Important Update: Cigna 2022 Kit Delays

From Cigna broker announcement from 9/29:

Sales kits are delayed, but we have options!

The Annual Enrollment Period is one of the most critical times for our partnership as we strengthen and grow our businesses together.


At this time, it is important to notify you, that we are experiencing uncontrollable supply chain delays in the shipping of our 2022 Sales Kits. At this time, we cannot commit to delivery of the 2022 Sales Kits before October 1.


We have explored all viable options to continue to support the best AEP launch, despite this unforeseen challenge. While we work on getting the sales kits out to you as soon as possible, please be aware:

Virtual Tools are available

Our online enrollment tools, such as Connecture DRX, are available. A paper kit is not necessary to use this tool. You and your prospects can also access plan details at starting October 1.


Sales Kits are loaded onto the Resource Center in Cigna’s Producers’ University

At this time, you can log into Producers’ University and download the 2022 Sales Kit(s) that support the territories that you cover. Downloading the 2022 Sales Kits now, will ensure that you have access to your required materials, if you are without an internet connection when meeting with your customers.

  • We suggest that you print a few copies to have on hand.
  • Don’t forget to print enrollment forms, which can be found in the sales kits. This will allow you to still provide paper applications for your prospects and customers to complete enrollments until your kits arrive.

Your Broker Manager may have printed copies

Your Cigna Medicare Broker Manager may have some copies for you. They’ve been sending orders to local printers so that they can get you some copies to tide you over until your order arrives. Not familiar with your Broker Manager? Click here to access a reference guide.


A note about your Sales Kits

Regretfully, there is an error on page 27 of the printed Sales Kit for Maricopa County. Your kit will include stickers that should be used to cover the error. Your broker manager will also have these stickers available. Our online version does not have this error; it is correct in its current version.

We understand the additional burden this places on you, and apologize for the inconvenience this unforeseen challenge may have caused. We will continue to push our vendors and delivery partners to make the kits available as soon as possible for you. It is our priority and commitment to continue to do everything we can to support a successful AEP for you.


For any questions or concerns, reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales or Service Rep