Bright Health’s Electronic Enrollment Admin Allowance Program!!

Bright Health is excited to formally release their new initiative that rewards contracted Brokers for using Bright Health’s electronic member enrollment application (Medicare Enrollment Dashboard – MED).

Brokers who assist their clients with enrollment application for a Bright Health MAPD plan using their Medicare Enrollment Dashboard (MED) will receive a one-time $50 administrative allowance per enrollment application.


  • Bright Health has implemented a new electronic enrollment application for 2020, which provides Brokers the ability to create customized quotes, compare Bright Health plans, and simplifies the enrollment process.  Bright Health believe this system supports the Broker with providing the best information possible for your clients to decide which plan is best for them, while saving administrative costs for the carrier. This is why Bright Health will be paying Brokers a $50 allowance for applications submitted through their new system.
  • Click here to watch a video tutorial of the enrollment system.
  • First time accessing Bright Health’s Medicare Enrollment Dashboard? Click here for instructions.
  • Please review the FLYER which provides all the details for how to be eligible for and receive the allowance.