UHC 2021 Med Supp Rates & New Kits Are Available

UHC’s Med Supp communication from 2/26/21:


2021 rates are here! Fortunately we were able to come well below the 5% typical threshold and rate are only going up about 3.5%! UHC Supps are already incredibly competitive in OH so this should make things even better!


And that’s not all…. Fortunately the Med Supp team were able to increase the Multi Insured Discount from 5% to 7%!  This will go into effect 6/1/2021 as well and will apply to all current members as well as new members who:

  • Have the same address
  • Share the same AARP Number
  • Both have an AARP Med Supp Plan with us

This discount is automatically applied so nothing is needed from the members or the agents.

Go to the sales material portal in Jarvis and order yours today!!!   Here’s what it looks like:


If you have any questions regarding UHC’s new Med Supp rates or kits, contact your CSM representative. 

UHC Medicaid Eligibility Lookup Tool Enhancement

UHC announcement from 11/23/20: 

UHC Medicaid Eligibility Lookup Tool Enhancement

We are excited to announce an enhancement to the Medicaid Eligibility Lookup Tool on Jarvis. Regardless if the Medicaid ID is provided, your Medicaid eligibility search results will now display the member’s Medicaid ID. This enhancement is available for the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

For step-by-step information on how to use the new Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility Lookup tool, review the detailed job aid available on Learning Lab.


If you have questions, reach out to your Cornerstone rep.

UHC’s 2021 National Network List

UHC has created a 2021 National Network List  showing what MAPD plans; National Network, Passport, or Neither.


Also, UHC added a National provider network to plans that previously had the Passport Travel benefit in 2020.  Members will be impacted by this and will see the change in their ANOC.


Any questions, please contact your Cornerstone Representative.

UHC: New Eligibility Lookup Tool on Jarvis!

Now You can Verify Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility

UHC has a new, faster way for you to obtain Medicare and Medicaid eligibility. Instead of contacting the Producer Help Desk (PHD), you, as a UnitedHealthcare agent, can directly determine Medicare and Medicaid eligibility for consumers and members on Jarvis, any time, any day.

You can find the tool in the Enrollment tab located on Jarvis.

For step-by-step information on how to use the new Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility Lookup Tool, review the detailed job aid available on Learning Lab (Learning Lab>Content Library>Jarvis>Additional References). For ease and convenience, Medicaid searches also provide a list of UnitedHealthcare plans available for enrollment.

The new tool will be available for members living in a number of states starting today, with more states coming soon. Find full details on Jarvis.


UnitedHealthcare Renewal Rate Increase for 2021

UHC is excited to announce that starting in 2021, for Medicare Advantage (MA) plans with effective dates of 2020, UnitedHealthcare will pay renewals at the current Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published Fair Market Value (FMV) renewal year commission amount!

Example of how it works:

  • If an agent sold a plan effective in 2020, the renewal amount in 2021 would have been $255.
  • With this change, the agent will instead get $270 as the agent’s renewal rate in 2021 ($22.50/month).
  • For 2021 that is $15 more dollars for each MA plan sold in 2020.
  • State specific rates apply.

What does this mean for agents?

  • For MA plans that became effective in 2020, starting in January 2021, monthly renewal commissions will be paid at the 2021 CMS FMV renewal rate instead of at the renewal rate that was in effect on the date the plan became effective.

Retaining members and paying you competitive renewal rates for your commitment to UHC members is important to UnitedHealthcare.


If you have any questions please reach out to your Cornerstone representative. 

UnitedHealthcare 2021 Product Portfolio

Announcing 2021 UnitedHealthcare Product Portfolio.  Click the link(s) below to access.


Southeast Region

Northeast Region

West Region



UHC 2021 Certification

A Message from UnitedHealthcare:

2021 Certifications Now Open!

It’s that time!  You can now certify to sell 2021 UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions products.

What you need to know:

  • NEW! Access 2021 UnitedHealthcare Certifications in our new learning management system called Learning Lab for simplified use, clearer assignments and easier tracking.
  • NEW! All Certification modules and assessments are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Passing the prerequisite tests (Medicare Basics Test, Ethics and Compliance Test, and AARP Course) certifies you to sell Medicare Advantage* (MA), Prescription Drug and AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare plans!
  • To sell Chronic or Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP), take the Chronic/Dual SNP module and test after you have passed all your prerequisite tests.
  • Don’t forget to take 2021 Events Basics if you plan to conduct in-person or virtual events!

How to take certifications

  • Certification modules and tests are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week Jarvis>Knowledge Center>Learning Lab.
  • You will have six attempts to complete an assessment with a minimum passing score of 85 percent.
  • Answer a question correctly and you’ll move immediately to the next question; answer a question incorrectly and you’ll receive feedback that it was wrong and then you will move to the next question.

UnitedHealthcare will once again accept AHIP’s Medicare + + Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training, which satisfies the requirement for the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions Certification module, Medicare Basics Test (including Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug and Medicare Supplement Plans). If you wish to receive the $50 discount on AHIP from UnitedHealthcare, you must access the AHIP/UHG co-branded website via the link provided in Learning Lab.



For more information, refer to the 2021 Certification User Guide on Learning Lab or contact your CSM Service Rep

UHC’s NEW Learning Lab: A Learning Management System

Coming Soon: Learning Lab

UHC is excited to launch a new and improved learning management system called Learning Lab. The new system will be available soon, and will serve as your one-stop shop for UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions training.

Learning Lab features

  • Easy access to UnitedHealthcare’s collection of on-demand trainings including courses like LEAN, AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, UnitedHealthcare Toolkit, DSNP Basics and more!
  • Improved course search—quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Mobile-friendly access. Use Learning Lab on a variety of devices.
  • Simple registration experience for online courses.
  • Access to 2021 UnitedHealthcare Certifications.*

For a sneak peek of the new system, please watch this short video


UHC also has a number of trainings beginning June 10 through the end of the month. UHC encourages your participation so you can understand the many new features of Learning Lab. This training will help you understand how to navigate the new system so you are ready to go when 2021 certifications launch later this month.

Learning Lab Training
(Please select only one session because registrations for each session are limited.)

Register for 11 a.m. CT, Tuesday, June 16
Register for 4 p.m. CT, Wednesday, June 17
Register for 3 p.m. CT, Thursday, June 18
Register for 1 p.m. CT, Friday, June 19
Register for 1 p.m. CT, Monday, June 22
Register for 5 p.m. CT, Tuesday, June 23
Register for 6 p.m. CT, Wednesday, June 24
Register for 1 p.m. CT, Thursday, June 25
Register for 1 p.m. CT, Friday, June 26
Register for 6 p.m. CT, Monday, June 29
Register for 11 a.m. CT, Tuesday, June 30

UHC will send additional communications once Learning Lab is live.


For more information contact you CSM representative.

UHC AARP Enhancements to the A2O Program

UHC AARP Med Sup has improved the Authorized to Offer (A2O) program for AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare® Insurance Company.

Rewards are now easier to reach!

If you’re an A2O agent: You no longer need to sell 5 accepted and paid AARP Medicare Supplement Plans to be an A2O (formerly known as Level 1) agent.

Please note the changes for Level 1 agents does NOT remove the requirement that agents at the Agent level (only) must write at least one policy in order to meet the Sales Evaluation Period guidelines! 

Now, step up to Elite: To become an A2O Elite (formerly known as Level 2) agent, you need 30 or more accepted and paid AARP Medicare Supplement Plan sales or 150 active AARP Medicare Supplement members (instead of 200).




If you have any questions, reach out to your CSM Sales rep.

UHC AARP med supp updates: COVID-19 cost sharing and telehealth info

What’s New?

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans will cover all cost-sharing, including Medicare Part B excess charges, for Medicare-eligible expenses for services related to COVID-19 treatment based on a confirmed positive diagnosis from February 4, 2020, until May 31, 2020.

This builds on the previously announced efforts by Medicare to waive cost sharing for COVID-19 testing and testing-related visits and Medicare’s temporarily expanded definition of telehealth.

In addition, from March 31, 2020, until June 18, 2020, AARP Medicare Supplement Plans will cover all cost-sharing, including Medicare Part B excess charges, for Medicare-eligible COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 telehealth visits.

Premium Payments

UnitedHealthcare understands that certain enrolled members may be adversely impacted by the COVID-19 situation and may be unable to make premium payments by the due date. There is currently a two-month period that allows insured members to make a payment. For those enrolled members who were in danger of cancellation due to non-payment of premium in March and/or April, coverage was not terminated. At this time, UnitedHealthcare is allowing an additional month for payments to be made. Although there is additional time to make premium payments, there is only a 31-day period during which claims will continue to be paid while the member’s account is past due.

UnitedHealthcare will continue to assess the situation. We will also abide by any state-specific guidelines regarding premium due.

Remote Enrollment Options

As a part of online enrollments through LEAN™, agents can easily and remotely enroll consumers in an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan by using Remote Signature via DocuSign® and Voice Signature.*

What if the consumer does not have access to the internet?
Now extended through the end of May, when consumers are unable to use LEAN to complete a Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug or some Medicare Supplement plan enrollment applications, and it is not feasible to use a paper application, you can direct the consumer to call UnitedHealthcare telesales at 855-572-3837 to complete the application by phone. For consumers who do not have internet access that:
• Are in their Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period, or
• Qualify for Guaranteed Issue

Please use the process below:

1. Following your needs analysis conversation, direct the consumer to call 855-572-3837. Please note you cannot be on the phone with the consumer.
2. Inform your consumer to tell the representative the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan you discussed and that the representative will repeat some of the questions in order to meet all compliance requirements.
3. Email agentoversightadmin@uhc.com to indicate your consumer was unable to electronically sign documents and completed the application telephonically instead. Include name of prospect, state, plan chosen, date of presentation/referral to telesales, agent name, and writing ID. This will help ensure your commission payment and Agent of Record status.
Please mail enrollment materials via the normal paper process if the consumer:
•  Is under age 65, or
•  A current member looking to plan change, or
•  Requires Underwriting


Thank you for your continued support. Please continue to check here for additional information related to COVID-19.