Aetna Ascend Video Capabilities – Virtual Home Appointments

Exciting news to share – Ascend now has video capability to execute virtual Home Appointments!  View a  process document here that will walk you through this functionality.

  1. Agent will schedule a Home Appointment, will select date and time of the meeting.  The scheduled appointment will show under the appointments list on both the lead detail and appointment screens.
  2. The agent will have the ability to text or email the beneficiary the meeting details.
  3. On date of the meeting, the agent will select the appointment and start the meeting.  A preview of their video will show at that time.  The agent will have the ability to mute, stop video and hang up.
    1. The beneficiary will access the meeting by clicking the link provided and the meeting ID will automatically be populated.
    2. The beneficiary will need to select camera and microphone to allow Ascend access.
    3. The beneficiary is also able to start video, stop video and mute.

More information to come- stay tuned! Questions? Reach out to your Cornerstone rep today.