Mutual of Omaha’s License & Appointment Additions Made Easier for You!

Effective 10/13/2021 Directly From Mutual of Omaha:

Marketers and Producers will no longer need to call or email Mutual of Omaha to add/update a license.  Up to date license information will be synced daily, ensuring the appropriate appointments are reflected in our system.

  • Auto-Updates:  Up to date license information, including newly obtained licenses will load automatically to Mutual of Omaha for each state a producer is licensed in
  • Contactless Experience:  With an automatic license load, Marketers and Producers will no longer need to take time to submit a request for their information to be added or updated in Mutual of Omaha’s system
  • Improved Underwriting Flow:  Applications will no longer be held up due to no license and appointment if the producer has obtained the necessary license with the state


After the license is added or updated Mutual of Omaha’s appointment automation process will give each producer the necessary company appointments to sell their contracted products.

This also eliminates the need for marketers and producers to call into MOO’s area to check on appointment status since the system automatically will be adding these, including pre-appointment states. You can also find producer contracting and ready to sell (PDP) status on SPA.


If you have any questions, please contact CSM Contracting Department.