UHC Enrollment Guide Pre-Order & Cert Info

Enrollment Guides Pre-order Opens Aug. 17

Hit the ground running on Oct. 1 by ordering Enrollment Guides! If you are licensed, appointed and certified for 2020, you are eligible to take part in the Enrollment Guide pre-order for Medicare Advantage (MA), Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) and Dual Special Needs Plans (DNSP) that begins Saturday, Aug. 17 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 1.

What you need to know

  • Certifications opened July 1. The last day to certify and be eligible for pre order is August 28.
  • Allow at least 72 hours after certification to access pre-order.
  • Order your Enrollment Guides on the Sales Materials Portal via Jarvis.
  • Pre-Order quantities are limited—please do not order more than a two-week supply of materials.
  • Quantity Minimum: 5
  • English and Spanish available for pre-order, all other languages not available during pre-order
  • Pre-order opens Saturday August 17 and will close September 1
  • Agent personalization of the back covers will not be available during the pre-order period.
  • Orders placed during the pre-order period will be shipped to arrive on or before Oct. 1, 2019.
  • You will still be able to order 2019 Materials for MA, PDP and Med Sup during the time the Sales Material Portal is closed for 2020 pre-order.

UHC Important Dates for 2020 AEP:

  • Aug. 17 – Sep. 1: Enrollment Guide Pre-Order
  • Allow at least 72 hours after certification to access pre-order
  • Reminder: You cannot market 2020 plans until Oct 1
  • On or before Oct. 1: In-home arrival of Pre-Order materials
  • Oct. 1: Materials Portal reopens ( SLA for orders is 7-10 business days)
  • Agents will still be able to order 2019 materials while the Sales Materials Portal is closed for the 2020 pre-order Sept 2 – Sept 29.   On Oct 1 the portal will be open for 2020 materials ordered

Best Practices

Agents are not required to distribute to each attendee at a sales event an Enrollment Guide for each plan presented; an Enrollment Guide must be available upon request or at time of enrollment.  Recommended alternatives at sales events:

  • Clarity workbook
  • Benefit Highlights
  • Shopping Sheet
  • Summary of Benefits

The Clarity Workbook and Shopping Sheets will be available to order through the UnitedHealthcare Toolkit in mid-September. The Benefit Highlights and Summary of Benefits will be available for download on the Sales Materials Portal.

Required materials (contained in the Enrollment Guide) are available as stand- alone items on the Sales Materials Portal. Distribute hardcopy or email* a PDF in place of providing an Enrollment Guide.

  • Summary of Benefits
  • Star Ratings
  • 1557 Disclaimer
  • Enrollment Checklist

* The agent must obtain permission to email from the consumer prior to emailing.