Tech Tip: Top Five Facebook Scams


Top Five Facebook Scams

Facebook now has over a Billion users, that’s a mind-boggling number of people who check their page regularly. The bad guys are irresistibly attracted to a population that large, and here are the top five scams they are trying to pull off every day of the year.

  1. Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile: This scam lures you with messages from friends or sometimes malicious ads on your wall to check who has looked at your profile. But when you click, your profile will be exposed to the scammer and worse things happen afterward.
  2. Fake Naked Videos: There are tons of fake naked videos being posted all the time using the names of celebrities like Rihanna or Taylor Swift that sometimes make it past the Facebook moderators. These scams are in the form of an ad or a post and have a link to bogus YouTube videos. That site then claims your Adobe Flash player is broken and you need to update it – but malware is installed instead!
  3. Viral Videos: Viral videos are huge on social media platforms. If you click on one of these “videos” you’ll be asked to update your video player (similar to the scam above) but a virus will be downloaded and installed instead. To avoid this, type the name of the video into Google and if it doesn’t have a YouTube or other legitimate site link, it’s likely a scam.
  4. Fake Profile Scam: Scammers are stealing the name and pictures from an existing profile and “friending” the real person’s friends in efforts to scam friends and family by faking an emergency. Be very cautious of accepting friend requests from someone you’re already friends with.
  5. Romance Scams: A specific type of “Fake Profile Scam” where con artists create a fake profile using the photos and stories of another person, and then develop “relationships” with their victims over posts, photos, and Facebook messenger. These scammers typically shower you with romantic language, promise happiness, and eventually con you into giving up personal information, or even money. Avoid personal and financial heartbreak, don’t “friend” people you don’t know in real life.

WellCare New Broker Portal Coming Soon – Sneak Peek on Commission Statements

Sourced from WellCare Broker Bulletin on 3.25.22:

Centene Workbench will be available soon, and we wanted to provide one more sneak peek into what’s to come.

This Week’s Sneak Peek – Commission Statements

As shown in the image below, the portal homepage will feature a widget that provides quick access to the most recent commission statement. Selecting View Details within the widget or STATEMENTS in the left Navigation menu will provide you with access to all statements available.

The new exported version will provide a Summary tab that outlines the total amount paid for each commission such as initial enrollment, renewal payments, as well as the amount charged back related to disenrollments, etc.

The Details tab will provide more in-depth information related to membership and plan/coverage. Further, legacy business from integrated companies will be identified separately within the statement extract, providing clear details related to renewal payments earned.

We encourage you to review previously shared sneak peek communications that provide additional information on key improvements and enhancements to support tickets, status and credential monitoring, and dashboard reporting.


Centene Workbench will be available soon! Please keep an eye out for email communications throughout March to ensure you have all the information and resources that will help you access and navigate your NEW broker portal! We appreciate your partnership and are excited to present you with a new tool that will aid in your success.

Remember, be on the lookout for more sneak peeks on the key features of our new broker portal!

Wellcare: Upcoming Agent Connect Access Change – Read Only as of 3/22/2022

Sourced from WellCare Broker Bulletin from 3/15/22:

As we begin to ramp-down our current Agent Connect platform through SAP and transition to Centene Workbench, there will be a period of time where Agent Connect (AC) will transition to a read-only status.

Read Only Timeframe

  • Start Date: Tuesday, 3/22
  • End Date: Early April, with the launch of Centene Workbench (Agent Connect will remain in a read only status. You will need to begin using the new portal through Centene Workbench at that time).

What does Read Only status in Agent Connect mean for our broker partners?

  • Creating new tickets will not be available – please call the Broker Support Call Center for assistance. Existing tickets will continue to be worked and resolved.
  • Changes to broker information such as demographic, hierarchy, licensing, etc., will not be available.
  • Commission statements, payment history, and application status will continue to be available.

Centene Workbench will be available soon! Please keep an eye out for email communications throughout March to ensure you have all the information and resources that will help you access and navigate your NEW broker portal! We appreciate your partnership and are excited to present you with a new tool that will aid in your success.

NEW! Prescription Bliss | Share Prescription Saving Solutions with your Clients

Prescription Bliss

Knowledge is key. Share prescription saving solutions with your clients on Medicare, Obamacare, and in employer groups!

Cornerstone Senior Marketing’s Paul McMillen is pleased to host Prescription Bliss founders Jennifer and Andrew Brewer for an informative presentation to learn about how their team works directly with physicians, prescribers and participating medication drug providers across the US to help eliminate or reduce the financial burden of high-cost prescriptions.

This is not a discount drug card. Prescription Bliss is a full-service prescription assistance organization. Understanding the service they provide, and being able to share this with your clients in need, is invaluable.

Presentation includes:
• Who is Prescription Bliss?
• Who is the target audience?
• Features and benefits
• Member experience
• Cost of service and what is included
• And more




10:00 AM to 11:00 AM ET



Headquartered in central Ohio, Prescription Bliss is a family-oriented company founded in response to the staggering disparity between the cost of prescription medications and the corresponding insurance coverage.


Questions? Reach out to your Sales  or Service Rep at any time!


or by email:

Security Tech Tip: How to Stay Safe While Working from Home

You may work remotely on a regular basis or you may have been mandated to work remotely due to unexpected circumstances. Either way, working from home can feel much different from working in an office. You could find yourself snacking more often, getting distracted by furry friends, or forgetting the last time you put on real pants. No matter how your environment changes, it is important to keep one thing the same: your organization’s security.

Keep your data safe by creating a secure workspace, maintaining digital security, and by following the same best practices that you would in the office. Let’s take a closer look at each of these ideas:

Create a Secure Workspace

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your workspace:

  • Have a clear understanding of the hardware and software required for your job, and know whether or not your organization will be providing those resources.
  • Find a comfortable and private space with minimal distractions. This will help with both productivity and security–you don’t want anyone taking a peek at your screen!
  • Keep information safe by putting important documents away, shredding anything that is no longer needed, and by locking your computer when you are not at your desk.

Maintain Digital Security

Here are some ways to increase your digital security at home:

  • If you’re using your personal computer, make a separate user account with a password that is specifically for work. Don’t let anyone else use this account.
  • If you’re using a computer provided by your organization, only use it for work purposes and never give someone else access.
  • Most routers come with a default username and password that are public knowledge. Ensure your internet connection is secure by changing this to a unique password.

Maintain Office Best Practices

Here are some best practices you can use in the office and at home:

  • Understand your organization’s work from home policies. For example, if your organization requires the use of a virtual private network (VPN), you should know how to connect to the VPN and who to contact if you have any questions or complications.
  • Use a unique, strong password for any website or program that requires a login. Never use the same password twice. Using a password manager application is recommended.
  • Stay alert and think before you click! Always be skeptical of requests for sensitive information.

Keeping security a priority while working from home will ensure the safety of yourself, your coworkers, your customers, and your organization as a whole.


Stop, Look, & Think. Don’t be fooled.

Aetna/Silverscript: Producer World Reporting Updates

Sourced from broker communication on 3/7/22:

There have been some changes to the IVL Producer World reporting.

Changes to the fields are as follows:

  • Old (legacy) membership ID
  • New (migrated) membership ID
  • Member Address 1
  • Member Address 2
  • Member Date of Birth
  • Member Phone Number

Demographic fields are added to the Producer World Book of Business report only and the Member Search tool.

Legacy and New Member ID’s are added to all reports and the Member Search tool.  Agents are able to search both ID’s in the Member Search tool to find a client.


If you have any questions, please contact your CSM Service Rep.