Cigna’s Tools for Selling Remotely This AEP

Since seniors say that this year they are four times as likely to talk with an agent about Medicare Advantage over the phone versus meeting – in person, Cigna champions the following tools for your success this AEP


  • Personalized URL (PURL): Your agents now have the ability to send an email link of their PURL website to clients and prospects. This allows all sales to automatically be tracked back to your agent for commissions.


  • Quick Quote: With this feature, your agents can send clients a few different plan options for their review. This feature will also make use of the PURL, tracking the sale back to the appropriate agent and ensuring commissions are paid correctly.


  • Broker assistance hotline: For clients who prefer to enroll over the phone, we offer a compliant phone line. Once the agent has confirmed the customer is ready to enroll, they will transfer the customer to a Cigna enrollment specialist who will complete the enrollment on the agents behalf, allowing them to remain Agent of Record.


Cigna provides you with the tools you need for success! Together all the way


If you have any questions please contact your Cornerstone Senior representative .