Humana: Member Care Assessment Transition to Health Risk Assessment

Sourced from Humana Broker Email Communication on 6/19/23: 

As annual CMS requirement of those conducting HRA’s, the Model of Care (MOC) training will be rolled out to agents in the Humana Certification and Recertification training starting in PY24.

Be on the lookout for the tool training (Health Care Assessment Training) on Sunfire after cert/recert opens

*** Please note that August 31, 2023 is simply the deadline for the 9/1 start date for HRA. If an agent completes training past 8/31/23 they will still be able to access the Sunfire portal to complete surveys and qualify for compensation as the current program guidelines indicate, we are just highlighting that date to be in line with the roll-out and ensure agents are aware that the training is required to be compensated.***

Humana Achieve: New Med Supp Rates

Humana’s new Medicare Supplement plans are designed with beneficiaries and agents in mind.

These Medicare Supplement plans offer incredible rates with no network restrictions from a name you know and trust and comes with:

  • Vision Discounts, HumanaFirst & Well-Dine
  • New Agent Bonus Program
  • No Additional Contract Needed
  • Household Discount
OHIO Rate Sheet
INDIANA Rate Sheet


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Contact Michelle Kapp for more information and for different state’s rates.


Humana Broker Newsletter: Important 2022 News & Updates

Humana’s Broker Relationship Newsletter from 7/8/21: 

See What’s New with Humana’s 2022 Sales Materials

Check out what’s new with sales materials for 2022 AEP

Humana communication from 7/8/2021:

We strive to continually improve our sales materials year in and year out. We used consumer research as well as your feedback for opportunities to enhance our materials. Some of the enhancements you can expect for 2022 are:

Enrollment Book

  • Orderable envelopes to mail enrollment books will be available to order separately through order site.
  • Bar code has been removed from 2022 AEP application.
  • Important: DSNP application must be used for DSNP plans or application will pend with potential denial.
  • DSNP specific enrollment book with new application included.
  • Option to order generic or veteran version for all MA only plans. Please ensure you select the appropriate description for the type of enrollment book you want for these plans.
  • Use Medicare Document Library on Vantage for digital versions of all materials including enrollment books and 17+ languages.

Order Site Enhancements

  • First look added to the home page.
  • Product filtering available when ordering Enrollment books.
  • Chinese and Korean materials available for specific plans.

Need to Know Information

  • Business Reply Envelopes used for applications will be included in the enrollment book.  You will receive a set of labels that will need to be placed on the business reply envelopes prior to 10/15. These labels were created to notify members that they should not mail applications prior to 10/15 and are required to be placed on any enrollment books handed out prior to 10/15.
  • The 2021 plan rating will be included in all enrollment books as a perforated document.  When the 2022 plan rating is available, you will need to remove the 2021 plan rating and replace with the 2022 version, which will be sent out electronically.  All enrollment book orders received after the 2022 plan rating is available, will receive the 2022 plan rating as a separate piece.
  • The OTC form and Catalog will be provided in color with pictures and a description for the products available.

Learn more about all the great materials we have put together for 2022 by watching the Marketing Materials Overview video


Sales materials will be available to order on July 13th.

If you certify/recertify prior to this date, you will receive and e-mail on July 13th with a link to order materials. You can also order through certification/recertification courses, vantage and individual link beginning July 13th. For more information access our How to order Medicare Materials job aid here.

Humana: New Enhancements Available in Vantage

Humana’s June Updates in Vantage from 6/30/21:

The June updates for Vantage are now available. Read below to see how Vantage has changed for you.


NEW! Order ID Cards:
Agents now have the ability to Order an ID card through the My Humana Business section for active medical members if a request has not been made in the last 14 days. Whether the request is successful or not, you will receive a message once the button has been selected. However, if the request is unsuccessful, you should select the Service Inquiries link in the pop up message and create a service inquiry for your member.

This new feature is located on the Consumer Profile page for your active members as an easy to click button.

Telephonic Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
Vantage is now running a compliance check on member phones to check if they are requesting to not be called. You will now see that members who are protected under TCPA will have a red “Humana Do Not Call” statement by the telephone icon.

Inactive Policies Report
We have changed this Report from displaying all of the Inactive policies to showing only the most recent. Located on the card and within the My Humana Business Center under the Reports tab, the report will now only show the Inactive policies from the last 3 months (previously displayed the past 24 months). Inactive Policies will still be available for 24 months and can be accessed using the filters and search functionality in Business Center.

BACK AGAIN! Upload Paper Applications
This feature has now been turned back on! You will once again be able to upload your paper applications through the Quote & Enroll card. The Upload Paper Application feature allows you to attach paper applications electronically and upload to Humana securely with a success message. Please visit Humana MarketPOINT University for more information and training on this feature.


Eligibility Tool: The DSNP eligibility tool is now displaying the Medicare ID in the results section.




Humana: Earn an Extra $50 Per MA/MAPD Enrollment Submitted

Humana Highlight: Member Care Assessment- Earn an extra $50 per enrollment!

Earn $50 for completing a Member Care Assessment post enrollment for each new application. Take the additional certification, if you haven’t already, within the Humana MarketPoint University.

Not Trained Yet?  Click Here To Access The Course: Revel Portal – Member Care Assessment.


MCA Course Completion

Please follow these directions If you have recently completed the course and have not received the Revel email or the password window has expired:

  • I did receive my Revel email, but I can’t log in OR the 24-Hour password window has expired OR I completed the training and it’s been 3 days and I still can’t find my email OR I deleted my email?
    • Close all browsers.
    • Go to the revel webpage (through Vantage or
    • Try to log-in with the appropriate email address. If that email address does not work, try using all lowercase letters in the email (some browsers automatically uppercase i.e. iphones) as many of the SOLAR email addresses are in all lowercase. Try to ensure agents are using the most-up-to-date browsers (Internet explorer is presenting issues as Microsoft has changed browsers).
    • Hit forgot password and follow the prompts.

MCA Rules and Guidelines

  • Surveys must be completed within 5 days after enrollment
  • Surveys can be completed on all new enrollments including plan to plan changes
  • Surveys must be completed through the Revel Website


MCA Benefits

  • Human Care. The assessment will allow agents and Humana to understand and help address members’ immediate needs and whole person health, including food insecurity, access to pharmacies, loneliness and functional health status.
  • Ease of Use. This short survey, that is optional for members, will likely take less than 10 minutes to complete. While it is designed to be completed immediately following enrollment, you’ll have up to 5 business days of application signature date to work with the member to complete the assessment, if the member wishes to complete it.
  • Agent Payment. With every survey completed on a member that is confirmed by CMS, you will be eligible to earn a one-time $50 payment for your assistance, as long as all requirements are met.



Access  the Training  = click here to access training



  1. Take the Member Care Assessment training on

Humana MarketPoint University accessible via Vantage.


  1. Look for an email after you’ve completed training

to register with Revel, the platform that hosts the MCA

survey and captures data. If you don’t see the email,

be sure to check your spam.


  1. Complete your Revel registration.


  1. Enroll clients using Humana’s online enrollment tools

like Enrollment Hub or FastApp through Vantage.


  1. After enrollment, ask the member if they are willing to

take an optional seven to 10 minute health survey that

will help Humana better serve them. Let them

know that the survey is completely optional, that their

responses will not affect their premium or benefits in

any way and that they can stop the survey at any time.

Do not pressure members into completing the survey if

they do not feel comfortable doing so as this is



  1. If the member would like to complete the survey, log

into Revel online and follow the scripted survey. Once

the survey is complete, Revel will send survey

results to Humana for additional screening and

member follow-up.


  1. If a member states that they are experiencing food

insecurity, loneliness/social isolation or

transportation barriers, immediately direct them

to appropriate resources using them Bold Goal Whole

Health Toolkit.


  1. If all of the requirements outlined in your contract

and applicable training are met, including ensuring

the survey was only given to members who agreed

to participate in it and after their enrollment is

complete, you can earn an extra cash incentive (up

to $50/survey*). Check your contract for additional

details and requirements.


Key Links & Documents:

2021 SDOH Agent Whole Health Toolkit:


Humana Medicare Supplement Important Update

Posted from a Humana MS communication on 4/16//21:

New Proof of Guaranteed Issue Requirement for Med Supp Submissions for Replacement of Coverage

Beginning the weekend of 4/17/2021, Med Supp applications submitted as GI due to Replacement of Coverage will need to include proof of prior coverage showing loss of Medicare Advantage/MAPD or Group/Employer Coverage. Based on this new requirement, applications submitted as GI for replacing prior coverage will pend. Other qualifying GI right scenarios, OEP, and UW submissions will continue to follow existing processes.

This change is specific to applications submitted as GI when an applicant answers yes to the “are you replacing MA or employer coverage” questions during the application process*.

During the enrollment process, if the enrollment team determines that the application was submitted as GI for replacement of coverage and no verification of prior coverage was included with the application, a communication will be sent to the Agent and Member.

Examples of forms of verification of prior coverage include: Disenrollment Letter, Plan Exit Letter, Denied Claim, or Letter from Employer stating coverage is ending.

No additional Humana form for prior coverage has been created to go along with the verification outside of the standard enrollment forms. A form of the verification above will be all that will be needed in addition to the standard enrollment forms.

When submitting applications when loss of prior coverage is the GI right, proof of loss of coverage can be submitted as follows:

  • Paper Applications
    • Verification of prior coverage should be submitted along with the application using standard submission methods of Fax, Doc, Transmitter or Mail
  • Electronic Submissions via Fast App
    • Verification of prior coverage should be submitted immediately following electronic app submission to prevent agent/member outreach via:
      • Fax – (502) 508-9003
      • Email –
      • Note, if proof of loss of coverage is being submitted via email, proof of loss of coverage and the applicants name should be in the subject line. Fax submissions should include applicants name, agent name and SAN on coversheet

*Applications submitted with special Guaranteed Issue rights i.e. Birthday or Annual rules (CA, OR, MO, and WA) or State Regulations offering expanded GI rights (CT, MA, NY, and VT) are excluded from this process change.

Humana MP: Important Update Regarding Plan Changes

2020 Compliance Communication

Before AEP, we communicated that Humana will no longer accept plan change requests through the Agent Statement of Enrollment Correction (ASEC) form from an agent. Now is a good time to conduct a review of the enrollment applications you have submitted in AEP to ensure they have processed and the member is enrolled in the right plan. If you find a member who was mistakenly enrolled in the wrong Contract/PBP, you will need to obtain a new application prior to December 7 in order to use AEP to correct the member’s enrollment for a January 1, 2021 effective date.

Keep in mind that members must have a valid election code at the time the new enrollment application is being submitted. If you catch the error on December 8, for example, you will no longer be able to submit a new application using AEP to correct the plan type and will need to see if they are eligible for another election period. If they do not have another valid election period, you will need to advise them of their next opportunity to enroll in a plan.

Please ensure you are reviewing every application carefully prior to submitting to ensure you have the correct Contract/PBP and Plan Type Bubble selected.

Please note: The ASEC form may still be used for election type code, effective date, and demographic changes.

Questions? Please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Representative.

We’re here to help!


Not contracted with Humana? Reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales representative to get appointed!

ALERT: Uploading Paper Apps to Humana’s Vantage

Upload Paper Applications will be turned off December 11, 2020

Urgent notice regarding Upload Paper Applications

Please be aware that the Upload Paper Applications link in Vantage will be turned off on December 11, 2020 at 5pm EST, until further notice.

Agents are able to submit paper applications via Vantage through the December 11th date until 5pm EST. Please remember to NOT include any credit card information on your paper applications submitted via Vantage as that information is strictly prohibited.

A new notification will be sent when the link is re-enabled. Alternatively, agents may submit paper applications via Humana Doc Transmitter app, fax, and regular mail. Further details on these methods will be forthcoming.

If you require additional information, please contact your service rep or email:



A Special AEP Incentive from Humana and Cornerstone Senior Marketing

Earn a FREE 1,000 piece mailer to start the new year!

Start the new year off right with a FREE 1,000 piece mailer. This generous marketing bonus is available to all agents that submit a minimum of 5 Humana Medicare Advantage applications between November 13 – December 31, 2020.

  • Eligible agents will recieve a mailer credit early in 2021, that includes a custom prospect mailing list, postcard, and mailer fulfillment.
  • No registration required  – Humana will track application submissions and Cornerstone Senior Marketing will contact all eligible agents early in 2021 to award their FREE 1,000 piece mailer.

Thank you for all you do and have a great AEP!