Devoted Health Ohio Network Update

Premier Health is now in Devoted Health’s Network for Ohio!

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Devoted Health In Ohio: 10 Benefits You Need to Know


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Devoted Health: 3 Tips To Help You Sell In The Final Week of AEP

This AEP has been Devoted Health’s biggest one yet. Thanks to the hard work of you and more than 4,600 brokers, Devoted has received more applications than ever before.
And they are still expecting a final bump in sign-ups. Last year, 26% of applications came in the last week of AEP. Here are 3 talking points you can share with those last-minute prospects to get them signed up before December 7.

• Devoted benefits are really rich. Members could save thousands each year, thanks to extras like their dental benefit and over-the-counter allowance.

• Devoted’s member Guides make our plans easy to use. Members can call or text a Guide whenever they need help. Guides respond fast. And they can help with everything from understanding benefits to troubleshooting bills, finding doctors, and more.

• All plan benefits start right on January 1. Members don’t need to wait to use any of Devoted’s benefits. Starting in the new year, they can order a free medical alert device, use their dental benefits, buy glasses, and shop for over-the-counter items, among many other benefits.


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NEW – Devoted Health Social Media Content

NEW Devoted Health social media post to help Cornerstone Senior Marketing Agents sell this AEP. It’s easy! Just copy and paste the approved language into your preferred social channel. Populate the <Agent Name and Phone Number >’s with your name and phone number. Remember to tag #Devoted Health


Approved post:
Lionel Richie knows the difference that high-quality healthcare can make in a person’s life, and he’s partnering with Devoted Health to bring that all-in-one healthcare experience to more people. #WeAreDevoted


(Please note, do not edit or add language to the post. If you do, that will be counted as a compliance violation) 


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Devoted Health: New Feature Alert on Agent Portal

Sourced from Devoted Health Broker Email from 10/3/2022: 

Low-Income Subsidy & Medicaid Checks now available in our Agent Portal !


At Devoted Health we’re always looking for ways to make your life easier! With these two new features, you will be able to:

Lookup Low-Income Subsidy within the enrollment application. You must have the enrollee’s  verbal authorization to complete the eligibility check. Select a plan option and enter the enrollee’s Date of Birth and Medicare ID (MBI). You will receive LIS levels, A&B effective dates, current plan, and more! Details can be found here.


Lookup DSNP/Medicaid Eligibility. You must have enrollee’s First & Last Name, Date of Birth, and Gender OR Medicaid ID and Medicare ID (MBI). You will receive Medicaid status, level, and more! Details can be found here. Medicaid eligibility data is available now for AL, FL, and OH. CO and TX coming soon!


Learn more about our 2023 plan offerings

It’s finally October! So that means you can now take a look at our 2023 plans and providers on our website!


If you have any questions – please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing rep

Devoted Health: Pre-order PY 2023 Enrollment Kits, 2023 Cert Training & More

Sourced from Devoted Health Broker Communication from 8/11/22:

We are excited to announce that pre-ordering for PY2023 enrollment kits will be available starting 8/15 in our marketing portal. This will allow you to order your 2023 enrollment kits, swag, and other items ahead of the upcoming AEP selling season and will ensure you receive your order prior to 10/1.  Access to our marketing portal is provided 24-48 hours after receiving your Ready To Sell (RTS) email notification. Our marketing portal provides a one stop shop for your sales enablement needs. Register to join us for one of our training sessions that will show you how to use our marketing portal and the items available to you. 

As you know, AEP will be here before you know it.  So if you haven’t already done so, you can get certified for 2023 in our own Agent Portal (new agents should reach out to your upline agency or Agent Support for a unique link). We don’t want you to miss out on any enrollment opportunities in the coming months.  We are thrilled to be on this journey with you, servicing and exceeding your clients’ health care needs.

Need to complete AHIP? 

PY2023 AHIP is now available, use our Devoted Health AHIP Discount Link and receive a $50 discount at checkout.


What you need to get started:

  • Must have an active health insurance license.
  • Will need to complete the onboarding and certification process which includes contracting and certification before you can sell with us.
  • If you have an AHIP, Pinpoint, or NAHU certificate, you can upload your certificate to satisfy the Core Medicare Training requirement.
  • Will need to complete the PY2023 Devoted Health Certification & Assessment which covers how to compliantly market and sell Devoted Health Plans.
  • To continue to receive renewals, you must recertify (annually)  and must be licensed and appointed per state law.
  • Completion of the PY2023 Certification will also allow you to market PY2022 benefits in our current Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas service areas.
  • A face-to-face certification is not required.
  • You will receive a “Ready to Sell” email notification when all requirements have been met.


If you have any questions or need to get contracted with Devoted let us know! 

Devoted Health: A New Way to Submit Your Sales Events

Sourced from Devoted Health broker email communication from 7/8/22: 

New Feature Alert!

Brokers can now submit events directly in Agent Portal.

With this new simplified event submission process, you will be able to quickly enter info and submit for approval. It is fast and easy!

Instructions: Step by step instructions can be found here


If you have any questions, please reach out to your CSM Sales Director.

Best Practices from Devoted Health on Member Retention

Sourced from Devoted Broker Email Communication from 1/7/2022: 


Happy 2022!  We hope that you had a relaxing holiday season.  Our team is prepared to support you in another successful selling season and provide tools that will help reduce risk of member disenrollments after your hard-earned AEP efforts.  

As you know, disenrollments are highly unfavorable in many ways. It may not only lead to commission chargebacks and poor compliance performance, but also poor overall member experience.  As such, here are some best practices to help with member retention we’d like to share.

What you can do

  1. Call members to check in:
    • Check in on members who recently enrolled during AEP to ensure smooth onboarding, pre-authorizations were taken care of and PCP appointments were made — you could even transfer them to one of our Guides at 1-800-DEVOTED to make sure we take good care of them
    • Check to make sure they’ve received their Welcome Kits in the mail and their info (phone number, email, address) are correct
    • Make sure they know how to find and use our online tools: Benefits Info, Provider Directory, Drug / Formulary Search
  2. Member education events
    • Encourage members to keep an eye on their email (and our website) for more information about our New Member Orientation (NMO) events, which we call “Music & More” series.  We’re planning virtual events this year to continue keeping everyone safe
  3. Help members utilize their benefits: Members that use their benefits tend to be happier and stay with their plan year over year

Members who are at higher risk of disenrollment:

  • PCP Experience: Members who do not see their PCP or have a negative experience with a new PCP
  • Plan Engagement: Members who do not engage with Devoted Health
  • Benefits: Members with mismatched expectations or were not enrolled in a plan that best fits their needs
  • Higher-need members: Beneficiaries who qualify for Extra Help

What are we doing to help retain members?

  • Targeted member calls based on their needs
  • Virtual member education events: how to utilize benefits + music series
  • Member communications (SMS, email, mail)
  • All members receive a digital ID card via SMS within a few days of confirmed enrollment so they do not have to wait for the Welcome Kit or Confirmation Letter

Encourage members to call our Member Guides at 1-800-Devoted. Our Guide team is able to answer most of our members’ questions, but there are times when our vendors need to be involved to more appropriately help our members. Here’s a list of vendors that our members will speak with instead of our Guides when they have benefit questions – in these scenarios we delegate call services to these vendors:

  • Pharmacy (CVS Caremark): Handles our prescription questions and mail order requests (Members can access through our IVR when they call into 1-800-Devoted and the CVS phone number is also included on the member ID card)
  • Healthy Foods Card (Solutran): This vendor is responsible for helping with member questions related to their healthy foods card benefit. (Members can access through our IVR when they call into 1-800-Devoted and the Solutran phone number is also included directly on the healthy foods card)
  • Transportation (Alivi – FL, OH, TX or Kaizen – AZ, IL): Will help our members set up their non-emergent transportation rides. (Members can access through our IVR when they call into 1-800-Devoted)
  • Behavioral Health (Magellan): If members have questions related to behavioral health benefits and providers, they will work directly with Magellan.  (The phone number for Magellan is listed on the member’s ID card and on our website – 1-800-776-8684)

Devoted Health HRA Update – 12/20/21

Sourced from Devoted Health Broker Communication on 12/20/21:


If you have any questions regarding Devoted HRA’s please contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing rep.



Earn Marketing Credits with Devoted Health Enrollments this AEP

We’re paying it forward!

Earn 2022 marketing credits with your AEP Devoted enrollments.

Devoted has one of the fastest growing Medicare Advantage plans in the U.S right now. You work hard to provide the best plans for your clients and with Devoted Health, you can do just that and EARN 2022 MARKETING CREDITS too!

Here’s how:

Earned CSM Marketing CredIt can be used toward any marketing medium — Mailers, Flyers, Print Ads, etc.

The fine print:

  • An active enrollment is written during AEP (Oct. 15 – Dec. 7, 2021) with a January 1, 2022 effective date.
  • Enrollment must be in effect on Apr. 1, 2022, to qualify for marketing credit.
  • Enrollment changes during OEP and/or rapid dis-enrollments do not qualify.
  • Cornerstone Senior Marketing will notify qualifying agents of earned marketing credits after April 1, 2022.

Why Devoted?

Fortify your 2022 marketing budget with Devoted enrollments today!

  • Devoted offers advanced, easy-to-use tech and data platform for clients and agents.
  • Devoted Medical Group: designed to pick up where PCP’s leave off to work in conjunction and provide excellent care in member’s home.

Ready-to-use, customizable marketing resources at your fingertips on your agent portal.


Added advantage

Quote and enroll Devoted Health plans using MedicareCENTER

Devoted Health Ohio Expansion

Plans are available for your clients in these Ohio counties:

Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Medina, Lorain, Stark, Summit, Portage, Erie, Huron, Sandusky, Ottawa, Seneca, Columbiana, Trumbull, Mahoning, Fulton, Hancock, Lucas, & Wood