Allwell 2020 AEP Helpful Tips & Trends

Administrative Payment Payouts, SEP Notice, MBI Locator, and Ascend Resources

AEP is in full swing and it’s important that Allwell keeps you, their brokers, informed and up-to-date on any and all information that will help you be more successful. Below are some hot topics Alllwell wanted to share with you.


Tip # 1: Administrative Payment Payouts

Don’t forget that when you initiate a VBE ($50) and Blue Button ($30) you will receive an extra $80 in administrative payments.*

VBE payouts have already started so make sure you are logging into your Allwell Broker Portal to keep track of your payments.

Blue Button payouts will commence as of November 20, 2019.

Administrative Payments are paid out on a weekly basis.

For any questions or concerns about your administrative payments please call Broker Services at 1-844-202-6811

Tip # 2: Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Beneficiaries Affected by Severe Weather

If your client or client’s authorized representative has been affected by severe weather as documented by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and were not able to enroll, dis-enroll, or switch their Medicare health or prescription drug plan due to the disaster, they may be eligible for an SEP. If your client qualifies for an SEP they have four (4) full months from the day the disaster occurred to enroll, dis-enroll or switch their plan.

When enrolling your client for a weather related emergency or major disaster SEP within the Ascend online application you must make sure to use the correct election selection in the election period section of the application.

The election you need to choose is: “I was affected by a weather-related emergency or major disaster as declared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). One of the other statements here applied to me, but I was unable to make my enrollment because of the natural disaster.”

For more information about SEP please visit:

For more information about areas that qualify as a disaster area please visit:

Tip # 3: How do I Help my Client Locate their Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) Number?

It is important that you use your clients MBI number on the enrollment application when enrolling your client into an Allwell plan. If you don’t use your client MBI number the application process is slowed down considerably.

Your client can find their MBI number by:

  • Looking on their newly issued Medicare Health Insurance Card
  • Calling the Medicare help line at 1-800-633-4227
  • Logging into their gov account

If your client is new to Medicare and doesn’t have a Medicare card yet, they can get their Medicare number by logging into their Social Security Account

Tip # 4: Find Valuable Documents and Videos in the Ascend Resource Library

The online Ascend platform is so much more than just an online application platform. Once logged into the portal you can access the Resource Library where you can find valuable documents and videos to assist you in all your Allwell Sales. You will find documents such as Evidence of Coverage, Summary of Benefits, Sales Presentations, VBE training, Blue Button demo training and much more.

For More Information on Using the Allwell Online Application Platform, Ascend Check out Allwell’s FAQs