Cigna: Changes on Confirming Eligibility with CARL

Cigna communication from 4/30/2021:

Here at Cigna, we continue to look for ways to make your experience with us easier without sacrificing service or quality. One of the latest ways we are able to do this is by making it easier and quicker for you to verify customer eligibility.

Beginning Monday, May 3, we will improve our customer Medicare / Medicaid eligibility approval process. When you call Cigna Agent Resource Line (CARL), we will no longer require the customer to provide their verbal approval for us to share their eligibility information. Instead, you, as their agent, will be required to confirm you have received approval from your customer to obtain the information.

CARL can provide the following information to agents who have their customer’s approval:

  • Medicare effective dates
  • Medicaid level and number
  • LIS percentage and level
  • LIS / Medicaid / OEP election usage for the quarter

We’re excited to make enrolling your customer in the right plan easier than ever!


If you have any questions on Cigna’s new verification process, contact your CSM service rep.