UHC’s NEW Learning Lab: A Learning Management System

Coming Soon: Learning Lab

UHC is excited to launch a new and improved learning management system called Learning Lab. The new system will be available soon, and will serve as your one-stop shop for UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions training.

Learning Lab features

  • Easy access to UnitedHealthcare’s collection of on-demand trainings including courses like LEAN, AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, UnitedHealthcare Toolkit, DSNP Basics and more!
  • Improved course search—quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Mobile-friendly access. Use Learning Lab on a variety of devices.
  • Simple registration experience for online courses.
  • Access to 2021 UnitedHealthcare Certifications.*

For a sneak peek of the new system, please watch this short video


UHC also has a number of trainings beginning June 10 through the end of the month. UHC encourages your participation so you can understand the many new features of Learning Lab. This training will help you understand how to navigate the new system so you are ready to go when 2021 certifications launch later this month.

Learning Lab Training
(Please select only one session because registrations for each session are limited.)

Register for 11 a.m. CT, Tuesday, June 16
Register for 4 p.m. CT, Wednesday, June 17
Register for 3 p.m. CT, Thursday, June 18
Register for 1 p.m. CT, Friday, June 19
Register for 1 p.m. CT, Monday, June 22
Register for 5 p.m. CT, Tuesday, June 23
Register for 6 p.m. CT, Wednesday, June 24
Register for 1 p.m. CT, Thursday, June 25
Register for 1 p.m. CT, Friday, June 26
Register for 6 p.m. CT, Monday, June 29
Register for 11 a.m. CT, Tuesday, June 30

UHC will send additional communications once Learning Lab is live.


For more information contact you CSM representative.