letter


2022 Enrollment Materials

New Ohio Enrollment Kits will be available on the Sales Materials Portal in June. This is to account for upcoming application changes. Please use LEAN for plan availability, rate and discount information and continue to check your email for new kit availability.

You may continue to use the current Enrollment Kit for plan effective dates of June 1, 2022 and later until the new 2022 Kit is available. Please refer to the new rate pages attached to this email or populated in LEAN when using the current kit for effective dates beyond June 1st.


Helpful Resources
On Learning Lab within Jarvis, you can find AARP Medicare Supplement Plan guides, job aids, and trainings that are offered monthly and cover a variety of topics. Spots for each training session are limited, so be sure to sign up early.

Get your UHC 2022 Kits in N. Kentucky and SW Ohio


Beginning this Friday, October 1 into next week Jennifer Michels, Market Sales Manager for UHC will be doing Coffee & Kit Stops around the Cincinnati and N. Kentucky area.  She will be able to provide any 2022 certified agent a small supply of enrollment booklets while you wait for your own order of material to arrive.


Jennifer can also answer any questions about UHC products or systems for you! See below for dates, times and locations.


UHC MED SUPP: New Security Question Signature Option inside LEAN

A fast, easy, convenient way to enroll consumers in an AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan from UnitedHealthcare®.

Have you tried the new Electronic Security Question Signature Option in LEAN™ that allows you to enroll consumers quickly and seamlessly in an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan? This new signature option provides:

How it works:

Using the Electronic Security Question signature option is easy! Follow these simple steps…


Find out more
See how the new Electronic Security Question signature option works by attending an upcoming LEAN training found on Jarvis in the Learning Lab.

Offer this easy and convenient option to consumers today! Access LEAN by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play.


Need help navigating UHC resources to successfully complete the 2022 certification? Look no further!

Agents taking the 2022 UHC Certification may find it challenging to locate all the required reference materials needed to complete the certification with a passing grade.

Click the link below for direct access to the 2022 Certification Reference Guide that provides the info you need, especially to successfully pass the Events Tracking and Dual Eligible/Chronic SNP tests.


Looking for more? Check it out…

CSM 2022 Certification Resource Center

Links to carrier certification portals, info about AHIP and NAHU certification, discounts, guides, resources and references.  It’s all in one convenient location, from your team at Cornerstone Senior Marketing.




Questions?  Reach out to your sales or service rep by calling 614-763-2255 or Click Here to send an email inquiry.

Not contracted with UnitedHealthcare? Reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales Representative to get appointed! 

UHC’s AARP Medicare Supplement 2021 Rate Information


2021 Annual Rate Information for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

Great news! Annual rate change information for 2021 AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare® and AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company of America (UHICA) is now available for the states listed below.

The rates in the following states will be effective June 1, 2021.

Please click on a state name to view the state-specific communication.












New Mexico

North Carolina



South Carolina

West Virginia


The rates in the following state will be effective July 1, 2021.

Please click on a state name to view the state-specific communication.


The rates in the following state will be effective August 1, 2021.

Please click on a state name to view the state-specific communication for UHICA.

North Dakota

Emails are sent to agents who are certified to offer AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans in the states listed.


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your CSM service rep