2022 MedicareCENTER Updates & General FAQ’s as of 10/6/21

Happening now…

  • The carriers listed below are in the process of being uploaded to the system and should appear in MedicareAPP on or before Thursday, October 7, 2021.
    • Devoted Health
    • MediGold
    • Medical Mutual of Ohio
    • The Health Plan
  • Provider information will not be fully functional in MedicareAPP and the Integrated Quoting and Enrollment (CRM) platforms until 10/15.



  1. Why aren’t all of my carrier appointments showing in the 2022 platform?


  1. Most carrier appointments should appear correctly in the system the morning of Thursday, October 7 2021.


  1. Where did the non-licensed plans button go?


  1. All non-licensed plan details are received directly from CMS.  The ability to view these plans will be integrated to the platform closer to 10/15/21.


  1. I need to reset my password/register for the system and am getting an expired link in the email to reset/verify, even though I just submitted the request.


  1. First, clear all Google Chrome browser cache and cookies.  Next, copy the link from the body of the email and paste into the navigation bar within a Google Chrome browser.  If this does not work, reach out to MedicareCENTER support or contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Service Rep.


  1. I may have typed my email incorrectly when registering for the system.  How do I update my email?


  1. The day after registration MedicareCENTER will manually confirm your account.  The next day you will be able to log into the system using your NPN and the password set at registration.  Once you have accessed your account, navigate to the profile page  from the drop-down menu under your name (top right corner of the screen) and update your email.


  1. Can an IEP/ICEP application for 1/1/2022 be submitted before 10/15/2021?


  1. No.  Per regulation, these applications cannot be submitted until 10/15/21.  All consumer facing functions should not be utilized until 10/15/21, including SOA’s and agent PURL access.



  • Option to complete the Health Risk Assessment/Value Based Enrollment/Member Care Assessment through Medicare APP is available for the carriers listed below.  View the process here.
    • Humana (link to carrier site/form)
    • Aetna (link to carrier site/form)
    • Wellcare (link to carrier site/form)
    • Devoted (complete on Connecture/MedicareAPP)
    • BCBS MI


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