Humana Medicare Supplement Important Update

Posted from a Humana MS communication on 4/16//21:

New Proof of Guaranteed Issue Requirement for Med Supp Submissions for Replacement of Coverage

Beginning the weekend of 4/17/2021, Med Supp applications submitted as GI due to Replacement of Coverage will need to include proof of prior coverage showing loss of Medicare Advantage/MAPD or Group/Employer Coverage. Based on this new requirement, applications submitted as GI for replacing prior coverage will pend. Other qualifying GI right scenarios, OEP, and UW submissions will continue to follow existing processes.

This change is specific to applications submitted as GI when an applicant answers yes to the “are you replacing MA or employer coverage” questions during the application process*.

During the enrollment process, if the enrollment team determines that the application was submitted as GI for replacement of coverage and no verification of prior coverage was included with the application, a communication will be sent to the Agent and Member.

Examples of forms of verification of prior coverage include: Disenrollment Letter, Plan Exit Letter, Denied Claim, or Letter from Employer stating coverage is ending.

No additional Humana form for prior coverage has been created to go along with the verification outside of the standard enrollment forms. A form of the verification above will be all that will be needed in addition to the standard enrollment forms.

When submitting applications when loss of prior coverage is the GI right, proof of loss of coverage can be submitted as follows:

  • Paper Applications
    • Verification of prior coverage should be submitted along with the application using standard submission methods of Fax, Doc, Transmitter or Mail
  • Electronic Submissions via Fast App
    • Verification of prior coverage should be submitted immediately following electronic app submission to prevent agent/member outreach via:
      • Fax – (502) 508-9003
      • Email –
      • Note, if proof of loss of coverage is being submitted via email, proof of loss of coverage and the applicants name should be in the subject line. Fax submissions should include applicants name, agent name and SAN on coversheet

*Applications submitted with special Guaranteed Issue rights i.e. Birthday or Annual rules (CA, OR, MO, and WA) or State Regulations offering expanded GI rights (CT, MA, NY, and VT) are excluded from this process change.

Humana MP: Important Update Regarding Plan Changes

2020 Compliance Communication

Before AEP, we communicated that Humana will no longer accept plan change requests through the Agent Statement of Enrollment Correction (ASEC) form from an agent. Now is a good time to conduct a review of the enrollment applications you have submitted in AEP to ensure they have processed and the member is enrolled in the right plan. If you find a member who was mistakenly enrolled in the wrong Contract/PBP, you will need to obtain a new application prior to December 7 in order to use AEP to correct the member’s enrollment for a January 1, 2021 effective date.

Keep in mind that members must have a valid election code at the time the new enrollment application is being submitted. If you catch the error on December 8, for example, you will no longer be able to submit a new application using AEP to correct the plan type and will need to see if they are eligible for another election period. If they do not have another valid election period, you will need to advise them of their next opportunity to enroll in a plan.

Please ensure you are reviewing every application carefully prior to submitting to ensure you have the correct Contract/PBP and Plan Type Bubble selected.

Please note: The ASEC form may still be used for election type code, effective date, and demographic changes.

Questions? Please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Representative.

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Not contracted with Humana? Reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales representative to get appointed!

ALERT: Uploading Paper Apps to Humana’s Vantage

Upload Paper Applications will be turned off December 11, 2020

Urgent notice regarding Upload Paper Applications

Please be aware that the Upload Paper Applications link in Vantage will be turned off on December 11, 2020 at 5pm EST, until further notice.

Agents are able to submit paper applications via Vantage through the December 11th date until 5pm EST. Please remember to NOT include any credit card information on your paper applications submitted via Vantage as that information is strictly prohibited.

A new notification will be sent when the link is re-enabled. Alternatively, agents may submit paper applications via Humana Doc Transmitter app, fax, and regular mail. Further details on these methods will be forthcoming.

If you require additional information, please contact your service rep or email:



A Special AEP Incentive from Humana and Cornerstone Senior Marketing

Earn a FREE 1,000 piece mailer to start the new year!

Start the new year off right with a FREE 1,000 piece mailer. This generous marketing bonus is available to all agents that submit a minimum of 5 Humana Medicare Advantage applications between November 13 – December 31, 2020.

  • Eligible agents will recieve a mailer credit early in 2021, that includes a custom prospect mailing list, postcard, and mailer fulfillment.
  • No registration required  – Humana will track application submissions and Cornerstone Senior Marketing will contact all eligible agents early in 2021 to award their FREE 1,000 piece mailer.

Thank you for all you do and have a great AEP!

Humana MP Important Network Change- Please Read

Humana announcement on 10/1/20:

Beginning January 1, 2021, DaVita Inc. dialysis centers will no longer be in the Humana Medicare Advantage plan network.

While Humana continues to negotiate with DaVita, Inc., we wanted to make you aware of the change as it currently stands, as well as how Humana is planning to help members currently receiving treatment at DaVita Inc. dialysis centers.

Actions Humana is taking to support affected members:

  1. Despite the change, all current DaVita Inc. patients will be able to continue the same treatment at any DaVita dialysis center location or provider through the duration of their treatment in 2021 for Medicare Advantage members. That means their care will not have to change, and no action is required on their part.
  2. We know our members may have questions about what this means for their care, so Humana Member Services will be calling affected members to communicate this change. Additionally, Humana has created a dedicated team of highly trained member care specialists to help. Members may call 1-877-883-8511 or TTY 711, 7 days per week, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., and we’ll answer questions about available services and treatment options.

Both the trust you’ve built and the conversations you share with your clients is invaluable to us during this transition, and we thank you for your ongoing partnership with Humana.

Humana Dual Eligibility SNP Tool

Humana Update: DE-SNP Tool

The Dual Eligibility SNP tool is a new link on the Quote & Enroll card.  This tool provides dual eligibility status for prospective members. If you have the member’s Medicaid information, you can enter it into the tool and receive eligibility status back. You no longer need to call ASU to get this information as it is now at your fingertips through Vantage.



Humana No Longer Accepting ASEC Form Effective 9/1/20

Effective 9/1, Humana can no longer accept an Agent Statement of Enrollment Correction (ASEC) form for corrections to contract/PBP numbers. This is considered a plan change and requires Humana to send a correction to CMS, which we are no longer able to do. Humana must comply with these new guidelines.

  • For plan corrections, a new application must be submitted. In the case that it is after the effective date of the plan, the member will need to submit a new application for a future effective date using a valid election period.
  • We are able to accept ASEC forms for other errors, but not plan corrections.

This change was reflected in the IGNITE Newsletter  sent to partner agents on August 27th.


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your Cornerstone representative.

Humana Marketing Materials Pre-Order

Friendly Reminder that the deadline to place pre-orders for 2021 Humana Marketing Materials is Tuesday 8/25 to ensure delivery by AEP. Please see instructions below.

2021 Marketing Materials are now available for ordering by Agents and Agencies!  The link below can be used for Agency ordering and for Agent Re-orders. Agents will be prompted to order a starter shipment at the end of their certification course, and shipping will begin on 9/15/20.


The AGENCY log-in is the AGENCY SAN in both the username and password fields.  Agency pre-orders can be submitted now through 8/25.  Please order ASAP to ensure shipping will begin on 9/15 to arrive by 10/1.  Any agency with a Humana Agency SAN can place a pre-order. Please communicate this to your downline agencies!

Please note that for 2021, there is a new application specifically for DSNP plans.  To submit a DSNP enrollment, a DSNP application must be used!  There will also be a unique fax number for DSNP applications.  This is another great reason to encourage electronic enrollment tools!


If agents need assistance with ordering, they can contact Agent Support at 1.800.309.3163, Option 1.


Humana 2021 Pre-AEP Refresher: Learn How to CarePlus a lot more!

As we’re getting closer to the 2021 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), please review the following documentation as a refresher about the following:

  • Agent Training
  • Ordering Materials
  • Enrollment Options
  • FMO Reports

2021 Pre-AEP Learn How to CarePlus a lot more!

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PrescrbeIt Booklet (Spanish)

PrescribeIT Booklet

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