MedicareCENTER 2021 is now available- what you need to know

Now available!

MedicareCENTER is a powerful sales and marketing system that’s also simple and easy to use. And it’s full of great features designed to help Agents like you produce more, including:

  • A robust CRM for managing and tracking clients
  • The ability to compliantly send scope of appointments by text
  • Access to MedicareAPP and MedicareLINK enrollment and quoting tools
  • An all-in-one universal login from any device, anytime

Important:  MedicareAPP and MedicareLINK


Effective October 1, 2020:  Agents are able to view plans and rates from available carriers for which the agent is ‘Ready-to-Sell’

 Effective October 15, 2020:  Agents are able to view plans and rates from all available carriers.

 Reminder:  Update your bookmarks and favorites on your web browsers to the new 2021 MedicareCENTER site AND get your new unique Personal Shopping Link under the ‘Account Overview’ inside MedicareAPP to add to your website or any digital media. 


*Note:  The 2020 MedicareCenter platform and your unique personal shopping link should be used for all 10/1, 11/1, and 12/1 effective dates.


MedicareCENTER 2020 Link

MedicareCENTER 2021 Link


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