Mutual of Omaha 2022 1099’s Coming to SPA

Great news, 2022 1099s will be available through Sales Professional Access (SPA) for all producers.

Please note: if the producer has a Compensation PIN assigned for SPA already, they will not be able to view their 1099 without their compensation pin. We wanted to give all of you the heads up before we send a general announcement in February.



Mutual of Omaha PDP: 2023 PDP Specialty Pricing Issue

Sourced from MOO broker communication from 10/17/2022:

Mutual of Omaha Rx℠ is committed to helping you find the right Prescription Drug Plan for your clients. We recently identified a pricing issue on specialty drugs on Plan Finder, which shows costs too low. Until the Plan Finder pricing files are updated, the mail order costs will show up incorrectly.

We are looking into the error and the schedule is set and will be updated on October 24, 2022. We are working with Connecture and Sunfire to see if pricing can be updated sooner.

Pricing Issue Highlights:

• This only impacts mail order pricing
• This only impacts a subset of specialty National Drug Codes (NDCS)
• Plan Finder pricing will be updated on October 24, 2022

Clients who purchase a Mutual of Omaha Rx plan, while the pricing is incorrect will receive notification from us.

Exciting News! Mutual of Omaha Dental Increase Comp

Mutual of Omaha has increased compensation on dental insurance sales!

When you sell a Mutual of Omaha dental insurance policy*, you’ll earn not one…not two…how about THREE “extras”:

  • Extra compensation that puts more money in your pocket
  • Extra incentive credits that can help you reach your goal of qualifying for a 2023 Mutual Sales Leaders trip to Maui
  • An extra 2% of dental ANBP in marketing credits when you sell a dental policy with a Med supp policy

Our two dental insurance products are competitively priced and are a perfect fit for your Medicare-eligible clients, many of whom may not have dental coverage.


Give your dental sales an extra boost this year by talking to your clients about Mutual of Omaha’s dental insurance solutions.
*Compensation increase applies to dental insurance applications dated on or after April 1, 2022


Don’t Forget About Discounts!!

Here’s an extra benefit for your clients. Mutual of Omaha offers a 15% dental insurance discount when your clients buy dental and Med supp policies at the same time (discount varies by state; certain provisions apply).


Questions? Contact your CSM representative today! 

Mutual of Omaha Reminder: OKTA Registration for SPA Deadline

REMINDER – All users of Sales Professional Access (SPA) must register for Okta prior to February 24th. We encourage agents to register for Okta immediately to avoid potential business disruption. Okta is a two-factor authentication process.

SPA login credentials cannot be shared. After successfully registering for Okta, you will continue to use the same SPA website ( as you previously have. To login, you will use your SPA username (not email address) and password.


Before registering for Okta, ensure your contact information on SPA is current. The contact information on filed will be used for authentication.


Step 1 – Verify Contact Information on SPA

  • Log on to Sales Professional Access (
  • In the upper right-hand corner, select the image of the person
  • Select “Profile”
  • Review your information
  • Update as needed your email address, mailing addresses and/or phone numbers
  • Make note of your username which is located under the PROFILE tab
  • If any changes are made, click “Update”


Step 2 – Register for Okta

  • Open a browser window and go to
  • This site is for Okta registration only and authentication management
  • Enter your SPA Username and click Next
    • If you are unsure of your username or password, click here for instructions on how to identify this information.
  • Enter SPA password and click Sign In
  • Choose a forgot password question
  • Select a security image and click Create my Account
  • A list of two-factor authentication methods (Okta verify app, text, voice and email) will appear. Select at least one method (we highly suggest two)


Step 3 – Determine if you need to add Authorized Users to your Account

  • Offices in which multiple individuals needs to access SPA will need to set up each individual as an Authorized User. SPA login credentials cannot be shared
  • To add authorized users, login to SPA
  • Select the profile image in the upper right corner and select Account Access Management
  • Add authorized users by completing the required fields. Ensure you use the correct date of birth for each user added
  • Determine the access level for each authorized user
  • Authorized users will receive an email from Mutual of Omaha. They should follow the steps in the email to complete the setup process



Mutual of Omaha: Important New EFT Direct Deposit Requirements Effective 2/1/2022

Sourced from Mutual of Omaha’s broker email communication from 12/15/21: 

Get Ready!

Effective February 1, 2022, Mutual of Omaha will require an electronic deposit for all commission payments. Enrolling in EFT will get you paid in a more timely, secure, and convenient manner with no checks needing to be deposited. Once compensation totals more than $25, we will send an electronic payment directly to the bank that is in your profile on Sales Professional Access.

Failure to enroll in EFT will result in your commissions being delayed and will be paid annually in January following the end of a calendar year.





Mutual of Omaha Senior Health Social Media Group- New Launch

Mutual of Omaha has created an exclusive marketer LinkedIn group. This group will focus on promoting Senior Health products, lifestyle events, and business tools. You can interact with other marketers and the Senior Health Sales Team directly.

To stay connected with Mutual of Omaha, please join the SHS Marketer Connect group on LinkedIn.


If you have any questions please reach out to your CRM representative.

Mutual of Omaha’s License & Appointment Additions Made Easier for You!

Effective 10/13/2021 Directly From Mutual of Omaha:

Marketers and Producers will no longer need to call or email Mutual of Omaha to add/update a license.  Up to date license information will be synced daily, ensuring the appropriate appointments are reflected in our system.

  • Auto-Updates:  Up to date license information, including newly obtained licenses will load automatically to Mutual of Omaha for each state a producer is licensed in
  • Contactless Experience:  With an automatic license load, Marketers and Producers will no longer need to take time to submit a request for their information to be added or updated in Mutual of Omaha’s system
  • Improved Underwriting Flow:  Applications will no longer be held up due to no license and appointment if the producer has obtained the necessary license with the state


After the license is added or updated Mutual of Omaha’s appointment automation process will give each producer the necessary company appointments to sell their contracted products.

This also eliminates the need for marketers and producers to call into MOO’s area to check on appointment status since the system automatically will be adding these, including pre-appointment states. You can also find producer contracting and ready to sell (PDP) status on SPA.


If you have any questions, please contact CSM Contracting Department.

How To: Transition from Med Supp to Dental Sale with Mutual of Omaha

Transition Seamlessly from a Med Supp to Dental Sale with Mutual of Omaha!

Senior-age clients you’re meeting with about a Medicare supplement policy may also have a need for dental insurance. It’s now easier than ever for you to transition from a Med supp to dental sale.

Here’s how:
• The client’s information on the Med supp app automatically populates for a dental app when you use our e-application
• Payment methods also transfer to the dental app

It’s that simple! Use our e-applications today and see how easy it is to make a Medicare supplement and dental sale.

Use These Materials to Target Dental Prospects
Looking for a way to target potential dental insurance customers? Here are the available marketing materials that can assist in your marketing efforts.

• Consumer brochure – provides an overview of our two dental insurance products
• Prospecting postcard- mail to Medicare-age prospects who might have a need for dental insurance
• Prospecting letter- send to current Medicare supplement clients

BONUS!!! Earn $$$ for Your Dental Insurance Business

Earn up to $500 for dental insurance business issued May 15 through July 15, 2021. Submit your dental insurance apps today and get ready to celebrate!
Learn More About the Cash for Apps Contest



Mutual of Omaha Plan N Savings

Mutual of Omaha’s communication from 11/5/20:

For your clients, Plan N is that well-worn, predictable path that gives them the protection they need with premiums they’ll love. For those looking to save, our Plan N rates are some of the best in the industry. It covers everything Plan G does except small copays and the rare excess charges, and its predictable out-of-pocket cost helps keep premiums low — especially thanks to our household discount.


Your secret weapon … household discount

For adults living together, our household discounts are like teriyaki beef jerky at 20,000 feet. Our 12% discount — available in most states — has some of the least restrictive eligibility requirements in the industry, so most people will qualify. See the application for each state’s specific requirements.

Medicare Annual Enrollment
Each year, anyone with Medicare can change their Medicare health plan and prescription drug coverage for the following year. The Annual Enrollment Period runs from October 15 through December 7 with coverage or plan changes taking effect on January 1.

Mutual of Omaha PDP RTS Status Updated on SPA

Subject: Ready to Sell Status Monitoring Now Available on SPA

What is New?
Recently,  Mutual of Omaha has enhanced the user experience on Sales Professional Access (SPA), to include the ability for you to be able to see your Ready to Sell Status for Mutual of Omaha Rx Prescription Drug Plans. This enhancement will give all levels in a hierarchy, for PDP, line of sight to their Ready to Sell status. This status update will include items that may be missing or need to be completed, in order to successfully be Ready to Sell.