Devoted Health’s Newest Features on Agent Portal

Devoted communications from 1.25.21:

new features and updates on our Agent Portal that will help you sell with us:

  • Access your commissions statements
  • View your book of business in one list
  • Requirements for unrecorded phone applications – call our Agent Support (1-877-764-9446) for verbal attestation before 3PM on last day of month

NEW FEATURE – Access Your Commissions Statements on 1/29

Starting on Friday, 1/29 you’ll be able to access your commissions statements in Agent Portal.  How?  Log in here, click “Commissions” on the left hand panel, and view/download your statements.  It’s easy!

For those of you who have Evolve accounts:  the commissions statements in Agent Portal and Evolve will be the same – it’s just one less portal that you have to log into. Historical statements are not available yet, however, you can still access those in Evolve.

For agents who are new to Devoted this year:  you should also receive a payment email this week which summarizes your monthly payment information.  Note that the email is simply a summary, please do not be alarmed by the lack of detail in it.  The email is not the same as your statement, which does provide greater detail on your enrollments.

For indirect payee:  you will not see any statements – please contact your agency for payment information.



You spoke, we listened! Now you can see all your applications and statuses, contacts, and member IDs in one list in Agent Portal.  To learn more about application status definition, hover your mouse over the status. If you’re using a tablet, click the status to view the definition. 


If you are submitting an application using Phone, Unrecorded Line because a face-to-face appointment was not possible for the beneficiary, please read the reminders and updates below: 

Phone, Unrecorded Line applications will not be submitted to CMS without verbal confirmation from the beneficiary on a recorded line. Deadline for Phone, Unrecorded apps is by 3PM EST on the last business day of the month. If you submit after the deadline, you’ll need to submit a new application for the following effective month. If the enrollee would like to complete the verbal attestation after submitting the application, a 3-way call can be initiated with  Agent Support at 1-877-764-9446, during business hours.

Have you logged onto our Agent Portal?  

Make sure you log-in before commissions are released on 1/29! It’s a one-stop-shop to Devoted Health resources and an easy way to submit an electronic application (instructional video here).  Or give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. 


Quick Resources 

  • Scope of appointment (English/Spanish)- online version that will email you a copy (instructional video here)
  • Play the full Devoted Sales Presentation Video OR use our handy Flipbook
  • Sales Video (English) — can be downloaded in our marketing portal
  • Sales Video (Spanish) — can be downloaded in our marketing portal
  • Sales Flipbook

Our Marketing Portal where you can order more sales materials