Medical Mutual: Preparing for the Upcoming Medicare Sales Season

Special MMO Broker Announcement form 6/17/21:

As we prepare for the upcoming Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, we have two important reminders for Medicare-affiliated brokers and agencies regarding our Annual Medicare Advantage Certification and marketing materials to help grow your book of business.

Annual Medicare Advantage Certification Begins June 28, 2021
It’s time to complete your Medical Mutual Medicare Advantage certification. There are numerous changes to the certification process this year, so we encourage you to read this entire update.

2022 Training Course Requirements

You must complete AHIP certification before gaining access to the Medical Mutual certification modules, AHIP will automatically share your completion dates with Medical Mutual once you log on to your Web Courseworks account.

To access your account please follow the below:
• Log into MyBrokerLink
• Select Sales & Quoting
• Select Medicare Advantage
• Training and Certification.

Completion of the 2022 training will certify an agent for both the 2021 and 2022 plan years through a combination year certificate.

Agents will be given five attempts to reach a passing score of at least 85%. The exception to this is the Title 18 attestation module, which must be passed with a 100%.

As a reminder: Agents are given a $50 discount by accessing AHIP training through our Medical Mutual link. If you completed NAHU general compliance and FWA training, please email for assistance in accessing the certification modules.

Training Modules and Additional Resources
The Training content pdf can be downloaded from Web Courseworks upon module completion. For 2022 certification, you will not be required to complete the Sales Event module unless you are also certifying for 2021 or will be hosting local area marketing events representing Medical Mutual. As a reminder, the educational video plays at the end of the Dos & Don’ts: Formal Educational Events module. You must remain on the first slide of the video for at least one minute. We recommend watching the entire video, however you will have the option to stop the video and complete the module.

Interested in growing your Medical Mutual Medicare book of business? We are here to help!

We have a large portfolio of marketing pieces such as fliers, letters, postcards, banners, advertisements and brochures. Nearly all of these materials are available for personalizing with your agency logo and contact information.

Whether you are marketing during AEP or to a Turning 65 audience, we have the right materials for you. Simply click here to view samples of all that is available to market to your prospects. Please watch out for upcoming product meetings in your region.


If you have any questions regarding Medical Mutual of Ohio’s 2020 certification process, please contact your CSM SERVICE REP.

MMO Updates to their Medicare Advantage Certification Site- Please Read!

Medical Mutual of Ohio Notice:

MMO has made updates to their Medicare Advantage Certification site. the first time you access the new site AFTER 5/10/2021, you will need to select the “Forgot your Password” link to reset your password and access to new site.


REMINDER: MMO will no longer be accepting Enhanced Access Forms effective 5/17/2021. Principals and Agency Administrators now have the ability to grant enhanced access for agency employees.


Any questions or concerns, you can reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing service representative.

MMO: Updates to MyBrokerLink Enhanced Access Process

Medical Mutual of Ohio Special Broker Announcement from 5/4/21:

Effective May 4, 2021, the process for obtaining Enhanced Access on MyBrokerLink is changing. Currently, employees must complete the Enhanced Access request form and send it to Medical Mutual for processing and approval. The updated process provides agencies the ability to grant Enhanced Access on their own without filing a form with Medical Mutual.

Principals and Agency Administrators will have the ability to grant Enhanced Access to employees at their agency directly through their MyBrokerLink account.

Important: You will be responsible for establishing a process within your agency for employees to request access. If you wish to appoint someone at your agency to grant access to users, you can assign that employee as an Agency Administrator. It is also important to review who has access to your agency’s book of business and deactivate accounts when appropriate. Please be reminded that MyBrokerLink accounts are not to be shared. Anyone who needs access to MyBrokerLink must have their own account.


What is Enhanced Access?
Enhanced Access gives users access to your agency’s book of business. When users initially register, they are not automatically given this permission. Enhanced Access also includes access to our group quoting systems for Non-Appointed Users.

What access do Appointed Producers automatically have?
Appointed Producers have Group and Individual administration access, which allows them to access their personal book of business. Appointed Producers also have access to Medical Mutual’s quoting systems.

What access do Non-Appointed Users automatically have?
Non-Appointed Users have access to Medical Mutual marketing materials.

Can I still use the Enhanced Access form?
No, the Enhanced Access form will no longer be accepted starting Monday, May 17, 2021.


For questions or concerns on MMO’s BorkerLink update, please contact your CSM Service Rep.

Medical Mutual Feb. Updates- PLUS Summa Health Added to Network!

MMO Broker Update: 2.2.21:

Summa Health Added to Medicare Advantage Network Effective April 1, 2021
Category: Network
Applies to: Medicare Advantage
Effective April 1, 2021, Summa Health and their employed physicians will be part of the Medical Mutual Medicare Advantage network. Summa Health offers a wide range of high-quality primary care providers, specialists, hospitals and other facilities throughout Summit, Medina, Portage, Stark and Wayne counties.

We are in the process of updating our directory for the effective date. In the interim, please direct provider inquiries to your Medical Mutual representative.

Aultman, Aultman Orrville and Alliance Community Hospitals Added to NE Ohio HMO Network Effective Feb. 15, 2021
Category: Network
Applies to: Individual
Effective Feb. 15, 2021, Aultman Hospital, Aultman Orrville Hospital and Alliance Community Hospital will be part of the Medical Mutual NE Ohio HMO network. Aultman offers a wide range of high-quality hospitals and other facilities throughout Stark, Tuscarawas, Carroll, Holmes and Wayne counties.

We are in the process of updating our directory for the effective date. In the interim, please direct provider inquiries to your Medical Mutual representative.

2021 COSE MEWA Benefit Changes and SuperMed Share® Launch
Category: Network
Applies to: MEWA
The COSE MEWA product portfolio is updated with new plan additions and plan modifications for 2021. Among these updates, is the expansion of SuperMed Share® to the COSE MEWA market. All 2021 COSE MEWA plan designs are available for quoting in early February, with an effective date of May 1, 2021…
Read More »
Formulary Updates Effective April 1, 2021 for National Preferred Formulary
Category: Pharmacy
Applies to: Individual, Small Group (1-50), 51-99, 100+, MEWA
Effective April 1, 2021, minor changes are being made to the exclusion list for our National Preferred/National Preferred Plus formulary. A list of drugs added to the list can be viewed here. In addition, a full updated exclusion list is available here. There are no changes to the Basic/Basic Plus or High Performance Plus formularies at this time.

As a reminder, the National Preferred/National Preferred Plus formulary applies only to specific self-funded groups that elected it, including most MedFlex plans. Any members currently taking affected medications will receive a letter notifying them of these changes at least 60 days before they take effect. These changes will immediately apply to new groups that enroll on or after April 1, 2021 and any members who begin taking these medications after April 1, 2021.


MMO News: COVID-19 Vaccine Coverage and Availability

Special Broker Update Release from MMO – 12/14/20
Important Information About COVID-19 Vaccine Coverage and Availability

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine is an important step toward preventing the spread of the virus. While there is still a lot of uncertainty around the vaccine distribution plans, we want to keep you informed regarding Medical Mutual’s plans related to coverage for the vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccine availability for all members

The federal government is coordinating the distribution plans for the COVID-19 vaccine with state health agencies. Initially, there will be a limited supply of the vaccine and it will be distributed to the populations at the highest risk, including healthcare workers, first responders such as police and paramedics, individuals residing in group settings (such as nursing homes), and people with underlying health conditions that put them at risk for serious complications from COVID-19.

Each state will communicate its distribution plans to the population. Groups and members located in Ohio can visit and click the COVID-19 Vaccination Program tab for more information. Members who live outside Ohio, or groups with a large number of employees located outside Ohio, should refer to the state health agency’s COVID-19 website for details.

Once the COVID-19 vaccine becomes widely available, members will be able to receive the vaccine from healthcare providers and pharmacies. There may also be community vaccination sites set up throughout the state. Members should use the national vaccine finder website at to find a convenient location to receive the vaccine. Please note: It may take several weeks for the information on the national vaccine finder to be updated as the vaccine makes its way across the country.


Coverage of the COVID-19 vaccine

For the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021, Original Medicare will cover the costs of all necessary doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as the cost to have someone administer the vaccine, for Medicare Advantage, EGWP and Medicare Supplement members. No member cost sharing will be applied. After the public health emergency ends, the COVID-19 vaccine will be included as a preventive benefit under the members’ health plans beginning with the 2022 plan year.

Medicare Advantage and EGWP members can receive the vaccine from providers outside of the Medical Mutual Medicare network with no member cost sharing during the public health emergency declared by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Medicare Supplement members can receive the vaccine from any provider or location that accepts Medicare.

If you have questions about Medical Mutual’s response to COVID-19, please contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Representative.

MMO: Unity Health Removed from Network- 1/1/21

November 13, 2020
Special Broker Update

Unity Health Removed from Network Starting Jan. 1, 2021

Category: Network
Applies to: All

We were unable to reach an agreement with Unity Health Network, a multi-specialty physician group with locations in Summit, Portage, Medina, and Stark counties. As a result, all providers associated with the Unity Health Network will be removed from Medical Mutual’s commercial and Medicare Advantage networks, effective Jan. 1, 2021.

To communicate this change and provide direction for members to find new in-network providers, we will send a letter to approximately 7,800 commercial and 900 MHS members who received services from a Unity Health provider in the past year. Letters have already been mailed to affected Medicare Advantage members.


Get your 2022 AHIP Cost Covered with Medical Mutual

Receive a free AHIP code when you sell 5 Medicare Advantage applications

Get rewarded for selling Medicare Advantage plans.  MMO will give you a free AHIP code to cover your 2022 AHIP training when you sell 5 new Medicare Advantage applications with January 1, 2021, effective dates.

MMO recognizes that AHIP is costly so they would like to cover the cost so you can use that money elsewhere.  Codes will be distributed prior to the 2022 AHIP training.


If you have questions on where your sales are to-date, please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing rep.

MMO Med Supp Premium Credits Offered to Members

Medical Mutual Issuing Premium Credits to Individual Plan and Medicare Supplement Plan Members


Medical Mutual is issuing a premium credit to all members enrolled in our Individual plans (ACA, grandfathered and grandmothered) and members enrolled in a Medicare Supplement insurance plan prior to June 1, 2020. The credit reduces the members’ December medical and dental premiums by 40%.


While Medical Mutual has been at the forefront of offering support to our communities through our Pandemic Relief Initiative, the premium credit is meant to make that support a little more personal for our members where we can, and provide some financial relief during these challenging and uncertain times.


Eligible existing members in Individual ACA plans are being notified of the premium credit via letter the week of Oct. 12, 2020. These members can expect to see the premium credit when they receive their December 2020 invoice or deduction amount if the member is on autopay. Letters to eligible members in Individual grandfathered and grandmothered plans, as well Medicare Supplement insurance plans, are expected to be released the week of Oct. 19, 2020.


Invoices for December premiums that show the premium credit could reach members as early as Nov. 1, 2020. Information regarding Medical Mutual’s plan to offer relief to fully insured group customers will be coming soon.

 If you have questions please contact your Cornerstone Senior Representative. 

MMO October Medicare Updates

Medicare Updates 

·         Send members the quote so they can complete the entire application.

·         Complete the application on behalf of your clients and email them the application to sign and submit.

·         Purchase a screen-sharing service, such as Zoom. You can then screen-share while completing the application on a member’s behalf. Once you arrive at the signature page, the member must request access to your screen to sign and submit the application.

For all three options, start with these steps:
·         Visit MyBrokerLink and log in.

·         Go to the Sales & Quoting tab and click Quote/Enroll Medicare.

  • Key changes for 2021 include:
    • A new $0 premium Signature HMO plan in Regions 1 and 3
    • An expansion of our Secure HMO plan to all of Regions 1 and 3 – while this plan has a $0 premium for members who receive 100% of the Low Income Subsidy (LIS), it’s a budget-friendly option for all members
    • The Classic, Secure and Signature HMO plans provide between $100 and $150 in over-the-counter benefits for members in Regions 1 and 3
    • All plans include more dental coverage, with some offering comprehensive coverage
    • All plans now include an on-demand telehealth (telemedicine) benefit
  • If your clients have questions on how to access care when their provider is not available or they are traveling, please share the Where to Receive Care Away from Home flier.
  • If you have submitted your Medicare Advantage (MA) Addendum but haven’t completed your MA certification, it’s not too late.
    •  Visit MyBrokerLink and log in.
    •  Go to the Sales & Quoting tab and click Medicare Advantage.
    •  Select Training and Certification.
  • The 2021 Medicare Supplement rates and online enrollment will be released mid-to-late October.


Mutual of Omaha: Aim High During This Medicare AEP!

To ascend great heights, you must prepare. Literally. Above 7,000 feet, you must go through a process of altitude acclimation. And the higher you climb, the more you must prepare.
The same goes for your Med supp sales during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Here are a few things that will help you on your way to the top by selling our Medicare supplements:

MACRA – You’ll need to understand how MACRA (the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) impacts which Medicare supplement plans your clients are eligible to purchase.
Guaranteed Issue Rights – It’s important to know if your clients have guaranteed-issue rights and what plans are available to them.
Proof of MA Disenrollment – You’ll need to make sure to submit documentation for Medicare Advantage enrollees switching to a Med supp plan.

Don’t worry. We have a handy flyer to help you get ready for your AEP ascent.
  Download the Flyer  


If you have any questions or want to get contracted with Mutual of Omaha please contact your CSM representative.