MediGold’s 2021 Online Enrollment Information

MediGold has improved  their online/remote enrollment capabilities for 2021 AEP and the future!

They are excited to announce a partnership with Connecture. Using the Connecture platform, MediGold brokers will now able to fill out applications electronically and send them to their members and prospects for their signature via email or text! As long as the Medicare beneficiary has either an email account, or a smartphone, you will have the ability to enroll them remotely into a MediGold plan.

T he links below provide you with video demonstrations on how to use the MediGold Online Enrollment Solution.

ConnectureDRX Professional Shopping, Quoting, Enrollment 2021

ConnectureDRX Consumer Shopping & Enrollment 2021

ConnectureDRX Scope of Appointment 2021 (short)

ConnectureDRX Shopping Link 2021 (short)

ConnectureDRX Quoting 2021 (short)

ConnectureDRX Guided Help 2021 (short)

ConnectureDRX Text and Email to Enroll 2021 (short)


If there are any questions, please reach out to CSM representative.