MedicareCENTER Update: Anthem MA & MAPD HRA’s On MedicareLINK (SunFire)

Anthem MA and MAPD Health Risk Assessments (HRA) are now available in MedicareLINK (SunFire)!

SunFire and Anthem have furthered their strategic partnership by expanding HRA’s within the SunFire platform. Agents are now able to complete HRA’s for eligible MA and MAPD enrollments directly in the SunFire platform. HRA’s can be accessed directly at the end of the enrollment or through enrollment reporting.

HRA’s are available to be completed up until 3/30/2022 for any 1/1/2022 effective enrollments. All of these past enrollments can be accessed through the second entry point as described below.




If you have any questions or concerns on this new update within MedicareLINK, please contact your CSM representative.