Cigna’s Value Based Enrollment Program Changes

Sourced from Cigna broker email communication from 5/16/23:

Changes to VBE payments for digital applications starting with June 1 effectives.

At Cigna Healthcare, we believe that the Primary Care Provider (PCP) and patient relationship is of vital importance to drive better health outcomes and increase customer satisfaction and retention.


For this reason, we are making changes in how payments are earned through our Value Based Enrollment (VBE) digital application program to further promote the PCP and patient relationship and continue to encourage the collection of a customer email address. This change applies to June 1 effectives and beyond.


New VBE payment amounts

Here’s how you can continue to earn up to $50 per approved digital application for new Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage (MA) customers:

• Earn $30 for including a valid in-network PCP on the digital application.
• Earn $20 for including a valid customer email address on the digital application.


For more information on this change to our VBE program, please feel free to review our VBE Program Broker FAQ after logging in to Producers’ University.

Benefits of this program change

Capturing a customer’s valid PCP and email address at the time of enrollment gives Cigna Healthcare Medicare important information to provide better care for your customers.

Better care results in higher customer satisfaction and retention rates, as well as higher net promoter scores (NPS). This means you can spend more time selling and growing your business and less time addressing customer concerns.

Cigna’s New Icario Agent Portal – Important Tips

Sourced from Cigna Broker communication from 10/24/22:

Read below for tips to facilitate your transition to the new portal

On October 12, Cigna launched the new and improved Icario Connect Agent Portal. This new agent portal includes features that make it easier for you to facilitate health risk assessments (HRAs) with your customers. 

As part of the transition to the new portal, all existing agents should have received a Welcome Email from Icario inviting them to create new login credentials. We are happy that many agents have been able to transition to the new agent portal smoothly.

 For those of you who have still not activated your new agent portal, we have put together some helpful tips and resources to help you along the way. 

Registration Issues

 Agents who have not registered in the new Icario agent portal will receive daily emails from Icario with their new username and password. If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder or follow the steps below:


  1. Email Icario directly at
  2. Call our Cigna Agent Resource Line (CARL) at 866-442-7516


Password Issues

 If you are experiencing any issues with your new password (e.g., new password is not working), please follow the steps below. 

  1. Reply to the Icario Welcome Email informing Icario that your new password is not working. Icario will reach out directly to assist you.
  2. Email Icario directly at
  3. Call our Cigna Agent Resource Line (CARL) at 866-442-7516


Other Technical Issues

 If you are still experiencing technical difficulties after following the steps above, please try the following:

  • Clear the cache in your browser.
  • Disable your pop-up blocker.
  • Check your spam folder for emails from Icario.
  • Type in your new username and password to ensure accuracy (do not copy and paste from the Icario Welcome Email).
  • Use capital letters when entering the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) on the Prospective Member screen (e.g., 1AC2-D34-EF56)


One more thing… Great News!  The deadline to submit your HRAs has been extended! Agents now have until 12/21/2022 to submit the HRA for any customer applications taken from 10/1/2022 – 12/7/2022.

Quote and Compare Cigna plans in MedicareCENTER

If you’re newly appointed with CignaHealthspring and working in MedicareCENTER to quote and compare carrier plans and products, this is news for you!


Cigna activates your appointment once your first application is submitted.  This means Cigna products will not initially appear in MedicareCENTER if you have not yet written an application. This affects your ability to quote and compare Cigna products.  To launch Cigna in MedicareCENTER in order to quote and compare, access and enable Cigna from the non-licensed plans option.


NOTE:  Active, licensed status to quote and ENROLL Cigna products from MedicareCENTER will be available upon submission of your first enrollment, which must be submitted to Cigna either via paper app or from the Cigna portal.


Questions about Cigna?  We can help – give us a call at 614-763-2255

Cigna Pharmacy Update: An update on Kroger and its affiliated pharmacies

Sourced from Cigna Broker Communication from 10/14/22:

Kroger and its affiliated pharmacies recently notified Cigna that they would not participate in Cigna’s Medicare Advantage (MAPD) and Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) network, effective January 1, 2023. Please note, 2022 is not impacted.

We understand that the annual enrollment period (AEP) begins tomorrow and the timing of this announcement is less than ideal. However, we were only recently notified of the contract change with Kroger for 2023 and we felt it was important to share this information with you and your brokers regardless of the pre-AEP timing. We’ve sent communications to brokers licensed within each impacted market that includes the name(s) of the Kroger pharmacy or affiliate impacted by this change. Attached is a complete list of Kroger Pharmacy Affiliates for your reference.

As you can imagine, our AEP materials were prepared well in advance. We are diligently working to update the CMS Plan Finder, sales kits, Cigna’s online provider directory, and other online tools. In fact, updates to the online tools will be made by October 24.

We are doing everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible for our customers. While we understand the disruption, Cigna Medicare has more than 63,000 network pharmacies available nationwide, which are listed in our online provider directory. Here are a few other large pharmacy chains that continue to be available to our customers:
• Walgreens
• Walmart
• Publix
• Rite Aid
• Winn-Dixie

Mail order is also available, delivering prescriptions right to customers’ mailboxes.

To provide you some insight into our member outreach strategy, beginning November 1, we will notify customers who have used a Kroger pharmacy in the past six months that Kroger and its affiliated pharmacies are terminating. In addition to the letter, we will actively engage customers through proactive, outbound calls to help them find an in-network pharmacy nearby. Our customer service team is also prepared to offer customers convenient alternative pharmacies for them to use


VIEW THE Affiliated pharmacies owned and operated by Kroger HERE

Exciting Updates to CignaforBrokers Portal

Exciting updates coming to CignaforBrokers on September 15! 

Cigna is so excited to share the new and exciting improvements to their Cigna Broker Portal,, coming soon! 

Cigna has heard your feedback and continue to improve tools to make your selling experience easier! Starting September 15, you’ll see a new landing page and streamlined design across all Cigna lines of business. Here’s what else you can expect when you log in to starting on September 15:

  • Alerts for incomplete applications which require your attention
  • New easy access via direct links to your membership book of business and application status reports
  • New message panel to share important information that you need to know
  • News alert features under My Messages informing you of your ready-to-sell states, expiring licenses, or missing state appointments

Be on the lookout for even more improvements coming soon to CignaforBrokers including direct access to your MA Commission statements and State Medicaid look-up capabilities.


If you have any questions regarding Cigna’s portal, please reach out to your CSM Service Rep.

Cigna’s HRA Update: Brokers Must Attend Training to be Eligible for HRA Payments

Sourced from Cigna’s Broker Email Communication on 10/25/21:

Cigna Medicare Advantage will pay external agents $75 for each completed HRA they submit, starting with Jan. 1, 2022 effective dates. To be eligible, brokers must complete HRA training available on Producers’ University.

As announced a few weeks ago, external brokers will be able to earn $75 for each online health risk assessment (HRA) they complete for our Cigna Medicare Advantage (MA) customers with effective dates on or after January 1, 2022.*

To be eligible, brokers must be licensed, appointed, and certified to sell Cigna MA plans and complete the HRA training. As of today, less than 10 percent of brokers have taken the training. Cigna encourages all their agents to complete the training soon so they can receive payment for completing the HRAs.

The HRA survey tool is expected to be available in mid-November.

Broker Communication Timeline
We are still working through some of the operational aspects of this new initiative and will provide more details about the payment process and online HRA survey tool over the next few weeks. Here is the anticipated communication schedule:

10/26 Reminder to complete training

11/02 Payment details will be shared (i.e., timing, process)

11/09 Instructions for accessing the HRA survey tool, including the date it is available and that the link will be sent from the vendor


Questions? Contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Representative. 

Cigna’s Agent of Record Reminder

Cigna Broker Communication from 10/15/21: 


We appreciate that you choose to be part of Team Cigna! There’s no question it takes a significant amount of work to build your business, and that’s something you should be proud of. In advance of AEP, we want to let you know that we are committed to protecting your Agent of Record status as well as the commissions you’ve earned for the customers you’ve enrolled.


At Cigna:

  • We understand that sometimes existing customers need to change plans.
  • We would prefer that they remain with Cigna.
  • We want to reduce the work associated with plan changes and free your time to focus on servicing and growing your book of business.

We want you to trust that we will protect your interests and that we value you and your current relationship with the customers you’ve enrolled.


Our commitment to you

When an internal Cigna agent completes a plan change for one of your existing Medicare Advantage customers, you will remain the Agent of Record (AOR) and continue to receive renewal commissions on plan changes.

How will we do this?

Cigna has established a Dedicated Plan Change unit within the CARL team that exists solely to help existing customers transition from one plan to another. This unit is staffed by licensed service representatives, not Sales Agents.

• When an existing customer makes a plan change by calling our Dedicated Plan Change line directly, your AOR status will remain unchanged.
• When an existing customer calls customer service inquiring about a plan change, the customer service representative will transfer the customer to our Dedicated Plan Change line and your AOR status will remain unchanged.
• When an existing customer initiates a plan change through one of Cigna’s internal field sales or telesales agents our team member will either refer the customer to our Dedicated Plan Change line or complete the plan change themselves. In either case, your AOR status will remain unchanged.

The Agent of Record policy applies to:

• Active, licensed, appointed and 2022 certified agents at the time of the customer’s plan change

The Agency of Record policy does not apply when:

• The original agent is no longer eligible or terminated
• Another active, licensed, appointed and 2022 certified, external agent (not employed by Cigna) facilitates the plan change
• The plan change is facilitated through an external Cigna appointed call center agent/agency

The plan change process

As an agent, you still have the option to fill out a new application to submit for current customers.

 Customers can call 1-855-649-5105 to connect to the dedicated Plan Change Queue.






Important Update: Cigna 2022 Kit Delays

From Cigna broker announcement from 9/29:

Sales kits are delayed, but we have options!

The Annual Enrollment Period is one of the most critical times for our partnership as we strengthen and grow our businesses together.


At this time, it is important to notify you, that we are experiencing uncontrollable supply chain delays in the shipping of our 2022 Sales Kits. At this time, we cannot commit to delivery of the 2022 Sales Kits before October 1.


We have explored all viable options to continue to support the best AEP launch, despite this unforeseen challenge. While we work on getting the sales kits out to you as soon as possible, please be aware:

Virtual Tools are available

Our online enrollment tools, such as Connecture DRX, are available. A paper kit is not necessary to use this tool. You and your prospects can also access plan details at starting October 1.


Sales Kits are loaded onto the Resource Center in Cigna’s Producers’ University

At this time, you can log into Producers’ University and download the 2022 Sales Kit(s) that support the territories that you cover. Downloading the 2022 Sales Kits now, will ensure that you have access to your required materials, if you are without an internet connection when meeting with your customers.

  • We suggest that you print a few copies to have on hand.
  • Don’t forget to print enrollment forms, which can be found in the sales kits. This will allow you to still provide paper applications for your prospects and customers to complete enrollments until your kits arrive.

Your Broker Manager may have printed copies

Your Cigna Medicare Broker Manager may have some copies for you. They’ve been sending orders to local printers so that they can get you some copies to tide you over until your order arrives. Not familiar with your Broker Manager? Click here to access a reference guide.


A note about your Sales Kits

Regretfully, there is an error on page 27 of the printed Sales Kit for Maricopa County. Your kit will include stickers that should be used to cover the error. Your broker manager will also have these stickers available. Our online version does not have this error; it is correct in its current version.

We understand the additional burden this places on you, and apologize for the inconvenience this unforeseen challenge may have caused. We will continue to push our vendors and delivery partners to make the kits available as soon as possible for you. It is our priority and commitment to continue to do everything we can to support a successful AEP for you.


For any questions or concerns, reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales or Service Rep

Cigna Medicare Advantage – Ohio 2022 Offerings



Why Cigna Medicare Advantage in Ohio for 2022?


There’s never been a better time to sell Cigna Medicare Advantage plans! With both HMO and PPO plans with $0 premiums and easy-to-use benefits, your customer will find a Cigna plan that fits their needs. Some of the most popular benefits of this year’s plans are a growing provider network, second-to-none dental benefits and a hearing benefit that includes not only hearing aid allowance but also batteries for four years. Plus, Cigna’s telehealth and fitness benefits allow your customers to maintain their health virtually!


  • Unlimited max benefit for dental HMO (only offered by Cigna)
  • HMO plan with $0 premium, $0 PCP visits, $0 Tier 1 prescriptions and $0 labs
  • PPO plan with $0 premium, $0 PCP visits, $0 Tier 1 prescriptions and $0 labs
  • No referrals
  • Dental allowance of $1000 for PPO with no up front fees
  • $300 acupuncture benefit
  • Part B buydown
  • Expanded telehealth services with $0 physical therapy
  • 90 day mail order RX $0 copay Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • Over the counter benefits with quarterly rollover
  • Silver&Fit, featuring both gym memberships and at-home fitness kits
  • Nationwide network for vision coverage offered by Eyemed, including:
    • PearlVision
    • LensCrafters
    • America’s Best
  • Hearing aid allowance with four years worth of batteries
  • Transportation benefit with Lyft, making on-time pickups and drop-offs a priority
  • Post-hospitalization meal benefit, providing 14 nutritious meals after an acute in-patient hospital or SNF discharge


If you have any other questions, please reach out to us! 

Cigna Extends Deadline for Certification Reimbursement

Cigna MA Broker Announcement form 9/1/21:


Complete by Sept. 15 and meet sales goals for reimbursement

In July when we opened our certification for 2022 sales, we told you we’d reimburse your certification costs if you completed the certification by September 1 and met a couple of other prerequisites, like closing five sales by December 31 and remaining in good standing. Today, we are extending that deadline for certification with reimbursement until September 15!

If you need a reminder, you can review the email we sent our broker partners in early July that mentions this and directs to our Certification Roadmap to better explain. We’re just so excited about the Medicare Advantage plans we have for 2022 we want every broker partner to have the opportunity to offer them to their customers. Reset your clocks: you’ve got two more weeks to complete certification with Cigna!


If you have any follow up questions, or concerns please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Service Rep.