SureBridge: Producer Support and other SureBridge service reminders

Producer Support closing early Friday and other SureBridge service reminders

Work is beginning on the conversion to our new policy administration system. All member portal websites will be unavailable this Friday night (8/26), through Sunday (8/28). In addition, the Customer Service call center and Producer Support will be closing early Friday (8/26) at 3:30 CT.

Expected timeline of upcoming changes:

• Aug 24 -29: System conversion for remaining in-force business on the “old” system, excluding List Bill customers (to be converted in Oct. 2022). Policy changes cannot be made until the business is fully converted to the new administration system. will be unavailable for login; messages will be up to let site visitors know.

• Aug 30: Any policy changes received (and suspended) during the system conversion will be released. Billing, changes, etc. with active policies will resume.

• Sept 16: Customers will be emailed about the new customer website and how to register


Special Notes:

List Bill Customers
Although List Bill groups are not being moved at this time, access to will not be available to this group starting Aug. 24. We expect to move these groups in mid-October. We will email you, and them, about changes and access to the new member website.

Agent Self-Service Tool,
This tool will continue to be available for Agent use. You can use it to make changes on behalf of your customer – like an address change, request for duplicate ID cards, or even cancel a plan if need be. Bookmark for quick access.

• Remember requests/changes cannot be made Aug. 24 – 29 until the system move is complete.

Commission amounts may be different for a short time in September and/or October due to the collection of pro-rated premiums and billing draft date changes. Once full monthly premiums begin regular posting on new billing dates, you’ll see full regular commission payments again. Advances, if applicable, will be made based on the full commissionable premium amount.

SureBridge-branded products are underwritten by The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company, which is a UnitedHealthcare company. The UnitedHealthcare brand will be introduced over a period of time to Agents and customers. Its first appearance will be on the new member website coming in September. We are excited about this introduction and will be sharing more in the future on how to begin to leverage this in your conversation with customers.


If you have any questions/issues please contact your CSM representative!