Update on AultCare PrimeTime Health Plan 2023 Sales Materials

Aultcare PrimeTime Health Plan Broker Bulletin from 10/5/2022:


The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) starts next Saturday, October 15, 2022 and we have an important announcement pertaining to our 2023 materials.


Due to the Inflation Reduction Act, changes needed to be made to our 2023 marketing materials to reflect the correct information. Because of this, there will be a delay until our 2023 are available. Our team is working diligently to finalize and print these items for you to reference throughout AEP.


In the interim, please use the below presentation to assist your clients with their questions about PrimeTime Health Plan’s 2023 Medicare Advantage Plans.  Once the star-ratings are released, this will also be updated and submitted to CMS for approval.

Aultcare PrimeTime Health Plan 2023 MA Plans Presentation


If you have any questions- please reach out to your CSM Service Rep.