Best Practices from Devoted Health on Member Retention

Sourced from Devoted Broker Email Communication from 1/7/2022: 


Happy 2022!  We hope that you had a relaxing holiday season.  Our team is prepared to support you in another successful selling season and provide tools that will help reduce risk of member disenrollments after your hard-earned AEP efforts.  

As you know, disenrollments are highly unfavorable in many ways. It may not only lead to commission chargebacks and poor compliance performance, but also poor overall member experience.  As such, here are some best practices to help with member retention we’d like to share.

What you can do

  1. Call members to check in:
    • Check in on members who recently enrolled during AEP to ensure smooth onboarding, pre-authorizations were taken care of and PCP appointments were made — you could even transfer them to one of our Guides at 1-800-DEVOTED to make sure we take good care of them
    • Check to make sure they’ve received their Welcome Kits in the mail and their info (phone number, email, address) are correct
    • Make sure they know how to find and use our online tools: Benefits Info, Provider Directory, Drug / Formulary Search
  2. Member education events
    • Encourage members to keep an eye on their email (and our website) for more information about our New Member Orientation (NMO) events, which we call “Music & More” series.  We’re planning virtual events this year to continue keeping everyone safe
  3. Help members utilize their benefits: Members that use their benefits tend to be happier and stay with their plan year over year

Members who are at higher risk of disenrollment:

  • PCP Experience: Members who do not see their PCP or have a negative experience with a new PCP
  • Plan Engagement: Members who do not engage with Devoted Health
  • Benefits: Members with mismatched expectations or were not enrolled in a plan that best fits their needs
  • Higher-need members: Beneficiaries who qualify for Extra Help

What are we doing to help retain members?

  • Targeted member calls based on their needs
  • Virtual member education events: how to utilize benefits + music series
  • Member communications (SMS, email, mail)
  • All members receive a digital ID card via SMS within a few days of confirmed enrollment so they do not have to wait for the Welcome Kit or Confirmation Letter

Encourage members to call our Member Guides at 1-800-Devoted. Our Guide team is able to answer most of our members’ questions, but there are times when our vendors need to be involved to more appropriately help our members. Here’s a list of vendors that our members will speak with instead of our Guides when they have benefit questions – in these scenarios we delegate call services to these vendors:

  • Pharmacy (CVS Caremark): Handles our prescription questions and mail order requests (Members can access through our IVR when they call into 1-800-Devoted and the CVS phone number is also included on the member ID card)
  • Healthy Foods Card (Solutran): This vendor is responsible for helping with member questions related to their healthy foods card benefit. (Members can access through our IVR when they call into 1-800-Devoted and the Solutran phone number is also included directly on the healthy foods card)
  • Transportation (Alivi – FL, OH, TX or Kaizen – AZ, IL): Will help our members set up their non-emergent transportation rides. (Members can access through our IVR when they call into 1-800-Devoted)
  • Behavioral Health (Magellan): If members have questions related to behavioral health benefits and providers, they will work directly with Magellan.  (The phone number for Magellan is listed on the member’s ID card and on our website – 1-800-776-8684)