Cigna – Commissionable Low Premium PDP for 2024

2024 PDP: Commissionable + Low Premium!

There is still time to get onboard!
All signals point to Cigna’s PDP low premium offerings for 2024 being very (very) competitive and the enhanced plan with extra gap coverage likely to be the lowest priced product in the extra gap coverage segment. Check out the 2024 PDP Premiums and Plan Designs now. If you are not already appointed with Cigna, there is still time!


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AHIP Update – this may affect you if you completed AHIP on/before July 31

If you completed your AHIP certification already on or before 7/31/23, you may receive notification via email from AHIP with the heading: Action Needed – CMS Course Updates

Materials have been recently added around the CMS revised and new rules that apply to 2024 Medicare Advantage and Part D plans that require review.  Follow the instructions provided in the email message from AHIP and/or log in to your AHIP Medicare account to review the updated slides then click to confirm you completed the review.  The image below highlights the updates that need reviewing in each of the three affected modules.

Reach out if you have questions.  Email your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Service Team – 

Anthem’s NEW RTS Screen on Producer Toolbox – Great Resource!

Sourced from Anthem broker email communication:

On July 15, 2023, the Producer Toolbox will introduce a new Ready to Sell (RTS) page that allows brokers to view their RTS status for each state they intend to sell Medicare products.

Brokers will easily be able to see if they are licensed, certified, and appointed with each state – as well as complete any outstanding components they may have.

If you have any questions, please reach out to 

Humana: Member Care Assessment Transition to Health Risk Assessment

Sourced from Humana Broker Email Communication on 6/19/23: 

As annual CMS requirement of those conducting HRA’s, the Model of Care (MOC) training will be rolled out to agents in the Humana Certification and Recertification training starting in PY24.

Be on the lookout for the tool training (Health Care Assessment Training) on Sunfire after cert/recert opens

*** Please note that August 31, 2023 is simply the deadline for the 9/1 start date for HRA. If an agent completes training past 8/31/23 they will still be able to access the Sunfire portal to complete surveys and qualify for compensation as the current program guidelines indicate, we are just highlighting that date to be in line with the roll-out and ensure agents are aware that the training is required to be compensated.***