MedicareCENTER Update: Anthem MA & MAPD HRA’s On MedicareLINK (SunFire)

Anthem MA and MAPD Health Risk Assessments (HRA) are now available in MedicareLINK (SunFire)!

SunFire and Anthem have furthered their strategic partnership by expanding HRA’s within the SunFire platform. Agents are now able to complete HRA’s for eligible MA and MAPD enrollments directly in the SunFire platform. HRA’s can be accessed directly at the end of the enrollment or through enrollment reporting.

HRA’s are available to be completed up until 3/30/2022 for any 1/1/2022 effective enrollments. All of these past enrollments can be accessed through the second entry point as described below.




If you have any questions or concerns on this new update within MedicareLINK, please contact your CSM representative.


MedicareCENTER 2021 Enrollment Updates – Please Read!

2021 MedicareCENTER Enrollments – PLEASE READ! 

Agents, please be aware of the availability to print/save your 2021 Enrollments! Connecture has advised that agents looking to access any 2021 enrollment they completed should be saved/printed from the 2021 site before 12/15/21.



When starting an enrollment process via MedicareAPP, agents should either print or save the PDF of the completed SOA each time for each client if they choose to keep one on file. Every year the MedicareCENTER site changes and the previous SOA’s that were captured will be overridden by the newest plan year SOA. 


If you have any questions regarding your MedicareCENTER enrollments for PY 2021 or PY 2022, please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative.

MedicareCENTER UPDATES: 11/19/21

Introducing new features within the Client Management Quote & Enrollment Tool on MedicareCENTER!

  • Plan Comparison
    • Agent view only; “send plan comparison to client” is still being developed.
    • At the bottom of each plan card on the View Plans page, there is a “Compare” checkbox. Agents can click up to three plans to compare at once. Please see attached screenshot for reference.


  • Contact Management filters
    • Contact type (prospect vs. client)
    • Stage
    • Has reminders
  • Address, city, state, zip, and county in bulk import
    • State was inadvertently left off the list of available fields on the page, but will be added shortly. Please see attached screenshot for reference. State *is* available in bulk import and is included in the downloadable template.

  • Lost lead reason
    • When an agent changes a contact’s stage to Lost, they will be presented with a modal window with a list of potential reasons the lead was lost. For leads delivered to agents through our co-op program, we will use these reasons to optimize our lead vendor mix. After the reason is selected, it is not currently visible anywhere, but we will make it visible in an upcoming release.


If you have any questions in regards to these new MedicareCENTER features please reach out to your CSM representative 


2022 MedicareCENTER Updates & General FAQ’s as of 10/6/21

Happening now…

  • The carriers listed below are in the process of being uploaded to the system and should appear in MedicareAPP on or before Thursday, October 7, 2021.
    • Devoted Health
    • MediGold
    • Medical Mutual of Ohio
    • The Health Plan
  • Provider information will not be fully functional in MedicareAPP and the Integrated Quoting and Enrollment (CRM) platforms until 10/15.



  1. Why aren’t all of my carrier appointments showing in the 2022 platform?


  1. Most carrier appointments should appear correctly in the system the morning of Thursday, October 7 2021.


  1. Where did the non-licensed plans button go?


  1. All non-licensed plan details are received directly from CMS.  The ability to view these plans will be integrated to the platform closer to 10/15/21.


  1. I need to reset my password/register for the system and am getting an expired link in the email to reset/verify, even though I just submitted the request.


  1. First, clear all Google Chrome browser cache and cookies.  Next, copy the link from the body of the email and paste into the navigation bar within a Google Chrome browser.  If this does not work, reach out to MedicareCENTER support or contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Service Rep.


  1. I may have typed my email incorrectly when registering for the system.  How do I update my email?


  1. The day after registration MedicareCENTER will manually confirm your account.  The next day you will be able to log into the system using your NPN and the password set at registration.  Once you have accessed your account, navigate to the profile page  from the drop-down menu under your name (top right corner of the screen) and update your email.


  1. Can an IEP/ICEP application for 1/1/2022 be submitted before 10/15/2021?


  1. No.  Per regulation, these applications cannot be submitted until 10/15/21.  All consumer facing functions should not be utilized until 10/15/21, including SOA’s and agent PURL access.



  • Option to complete the Health Risk Assessment/Value Based Enrollment/Member Care Assessment through Medicare APP is available for the carriers listed below.  View the process here.
    • Humana (link to carrier site/form)
    • Aetna (link to carrier site/form)
    • Wellcare (link to carrier site/form)
    • Devoted (complete on Connecture/MedicareAPP)
    • BCBS MI


Questions?     CALL US TODAY       614-763-2255   or email:

Exciting New Upgrade with MedicareCENTER!

RE: Client Management Tool

A convenient and timely update…

Our multi-function MedicareCENTER platform has added a new feature. You can now import your client lists into the Client Management Tool (CRM) from an Excel or CSV file!


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to import clients:

Step 1. Login to MedicareCENTER

Step 2. On the far right click the Client Management button

Step 3. Once inside the Client Management Tool, click the Import button

Step 4. Use the downloadable template to fill in your client’s data

Step 5. Drag and Drop or Upload the completed file for your clients in the box indicated below:


Step 6. Preview of the data drop will appear.  Click the Next Buttons to move the process forward:

Step 7. Drag the appropriate column to corresponding values inside of this page then click Next:

Step 8. Click Finish and then the client data will display


If you have any follow up questions to the CRM import on MedicareCENTER, please reach out to your CSM rep.


Exciting NEW Enhancements with MedicareCENTER – Important Updates!

Important MedicareAPP User Updates

You’ve asked and we’ve listened!
Connecture, the technology behind MedicareCENTER, is introducing exciting NEW updates to the MedicareAPP feature inside MedicareCENTER!

MedicareAPP users can view these enhancements now while using the platform.

1. Agents can sort from Low to High by ‘Estimated Drug Costs’. This means you no longer have to have the health costs built in to a Medicare Advantage quote.

  1. Agents can now select up to three (3) pharmacies on the pharmacy selection screen.

              –  Agents can select the pharmacy on the left hand side of the Plan Details Page to update the costs. 

 – You can also search by pharmacy name now! 


3. On the Plan Details Page, they have added an ‘Effective Date’ field on the ‘Total Costs’ tab. This will update the costs to reflect the remainder of the year and no longer show the entire year! Agents can also toggle back and forth on the costs for their preferred pharmacy. 


  • Streamlined profile creation when sending quotes

  • Added ability for agents to send plan documents when sending an application. 


Questions on these updates or on the MedicareCENTER platform?

Contact us – we are here for you!

MedicareCENTER UPDATE: Pharmacy Search Change in MedicareAPP

Pharmacy Search Update: When searching and selecting a particular pharmacy while enrolling and quoting through MedicareAPP, it is important to click the ‘search this area’ button to ensure you are viewing all the pharmacies in that selected zip code.  Please see screenshot below for reference: 

If you have any questions or concerns reach out to your Cornerstone rep.



MedicareCENTER’s MedicareAPP Update: Non-Commissionable Plans


MedicareAPP now has the ability to view and QUOTE ONLY non-commissionable plans for 2021 including the Anthem Enhanced PDP and the Humana Basic PDP plans.

Important: To be able to view all non-commissionable plans through MedicareAPP for 2021, go to the Plans page in MedicareAPP and click the ‘Add non-licensed plans’ link to show all plans. See image below for reference.


Please remember that these plans are only available to quote. Agents do not have the ability to enroll clients in them for 2021 through MedicareAPP.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your CSM representative. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: MedicareAPP Scope of Appointment

New in 2021: MedicareAPP can be used to capture electronic Scope of Appointments (SOA’s) for 2021.  This year you brokers have the option to either Text or Email the SOA to their clients.

Important: After an SOA is submitted by the beneficiary the broker must acknowledge the SOA disclosure statement and electronically sign the form in order for the SOA to be deemed successfully completed in the system.


MedicareCENTER 2021 is now available- what you need to know

Now available!

MedicareCENTER is a powerful sales and marketing system that’s also simple and easy to use. And it’s full of great features designed to help Agents like you produce more, including:

  • A robust CRM for managing and tracking clients
  • The ability to compliantly send scope of appointments by text
  • Access to MedicareAPP and MedicareLINK enrollment and quoting tools
  • An all-in-one universal login from any device, anytime

Important:  MedicareAPP and MedicareLINK


Effective October 1, 2020:  Agents are able to view plans and rates from available carriers for which the agent is ‘Ready-to-Sell’

 Effective October 15, 2020:  Agents are able to view plans and rates from all available carriers.

 Reminder:  Update your bookmarks and favorites on your web browsers to the new 2021 MedicareCENTER site AND get your new unique Personal Shopping Link under the ‘Account Overview’ inside MedicareAPP to add to your website or any digital media. 


*Note:  The 2020 MedicareCenter platform and your unique personal shopping link should be used for all 10/1, 11/1, and 12/1 effective dates.


MedicareCENTER 2020 Link

MedicareCENTER 2021 Link


Join a MedicareCENTER training demo to see the improved features and technology!