How To: Transition from Med Supp to Dental Sale with Mutual of Omaha

Transition Seamlessly from a Med Supp to Dental Sale with Mutual of Omaha!

Senior-age clients you’re meeting with about a Medicare supplement policy may also have a need for dental insurance. It’s now easier than ever for you to transition from a Med supp to dental sale.

Here’s how:
• The client’s information on the Med supp app automatically populates for a dental app when you use our e-application
• Payment methods also transfer to the dental app

It’s that simple! Use our e-applications today and see how easy it is to make a Medicare supplement and dental sale.

Use These Materials to Target Dental Prospects
Looking for a way to target potential dental insurance customers? Here are the available marketing materials that can assist in your marketing efforts.

• Consumer brochure – provides an overview of our two dental insurance products
• Prospecting postcard- mail to Medicare-age prospects who might have a need for dental insurance
• Prospecting letter- send to current Medicare supplement clients

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