Humana MP 2020 Certification Dates!

Humana is very excited about the early launch of PY2020 Certification Courses! There have been some vast improvements this year and Humana expects a smooth certification process.

Please see the link below to the official Humana communication document and note the following:

  • Plan Year 2019 Certification will be taken down at 5pm EST on Thursday June 13th.
  • Plan Year 2020 Certification and Re-certification courses will launch at noon EST on Tuesday June 25th.
  • If an agent completes PY2020 certification, they can also sell 2019 plans as long as they did not fail 2019 cert previously.


View Humana’s PY2020 Certification Communication Document Here


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative.