Update – Humana’s Agent Technology Tools

Update on Humana’s Agent Technology Tools

In these unique times, we have provided guidance to our agents to avoid face-to-face meetings and appointments with our consumers. Last week, we sent a communication outlining our request to reduce paper applications. Today we want to reiterate that Humana has an approved telephonic sales presentation process and electronic tools that will enable you to continue to sell and service consumers, which will further reduce our reliance on paper.

  • For career and field-based external partners, you should be leveraging Enrollment Hub now more than ever! This tool offers streamlined enrollment applications that allow electronic signatures, so the need to meet face-to-face can be alleviated, and links to Med Supp and IDV are also available within this tool.
  • Agents can also leverage Direct Marketing Materials (DMM) for Medicare and Agent Online Application (AOA) for Medicare and IDV applications when working virtually.
  • We also want to take this opportunity to remind you of the important steps you must follow to conduct a compliant telephonic sales presentation. Click here to learn more.
  • For English speaking consumers that do not have email addresses or want to enroll in a CarePlus plan, agents may now leverage IVR signature within FastApp.
    • On Step 8 of the application, career agents should select Affinity ID “Field Agent IVR” and that will offer the correct signature types. External Agents should select the Affinity Code based on the partner you are aligned with. If your agency is not listed, please select “Field Agent IVR”
    • Agents should elect to be notified about abandoned or successful IVRs via the checkbox under Agent Email Address. You can also look for these applications in VANTAGE Business Center 24-72 hours after submission.
    • Job Aid with More Details: FastAPP IVR Process for Career and Partner Agents
  • Beginning at 9am EST on 3/24/20, for Spanish speaking consumers, please leverage the assisted telephonic signature (T-sig) process via Direct Marketing Services (DMS). The field agent will complete the electronic application, save it, and then call DMS to do the telephonic signature.  Below are the steps that will take place:
    • Field agent makes sales presentation over the phone.
    • If consumer consents to enroll, field agent fills out the application in FastApp through the link in Vantage, and then saves it.
    • Field agent will call & conference with DMS via 1-800-833-6573 with the enrollee on the line. THIS NUMBER IS ONLY TO BE USED FOR SPANISH ENROLLEES.
    • Once all three parties are on the line (field agent, DMS agent and the enrollee), DMS will complete the signature using T-sig, and drop from the call. The field agent will then complete the call.
    • Compliance Reminder!  Agents may not coach the enrollee through the T-sig process by telling them to “just say yes to everything”, for example.