Cigna Protects YOU as the Agent on Record

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Our Agent of Record commitment

Even though you are an independent agent, we consider you part of Team Cigna. We appreciate the work that you do every day on our behalf and understand the effort it takes to build a book of business. We want to make sure you understand that we’re committed to protecting your Agent of Record status and protecting the commissions you’ve earned for the customers you’ve enrolled.

At Cigna:
• We understand that sometimes existing customers need to change plans and would prefer that they remain with Cigna.
• We want to reduce the work associated with plan changes and free your time to focus on servicing and growing your book of business.
• We want you to trust that we will protect your interests and that we value you and your current relationship with the customers you’ve enrolled.

Our commitment to you

When an internal Cigna agent completes a plan change for one of your existing Medicare Advantage customers, you will remain the Agent of Record (AOR) and continue to receive renewal commissions on plan changes.

How will we do this?

Cigna has established a Dedicated Plan Change unit within the CARL team that exists solely to help existing customers transition from one plan to another. This unit is staffed by licensed service representatives, not Sales Agents.

• When an existing customer makes a plan change by calling our Dedicated Plan Change line directly, your AOR status will remain unchanged.
• When an existing customer calls customer service inquiring about a plan change, the customer service representative will transfer the customer to our Dedicated Plan Change line and your AOR status will remain unchanged.
• When an existing customer initiates a plan change through one of Cigna’s internal field sales or telesales agents our team member will either refer the customer to our Dedicated Plan Change line or complete the plan change themselves. In either case, your AOR status will remain unchanged.

The Agent of Record policy applies to:

• Active, licensed, appointed and 2021 certified agents at the time of the customer’s plan change

The Agency of Record policy does not apply when:

• The original agent is no longer eligible or terminated
• Another active, licensed, appointed and 2021 certified, external agent (not employed by Cigna) facilitates the plan change
• The plan change is facilitated through an external Cigna appointed call center agent/agency

The plan change process

As an agent, you still have the option to fill out a new application to submit for current customers.

Customers can call 1-855-649-5105 to connect to
the dedicated Plan Change Queue


Any questions contact your CSM representative. 



Cigna Provider Directory for Ohio- DOWNLOAD NOW

Helpful Reference Guide: View a copy of Cigna’s updated Provider Directory for Ohio HERE.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your Cornerstone representative.

Cigna’s Online Customer Portal: myCigna

Your customers now have access to, a portal that will allow better access and understanding of the benefits that come along with their Cigna Medicare Advantage plan.

After creating an account on, Medicare Advantage customers can:

  • Search for in-network hospitals, providers, pharmacies and other care sites
  • View and print extra ID cards
  • Review current coverage and costs
  • See claims summaries and explanations of benefits (EOBs)
  • Seamlessly access MDLive for virtual care

myCigna can even help your customers find the best prices on their prescriptions! myCigna is available NOW to all Medicare Advantage customers. Make sure yours know about this valuable and easy-to-use tool!


If you have any questions regarding Cigna’s MA plans/products, contact your CSM representative.

Check Out Cigna’s Veterans Support Line

Cigna is committed to helping veterans in many ways, and one of those ways is with our Veterans Support Line. This free service is available to any veteran, as well as their caregivers and families, no matter if they are a Cigna customer or not.

This free service is available around the clock, 365 days a year, at 855.244.6211. 

  • It’s not just for health issues.
  • If someone who is in a crisis calls, they will be immediately routed to a member of our crisis team trained to handle these specific situations.
  • It is completely anonymous. Cigna does not ask for verification of military status or relationship to a veteran and does not ask for any personal identification.
  • It’s staffed by licensed Cigna behavioral health specialists.
  • There is a dedicated triage team that will help veterans find the right resources and services.
  • It’s not just for Medicare customers, it’s for any person who has served our country.

Some of the common issues our team helps with include:

  • pain management
  • substance use counseling and treatment
  • financial issues
  • food
  • clothing
  • housing
  • safety
  • transportation
  • parenting and child care
  • aging services
  • health insurance
  • legal assistance

Make sure all your customers know about this free service from Cigna.

Check out Cigna’s New Virtual Selling Tools

At Cigna, we’re always looking for ways we can help you build your pipeline and nurture your leads in order to increase your sales.


While we’ve talked before about the Broker Enrollment Assistance Line, the Plan Switch line and the ability to use a personal URL to enroll your customers electronically, we are excited to introduce the Cigna Medicare Learning Series for you to share with prospects.


The Cigna Medicare Learning series includes eight animated videos that your customers can view at their leisure. You direct customers to the videos, and you help them pick and choose topics based on their familiarity with various Medicare topics including:


  • Explanations of Parts A-D
  • Medicare plan types
  • The value of Cigna Medicare plan
  • Financial assistance

Lasting about two minutes each, you can find the videos here.


Plus, our new virtual sales packet for brokers is available by logging into Producers’ University* and navigating to Resource Library, then Sales, and then Virtual Sales Tools. In the sales packet you’ll find additional tools such as infographics and social media content


Cigna’s Tips for Getting Your Apps Processed FAST!

Cigna message from 10/29/20:

Now that AEP is in full swing, we know you want assurance that your customers are enrolled in the plan they’ve chosen and sometimes you may experience delays in being able to view your enrolled customer in Salesforce. The good news is, the reason for the delay can often be corrected before the application is even submitted. Here are the most common issues that are within your control to correct before the applications reaches our Enrollment team:

  • Use the correct Agent ID. Incorrect agent IDs require manual intervention, which may result in assigning an enrollment to the wrong agent and commissions payment delays. Remember, Cigna Medicare and Cigna Supplemental Benefits use different Agent IDs.
  • Validate the Medicare Beneficiary ID number (MBI). An incorrect MBI number can cause membership delays as well have an application denied for an incorrect MBI
  • Be sure the correct election period is indicated. Even though we’re in AEP, this is an important measure to take year-around. Don’t forget to include the correct election period.
  • Verify eligibility for both Medicare Advantage and Medicaid DUAL plans. Remember, our CARL team can help with confirming eligibility for these plans.

When an issue is identified as causing a delay, our team will reach out to you to resolve the interruption. Your quick response to our requests will help us resolve issues sooner.


Any questions or issues with Cigna applications reach out to your CSM service rep. 

Cinga 2021 Star Rating News!

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced 2021 Medicare Stars Quality Ratings (Stars) for Medicare Advantage plans, and Cigna could not be more excited to let you know how they  stack up for AEP 2021.


The bottom line is, Cigna’s  Medicare Advantage plans rank better than ever. In 2021, they expect 88% of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan (MAPD) customers will be in a 4 Star rated plan or higher nationally– up 11% in just two years.


Highlights of their 2021 Stars Ratings include:

·     A 5 Star plan rating in Florida for the third year in a row.

·     A third year of 4.5 Star performance in Alabama, Tennessee and Texas.

·     We expect to earn 4.5 Stars in North Carolina for the first time. Additionally, South Carolina earned 4 Stars for the first time.

·     We held steady in Arizona, Mississippi and Pennsylvania, which maintained their 4 Star ratings.


For market-specific results, please click here.

Cigna is proud of these results and the positive impact it will have on your customers. It’s more evidence that it’s the Right Time, Right Now to sell Cigna Medicare Advantage.

Cigna’s Tools for Selling Remotely This AEP

Since seniors say that this year they are four times as likely to talk with an agent about Medicare Advantage over the phone versus meeting – in person, Cigna champions the following tools for your success this AEP


  • Personalized URL (PURL): Your agents now have the ability to send an email link of their PURL website to clients and prospects. This allows all sales to automatically be tracked back to your agent for commissions.


  • Quick Quote: With this feature, your agents can send clients a few different plan options for their review. This feature will also make use of the PURL, tracking the sale back to the appropriate agent and ensuring commissions are paid correctly.


  • Broker assistance hotline: For clients who prefer to enroll over the phone, we offer a compliant phone line. Once the agent has confirmed the customer is ready to enroll, they will transfer the customer to a Cigna enrollment specialist who will complete the enrollment on the agents behalf, allowing them to remain Agent of Record.


Cigna provides you with the tools you need for success! Together all the way


If you have any questions please contact your Cornerstone Senior representative .

Get AEP Ready with Cigna MA

Less than one week until you can start marketing for AEP! Take a minute to refresh your memory about some of the ways Cigna makes your job easier.

Have you met CARL? 

The Cigna Agent Resource Line (CARL) is dedicated to helping broker partners with all things Cigna Medicare Advantage. CARL has extended hours for AEP. Beginning October 15, CARL is staffed with English- and Spanish-speaking service representatives Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Central time. To speak with a representative, call 866-442-7516. You can also email

Is my doctor in network? 

Cigna has added more than 25,000 new providers over the last year! When your customer asks if their physician is in network for a Cigna Medicare Advantage plan, it’s important to verify that provider’s participation. Here are three easy and quick ways to confirm a specific provider accepts Cigna Medicare Advantage:

For more in-depth information on using these tools to confirm a provider’s participation in Cigna’s Medicare Advantage network, check out the job aid.

Save time with Cigna’s new plan switch hotline

Got an existing customer who wants to switch to a new Cigna Medicare Advantage plan that is a better fit for them? Save time and send them to CARL. You remain the agent of record,Cigna service reps handle the plan change for you!

CARL has a special line that is only for plan changes for existing Cigna Medicare Advantage customers. Both English and Spanish speaking representatives who can help your customer switch to a new Cigna Medicare Advantage plan are available at Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., beginning October 15, at 855-649-5105.

Cigna Offers Virtual Enrollment for AEP 2021

AEP marketing is shaping up to be quite different this year. Recent statistics show that 89 percent of seniors are staying home more, and they are four times as likely to talk to an agent over the phone versus meeting in person.

With that in mind, Cigna is supporting you this AEP is with online tools that help you sell. Our online enrollment portal, Connecture DRx, gives you the ability to enroll your customers from anywhere in the world.


This enrollment tool touts two valuable features that can enable you to grow your sales:

1.  Personalized URL (PURL): send an email link of your PURL website to your clients and prospects. This allows all sales to automatically be tracked back to you for commissions.

2.  Quick Quote: With this feature, you can send your client a few different plan options for their review. This feature will also make use of your PURL, tracking the sale back to the appropriate agent and ensuring commissions are paid correctly.




You can also access all the training materials by logging into Producers’ University and following these links:


Resource Library / Sale / Connecture DRx


From here you can look through the training guide as well as several other job aids that help make using this tool easy for you and your customer.