Humana Benefits At A Glance Error

Important AEP Notice!

Humana identified an issue associated with the Benefits-At-A-Glance (BAAG) document included within the enrollment packet.  This error does not impact Care Plus BAAGs.

Specifically, in an effort to eliminate possible member confusion, additional information was added to the benefits grid to provide clarity surrounding member cost-share.  However, due to an error in the coding logic used to populate plan specific information, member cost-share was erroneously listed as $0 in the column labeled “With Medicare and State Cost-Share Protection.”  In response, this information has been corrected and new BAAGs are being printed. See below for details:

Old Version

New Corrected Version

What Does this Mean for External Agents?

You will be receiving new Benefit at a Glance documents associated with the 228 plans linked below.  Please tear out the old version found in the sales kit, and if desired, print the new version to replace it.  We ask that you discontinue use of the old BAAG document immediately.  Note that the Benefits at a Glance document is not required as part of the sales kit or the sales presentation; you can continue to use the Summary of Benefits.  When you re-order sales kits, the new version will be included.

IMPORTANT:  When using one of the previously printed all-in-one books from a Contract/PBP/Segment listed in the link below, the existing BAAG (with the error) should be torn out of the book and the separate new BAAG, if desired, should be used during prospect appointments.


Click Here to Access the New BAAG’s