SureBridge’s Newest Features to their Point of Sales Tool

See What’s New in the Point of Sale Tool Beginning October 22

Sourced from SureBridge’s broker announcement from 10/21/21:


Point of Sale (POS) Tool Impacts

Updates to the SureBridge Point of Sale tool will begin around 7 PM CST Thursday, October 21 which could cause the system to be temporarily unavailable. For Email Proposals – If the application is not started by the customer before Thursday (10/21), a new Proposal must be created.

In addition to the new SureBridge products and revised Applications, the following updates will be made to the POS Tool:

• Primary Beneficiary Designation – Now allows up to two Primary Beneficiary designations. Providing as much information as possible (Date of Birth, Address, etc.) to properly identify the Beneficiaries is important and will help expedite and ensure accurate payments to the designated Beneficiaries.

• Revised Product and Summary Information Form – Updated to include the new Product(s) and the premium amount. This form is part of the Voice Review screen and is required to be read aloud during the call recording process. Note: Applications that include SecureWise Term Life will NOT have Voice Signature as an option.



New SureBridge Products – Underwritten by The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company

  • SecureWise™ Term Life (10 Year & 20 Year) – Alaska, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming

Click here for more information regarding SecureWise.

For Idaho* – The following SureBridge products are back!

  • Accident Direct
  • Accident Disability Direct
  • CancerWise® Plus (Individual & Senior) 
    • Optional Rider: Invasive Cancer Recurrence Rider
  • Critical Accident Direct
  • HospitalWise™ (Individual & Senior)
    • No Riders available

*Product information can be found in the Supplemental Product & UW Guide and brochures located on the Broker Portal for product details. Additional product information can be found in the Training guides available in SBU Continu LMS:

See our chart for SureBridge state product availability.

SureBridge Important AEP Reminders

Soured from SureBridge Broker Announcement from 10/14/21: 

Be Ready for Selling Season – Important Reminders

We’re glad to work with agents like you who are committed to using their expertise to help customers through the challenging task of finding health insurance and supplemental coverage. As we enter the peak selling-season of the year, we wanted to remind you of a few important sales practices to help protect you and your book of business.

As shared in the Chesapeake/SureBridge “Sale Practice” and “Ethics & Compliance” trainings:
• Only you, as licensed and appointed agent with Chesapeake, can:
o Sell, solicit or negotiate business on behalf of Chesapeake/SureBridge,
o Conduct sales (product) presentations, and
o Assist your customers with the application/enrollment process.

• The use of sales assistants, enrollers and/or screeners who are located outside the United States to conduct business on behalf of Chesapeake/SureBridge is strictly prohibited.

Keep in mind, having another person make calls, do some of the work, or even just act as a language translator, if they are not licensed and appointed, and perhaps even more importantly – if they are not located in the United States, could put your contract with Chesapeake at risk.

Let your customer know they can count on you!

You have the expertise your clients need, and they trust you to help them through the insurance process. By following these sales practices, you not only help ensure your reputation with your customers, but you also help ensure compliance with your Producer Agreement (PA). We value your skills, we appreciate the effort it takes to become licensed and appointed, and we are grateful you choose to do business with us!


If you have questions about your PA and/or sales practices, contact your CSM  Sales Director today! 

SureBridge’s New Feature Added to Point of Sale Toll

SureBridge communication from 3/17/21:


Effective March 19, SureBridge is launching a new application process feature to improve the Issue and Payment process.  Once live, this new feature validates bank account numbers when Bank Draft (ACH) is selected as the method of payment. If the bank account number is identified as invalid, the message below will display with the option to re-enter the account number or choose an alternate method of payment, helping to ensure there is no delay in a policy being issued due to invalid payment information.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Service Rep. 

SureBridge Update on Large Call Volume

Communication as of 1/13/21:
As you know, SureBridge customer service has been experiencing high call volumes.  Last month we put in place a call triage system that allows customers with simple requests such as cancellations, policy prints, address changes and ID cards, the ability to simply leave a voicemail message rather than holding to speak to a customer service representative.

Please remember that many changes/inquiries can be made on the new Customer Portal at and we have also re-opened the self-service tool at (or for customers and agents. The table below provides a list of functionality available through both sites for your convenience.

New Customer Portal

Reinstated Self-Service Tool
Customers with policies that have migrated to the new system are able to:

·       Cancel a Policy

·       Make a Payment (One-time Only)



1.     The email to register must match the one submitted at the time of application

2.     DOB must match the application

3.     Do not use the “02” or “08” at the beginning of the Member ID (policy number)

All customers and agents are able to:

·       Cancel a Policy

·       Update Payment Information (Customer only)

·       Address or Phone Number Changes

·       Request ID Cards

·       Request a Duplicate Policy Print

·       Search for a Provider


NOTE: Requested changes made on the reinstated Self-Service Tool require manual processing that can take 7-10 days to complete.

These actions allow us to more efficiently route customer calls, however completing these transactions requires manual processing and we are still working though the requests.  This is our top priority and we have brought in a large number of additional resources to work through them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work to process all requests as quickly as possible.

SureBridge’s Self-Service Tool is Back!

SureBridge Self-Service Tool Available Now

SureBridge continues to experience large call volumes and longer than normal hold times. In an effort to assist  agents and customers during this extremely busy time, they have brought back the SureBridge Self-Service Tool at

Through the reinstated Self-Service Tool, agents and customers, including those with policies that have already migrated, will once again have the functionality for:
• Address or Phone Number Changes
• ID Cards
• Cancel a Policy
• Request Duplicate Policy Print
• Search for a Provider
• Update Payment Information (Customers Only)

NOTE: Policy details such as billing and paid to date for migrated policies will not be visible on the Self-Service Tool. Requested changes in these areas are processed manually and can take 7-10 days to appear on the portal.

SureBridge Simplified Draft Date Schedules

SureBridge Simplified Draft Date Schedule
SureBridge communication from 11/20/20:
As a result of agent feedback, we have reviewed and simplified our billing draft date schedule for policies migrated to the new policy administration system!

  • NO CHANGE: Customers with current draft dates on the 1st through the 11th of the month will see no change in their billing draft date. This means that 65% of all SureBridge customers will see no change to their normal billing date.
  • NEW DRAFT DATE: All other customers will move to a billing draft date on the 10th of each month.

We apologize for any challenges the original schedule may have created and look forward to continuing to better serving you and our customers.

Commission Delays for SureBridge New Business

Commissions Delayed for SureBridge New Business
SureBridge announcement from 11/3/20:
As a result of the SureBridge policy migration to the new administration system, commissions on new SureBridge policies issued since October 28th will be delayed until the Thursday, November 5, 2020 commission cycle.

We sincerely apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience during this time.

Please contact Producer Support at (888) 797-4447 if there are any questions.

SureBridge Policy Migration Release Schedule

SureBridge message from 10/30/20:

We recently communicated the following schedule for migrating in-force policies to our new policy administration system:

  • Oct. 29: Policies will be locked in the system so changes cannot be made to them via customer service or customer portal until the state is fully converted to the new administration system.
  • Oct. 29 – Nov. 9: Initial system conversion for in-force business only, excluding List Bill customers and those with DVH products. (To be converted in February 2021)
  • Nov. 3 – Nov. 9: Policies will be migrated by geographic state bundles. As the policies are migrated, customers will then be able to make changes via customer service and the new customer portal.
  • 2021: New business will convert after Open Enrollment ends.

There has been a change to the policy release schedule for regional bundles. Several of the release dates have changed and the state of MA will not be converted until February 2021. MA will remain on the SureBridge Mainframe until it is converted.

Click here to view the latest state release schedule map.

We are excited about the changes that are coming and look forward to better serving you and our customers. There is no action required by the Agent. 

Longer Hold Times with SureBridge’s Customer Service & Producer Support

SureBridge Experiencing Longer Hold Times
SureBridge announcement as of 10/27/20:
Customer Service and Producer Support are experiencing longer than usual hold and processing times in advance of the upcoming policy migration associated with the new SureBridge Policy Administration System that will occur October 29 – November 9, 2020.

Many customers are calling in reference to the customer letter sent by SureBridge announcing billing changes associated with this migration. We have posted a customer FAQ on and (for customers who have already migrated to the new system) to assist with explaining this transition and changes to billing.

Customers and agents can make policy changes, check coverages or make billing changes through the current customer portal at through Wednesday 10/28/20 or use the new customer portal at after the polices have migrated to the new system.

Provided below for your review are links to materials customers will receive when their policies are migrated to the new system.


SureBridge: Reinstating Policies Suspended Due to COVID-19 Premium Relief

SureBridge: Reinstating Policies Suspended Due to COVID-19 Premium Relief
SureBridge recently communicated that since March, there were a number of policies suspended in conjunction with State regulated COVID-19 premium relief guidelines that had reached their suspension maturity date and were lapsed the week of August 24th. There is a final group of approximately 2,000 policies that are currently suspended at the request of the customer that will be maturing on September 18, 2020 that will also lapse.

In an effort to allow agents to contact customers to reinstate these policies, they will be sending each impacted agent an email that will outline the reinstatement process and include customer information for any policies that were suspended due to COVID-19 premium relief efforts. SureBridge will allow any policies that were suspended or lapsed as a result of COVID-19 premium relief to be reinstated outside of the normal 45-day guideline through December 31, 2020. These policies fall under two categories:

Policies with a paid-through date less than or equal to 3 months:
If the customer approves reinstatement of the policy using the current payment method, the agent can email a request for reinstatement to with the subject line “COVID REINSTATEMENT”. Once received, the necessary premium amount (up to 3 months of premium) will be drafted to bring the policy up-to-date and the policy will be reinstated.

Please note: The agent must receive approval from the customer for the draft and reinstatement of their policy(ies). The agent must also ensure the customer is aware that we will draft their account for up to 3 months of premium to bring the policy to a current paid status.

Policies with a paid-through date greater than 3 months:
The customer must contact Customer Service at (800) 815-8535 to complete an authorization form and discuss repayment options.

Please note: The agent cannot authorize payments or request reinstatements on behalf of the customer. The customer must provide the authorization to complete this type of payment and reinstatement.

Please contact SureBridge Producer Support at (888) 797-4447 if you have any questions.