WellCare’s Centene Workbench is Now Available!

WellCare is very excited to announce Centene Workbench is ready for YOU!

How to Access:

Step 1: Login to your Single Sign-On (SSO) portal with your existing credentials. If you are a new user, please follow the steps to create your account.

Helpful tip! The SSO portal works best in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. It is recommended to clear the browser cache prior to accessing the portal.

Step 2: Select the Centene Workbench icon

Step 3: Enjoy Centene Workbench!


Key Changes or Enhancements to Know!

Portal Overview: Centene Workbench provides you with the tools to help you succeed. Key enhancements include, but are not limited to:

  • Support Ticket improvement, tracking & monitoring, email alerts, etc.
  • Dashboard reporting including sales, credentials, commissions, and book-of-business
  • Self-service functionality for demographic, licensing, and business structure maintenance

Please review the Centene Workbench Portal Guide for screen shots, step actions, and explanations of functionality to assist with navigating your portal.

PID to NPN Transition: The Wellcare 6-digit ID (PID) is being discontinued in phases and replaced with the National Producer Number (NPN). Please review the phased approach below:


For more information or questions about the new portal, please contact your CSM Service Rep.

WellCare New Broker Portal Coming Soon – Sneak Peek on Commission Statements

Sourced from WellCare Broker Bulletin on 3.25.22:

Centene Workbench will be available soon, and we wanted to provide one more sneak peek into what’s to come.

This Week’s Sneak Peek – Commission Statements

As shown in the image below, the portal homepage will feature a widget that provides quick access to the most recent commission statement. Selecting View Details within the widget or STATEMENTS in the left Navigation menu will provide you with access to all statements available.

The new exported version will provide a Summary tab that outlines the total amount paid for each commission such as initial enrollment, renewal payments, as well as the amount charged back related to disenrollments, etc.

The Details tab will provide more in-depth information related to membership and plan/coverage. Further, legacy business from integrated companies will be identified separately within the statement extract, providing clear details related to renewal payments earned.

We encourage you to review previously shared sneak peek communications that provide additional information on key improvements and enhancements to support tickets, status and credential monitoring, and dashboard reporting.


Centene Workbench will be available soon! Please keep an eye out for email communications throughout March to ensure you have all the information and resources that will help you access and navigate your NEW broker portal! We appreciate your partnership and are excited to present you with a new tool that will aid in your success.

Remember, be on the lookout for more sneak peeks on the key features of our new broker portal!

Wellcare: Upcoming Agent Connect Access Change – Read Only as of 3/22/2022

Sourced from WellCare Broker Bulletin from 3/15/22:

As we begin to ramp-down our current Agent Connect platform through SAP and transition to Centene Workbench, there will be a period of time where Agent Connect (AC) will transition to a read-only status.

Read Only Timeframe

  • Start Date: Tuesday, 3/22
  • End Date: Early April, with the launch of Centene Workbench (Agent Connect will remain in a read only status. You will need to begin using the new portal through Centene Workbench at that time).

What does Read Only status in Agent Connect mean for our broker partners?

  • Creating new tickets will not be available – please call the Broker Support Call Center for assistance. Existing tickets will continue to be worked and resolved.
  • Changes to broker information such as demographic, hierarchy, licensing, etc., will not be available.
  • Commission statements, payment history, and application status will continue to be available.

Centene Workbench will be available soon! Please keep an eye out for email communications throughout March to ensure you have all the information and resources that will help you access and navigate your NEW broker portal! We appreciate your partnership and are excited to present you with a new tool that will aid in your success.

WellCare New Broker Portal Coming Soon – Sneak Peek on Support Ticketing System

Sourced from WellCare Broker Bulletin on 2.17.22:


We are getting close to the launch of the new Wellcare broker portal! As we wrap up the final stages of development, we would like to provide you with sneak peeks into what’s to come.

This Week’s Sneak Peek – Support Ticketing System

The ticketing system will offer several new enhancements that will provide you with better support from the Wellcare team.

As shown in the screenshot below, tickets will include the following:

  • Inquiry Type and Subtype Categorization
  • Detailed Description Related to the Inquiry
  • Ticket Status
  • Status Update Date

The search fields shown at the top make it easy to filter down to specific tickets based on Ticket Number, Status, and / or inquiry Type or Subtype.

Other features include email notifications to notify you when a ticket status has been updated, as well as a Pending Broker status to alert you the support team needs more information in order to resolve your escalation.

We encourage you to review the recently shared NEW Wellcare Broker Portal – Coming Soon! communication that provided additional information on key improvements and enhancements to support tickets, status and credential monitoring, commission statements, and dashboard reporting.

The new broker portal will be available soon! We appreciate your partnership and are excited to present you with a new tool that will aid in your success.


Remember, be on the lookout for more sneak peeks on the key features of our new broker portal!

WellCare: 2021 Year End Tax Statement Information

Sourced from WellCare Broker Bulletin from 2/1/22: 


We want to inform you that 1099 Year End Tax Statements were mailed to the shipping address on file as of January 31, 2022. To receive a 1099 Statement for tax year 2021, the broker or agency must have received $600 or more from Centene (Comprehensive Health Management).

If you have not received a 1099 Statement by February 14, 2022 or have questions about the statement you received, please submit a support ticket in Agent Connect, which can be accessed through the Single Sign-On Portal.

Please refer to page 38 of the 2021 Agent Connect User Guide for instructions on creating a support ticket.


If you have any questions, please consulate your CSM representative here – service@cornerstoneseniormarketing.com

WellCare: OEP – Top 10 Leading Counties & Plans

Sourced from WellCare Broker Communication from 1/20/22:

Open Enrollment Period: Top 10 Leading Counties & Plans

Our top 3 plans dominating in our top counties are:
• Wellcare No Premium (HMO)
• Wellcare Dual Access (HMO D-SNP)
• Wellcare Giveback (HMO)

Current Elective SEP Codes:
• SEP Medicaid



If you have any questions regarding WellCare plans and benefits please contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative for more information.

WellCare: Declared Special Enrollment Period for Kentucky

Special Enrollment Period: Kentucky Emergency Declaration – Inclement Weather, Flooding

Please be advised that a state of emergency was declared, impacting the individuals in all Kentucky counties. This declaration allows for a one-time Special Enrollment Period (SEP), in the event beneficiaries were unable to make an election during another qualifying election period. Please reference the following guidelines for the incident period. This SEP applies to all the impacted counties in Kentucky.

Important Compliance Information

Who is eligible:

This SEP opportunity is ONLY available to beneficiaries who:

• Reside, or resided at the start of the SEP eligibility period described in this guidance, in an area for which a federal, state or local government entity has declared a disaster or other emergency or they do not reside in an affected area but rely on help making healthcare decisions from one or more individuals who reside in an affected area; and
• Were eligible for another election period at the time of the SEP eligibility period, and;
• Did not make an election during that other valid election period due to the disaster or other emergency.

Impacted Counties: All Counties

Incident Period: The incident period occurred on December 31, 2021. The declaration was announced on January 1, 2022.

Timeframe: Effective immediately, individuals meeting the requirements listed above can enroll, dis-enroll, or switch MAPD plans until March 31, 2022.

*Note: Eligible enrollments will be effective the first of the month after the application has been processed.

Agents can accept/submit an application by the beneficiary’s request through the following steps:
1. Obtain a compliant Consent to Contact (C2C).
2. Capture a compliant Scope of Appointment (SOA).
3. Host a compliant 1:1 appointment.
4. If the beneficiary is prepared to enroll, complete an application noting this SEP, either by selecting the “Emergency or Major Disaster” option or writing “Severe Weather” in the “Other” option. WARNING! Only select one election type.

Centene will communicate any changes to this SEP, if necessary, when they become available.


WellCare Ohio Member ID Card Information

Sourced from WellCare broker communication from 12/2/21: 

Member ID Cards

ID Cards are mailed within 10 days once the application has been approved. Existing MA and MAPD members that did not change plans during AEP will begin to receive new cards this December.
MA Only plans still get RX codes printed on the card, because they may qualify for limited pharmacy benefits that are tied to medical procedures.
The signifier if a member has prescription drug coverage on their ID card is Medicare Prescription Drug logo.



RFI – Request for Information

Our RFI line is experiencing higher call volume – we appreciate your patience
You can also resolve your RFI by submitting a ticket in agent connect.

Common Application Mistakes

As you are filling out the application, make sure you include the entire plan name. Even though you have entered the correct plan code, an RFI can occur if the plan name is incorrect. Example: Leaving out HMO-POS or D-SNP.

HICN Missing: Double checked the MBI number and it is correct? Make sure you also have entered the correct birthday.

WellCare 2022 Enrollment Tips & Reminders

Selecting the Correct Plan Year Application (2021 or 2022)

Plan year determines which application to use. Make sure to select the correct application based on the plan year of enrollment.

  • 2021 Application – 11/1/2021 or 12/1/2021 effective date
  • 2022 Application – 1/1/2022 – 12/1/2022 effective date

Note: Current members remaining in the same plan do not require a new application submission. Enrollment will continue into the new year.


Documenting the Correct Plan of Enrollment

  • Select only one (1) plan on Pg. 1 of the application.
  • The plan selected on Pg. 1 of the application MUST match the plan written on the last page.

If there is a conflict, the plan code/name documented on the last page of the application will take precedence.


Capturing Provider Information on Applications (Medicare Advantage plans)

Be sure to document accurate and complete Primary Care Provider information on applications to avoid auto-assignment of providers.

  • PCP ID (WC) or NPI ID (CNC) must be on applications.

Note: If submission of IPA or PPG IDs is necessary for the enrollment, be sure to also submit the PCP/NPI ID and ensure they are valid providers for the plan.


Election Periods: Using AEP vs. SEP

For 2022 applications, you may notice that there is no longer a ‘check box’ to select AEP on the application. This is okay! As long as the Application Received Date is between 10/15/2021 – 12/7/2021 and the Requested Effective Date is 1/1/2022, the application will automatically process as the AEP option. If any SEP option is selected, the application process will use that SEP.


Additional Enrollment Reminders

Member Addresses – Accurate and Complete

Verify the members address and zip code to prevent enrollment rejections or denials if the member is determined to be out of the service area. Additional points to keep in mind regarding addresses:

  • Street Name: Must be accurate, spelled correctly and in the right order
  • Zip Code: Must be provided on all applications and accurate
  • Rural Addresses: Must include the unit or space numbers

Member Changes Only – Provider, Premium Withhold Option, Address, etc.

  • An application submission is not required for changes to a members address, provider or premium withhold option. Customer Service is available to assist with these type of changes.

Note: Pay special attention to the member’s provider and premium withhold option selected, and document accordingly.

WellCare OH Medicare Broker Sales Team Info & Important Ohio Plan Info

WellCare Broker Announcement from 10/19/21:


Welcome to the first of our Wellcare “Help For You” series. These emails are designed to hub all updates and resources in one place to help you access any product, administrative updates along with resources you may need during the 2022 AEP selling season. If you read nothing else during this time, read these emails.

Meet your Ohio Wellcare broker sales team for AEP!

Ohio Medicare Broker Sales Team:

Kimberly Scott
Director, Sales

Nick Poirier
OH South Sales Executive

Kim Cordell-Fife
OH North Sales Executive

Per our previous communication, we are aware that sales materials have been delayed for some agents. We apologize for the inconvenience. We have arranged for several pick up locations and are able to ship you certain supplies upon request. We thank you for your patience during this busy time.

Provider Look up
Please see the buttons below for the provider look up tool website according to plan. Below you will find hospital, physicians, dental and vision providers for your selected plans.

Select the plan button below for more information

H0908 and H0724 (Allwell Legacy)
H5475 (Wellcare Legacy)


2022 Plan Name Changes

As a reminder, all legacy Allwell plans will be rebranded to Wellcare for 2022. Please refer to the table below as resource when referring to the mapping of 2021 and 2022 plans.


Don’t Forget:

• · Complete member HRA/VBE at time of enrollment for maximum bonus earnings
• · Verify DSNP Medicaid before enrollment
• · Update your email and contact information in Agent Connect

Wellcare Important Numbers:
Enrollment Verification and RFI (Request For Information): 877-677-5609

WellCare Agent Support: 866-822-1339

Pharmacy Help Desk: 866-592-5825

Ascend Technical Help Desk: 866-338-7772 or help@ascendproject.com

AVL/SOA – Scope of Appt. Line: 877-780-3894

Agent Hotline: 866-439-1189 ( RX and Provider look up)

Medicaid Verifications Line (SPOP): 866-211-0544


2022 AEP Readiness Resources
Medicare Health Plan Reference
2022 LIS Grid Levels Ohio
PDP Consolidation Highlight


Ohio At A Glance: