Wellcare/Meridian Updates

Here are some recent updates and highlights from Wellcare & Meridian we would like to share:

  •  The 2020 Annual Certification Training (ACT) is scheduled to release July 9th! Per the certification process, after you complete contracting you will be enrolled in ACT. However, due to the transition of training from 2019 ACT to 2020 ACT, the earliest you will be enrolled into ACT is July 9th. Completing 2020 ACT will fulfill the ACT requirement to market/sell both 2019 and 2020 WellCare products. Note: In order to market/sell 2019 MeridianCareCare products, agents must complete the 2019 MeridianCare certification requirements through Miramar (Sentinel Elite).  Read More Here
    • A NEW Mobile SOA App
    • eApp: Off-line electronic application submission made easy
    • Paper Application Upload: Learn how to scan paper applications via the Agent Connect portal
    • and More! Click here to learn more
  • Wellcare’s footprint is expanding in 2020! They are growing their platform into Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan by acquiring Medicare Advantage and Medicaid company, Meridian. Further, Wellcare is expanding footprints into Missouri, New Hampshire, and Washington! Read More Here