Cigna’s VBE Program – Pays more for digital applications

It’s easy to make additional money with Cigna Medicare! Follow the steps below to earn up to $50 on every enrollment!

  1. Submit your new-to-Cigna application digitally and earn $20 per eligible approved application.
  2. Include a valid in-network PCP on the digital application and earn an additional $20.
  3. Include a valid customer email address on the digital application and earn an additional $10.

Eligible plans:

  • All Cigna MAPD plans are eligible for the additional VBE payments. 

Agent training qualifications:

  • Agents must complete all required training in order to be certified and ready to sell 2023 Cigna MAPD plans.
  • No additional VBE training modules are required.

Qualified digital applications:

  • Connecture (DRx)
  • Sunfire
  • eEnrollment
  • OEC files

Valid customer email addresses:

  • Agents must provide a unique and valid email address for the customer.
  • Generic email addresses or an agent’s personal/business email address will not be accepted.
  • Valid PCPs:
    • The provider must be in-network to qualify for the additional VBE payment. Out-of-network providers will not qualify for the additional VBE payment.
    • PCP information must be valid and correct. Incorrect information will not qualify for the additional VBE payment.

Application status:

  • Agents can view their application status in com.
  • Please note: The application status will not inform if the application qualifies for the VBE program payments.

Commissions statement:

  • “VBE – Digital Admin Fee” will be included in the Adjustment Notes column of the commissions statement.
  • The line item will indicate the name of the customer, so agents can verify that they have been paid for each successfully completed and eligible digital application.
Don’t forget about our health risk assessment (HRA) incentive!


·    Earn $125 when you enroll your Cigna Medicare Advantage customers in an eligible Medicare D-SNP or C-SNP plan and facilitate an HRA. (For 2023 effectives)

·    Earn $75 for each HRA that you facilitate with your other Cigna Medicare Advantage customers.


This means even more money in your pocket! Click here to learn more about Cigna’s HRA incentive.

Anthem: Here’s How to Earn FREE 2023 Certification Training

Sell & Retain 22 During AEP 2022 to Earn FREE 2023 Certification Training!

Sell and retain 22 or more NEW Medicare Advantage plans with 1/1/22 effective dates to earn FREE 2023 Certification Training from Anthem!*

Eligible NEW sales include all types of Medicare Advantage plans including D-SNP and C-SNP plans. PDP sales are not included.

Make sure rapid disenrollment doesn’t reduce your chance of earning Free Certification Training!
• Follow up with clients two weeks after their enrollment is approved.
• Make sure they have their Welcome Kit, ID card and the PCP of their choice.

*Only approved new enrollments with 1/1/22 effective dates that are still enrolled as of 2/15/22 count toward the goal to earn FREE 2023 Certification training.




Questions? Contact your CSM representative for more information.





Lumico, CSI Life, & Union Security Q1 Bonus!

Check out Lumico, CSI Life, and Union Security first quarter bonuses to earn extra CASH!!


Issue 3 or more cases of qualifying business in a calendar month
Earn $100 per underwritten case, $50 per non-underwritten case*
And there’s no limit on how much you can earn!


Issue 3 or more cases of qualifying business in a calendar month
Earn $150 per underwritten case, $75 per non-underwritten case*
And there’s no limit on how much you can earn!

If you have any questions or not appointed with any of these carriers and are interested please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Sales Representative.

UCT Announces Bonus Program for Cornerstone Senior Marketing Agents!

UCT and Cornerstone Senior Marketing are offering an exclusive bonus program for our agents only.

Agents will receive an extra $25 per application for any of UCT’s products written and effective from June 1, 2018, to August 1, 2018.

*Policy must be in force for 90 days from effective date to pay out bonus.

Not contracted with UCT? Contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing sales representative today to get started!

Why Sell UCT Products?

A UCT Dental, Vision, and Hearing policy could cover a pair of digital hearing aids for as low as $200 out-of-pocket!

  • Choose your own dentist or doctor—NO NETWORKS.
  • Deductible choices—$0 or $100 annually.
  • Benefit choices: $1,000, $1,500, $2,000, or $2,500 every year.
  • UCT offers a household discount.
  • Ages 0–75 are eligible.
  • Children’s policies are available.
  • Simple application and fast to issue.

NEW Anthem BCBS Med Supp Bonus Program!

Great news for brokers in Ohio! The more you sell the more you earn during Anthem’s Medicare Supplement Sales Bonus Program!

Now YOU have a new opportunity to earn even more on EVERY Medicare Supplement Plan you SELL!

New, short-term incentives have just been announced for brokers who sell Anthem Medicare Supplement plans! Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity to earn more when you sell Medicare Supplement plans with 7/1, 8/1 or 9/1/2018 effective dates!* 

Program Rules:

  • All per sale bonus amounts are earned for Medicare Supplement enrollments for that particular month only.
  • All per sale bonus amounts are in addition to the standard broker compensation.
  • All per sale bonus amounts are non-cumulative; each month is treated separately.

How Does it Work?

  • If you sell 3–4 approved Medicare Supplement plan enrollments you’ll receive an additional $100 bonus per sale!
  • If you sell 5–9 approved Medicare Supplement plan enrollments you’ll receive an additional $150 bonus per sale!
  • But if you sell 10 or more approved Medicare Supplement plan enrollments you’ll receive an additional $225 bonus per sale!

EXAMPLE:  If you sell THREE Medicare Supplement policies in a month with a qualifying effective date of 7/1, 8/1, or 9/1 you’ll earn a $300 bonus (3 × $100)! But if you sell TEN Plan policies, you’ll earn $2,250 (10 × $225)!

Your current and prospective clients can benefit from these money-saving options on every Anthem plan:

  • A 5% discount on each policy if there is more than one Medicare Supplement policy written in a household with a coverage date of June 1, 2010 or after.
  • Receive $2 off their monthly premium simply by enrolling in automatic electronic premium payments – a savings of $24 annually. Save $48 by paying their premium for the entire year.
  • There are even greater savings for your clients when you help them combine discounts (based on eligibility).

While your clients are saving money, they can also stay healthy by taking advantage of the SilverSneakers Fitness Program, which offers eligible Modernized Anthem Medicare Supplement members a Basic Membership with access to over 13,000 locations nationwide – at no extra cost!**

So don’t wait!  It’s time to take advantage of this limited time opportunity to make more money selling Anthem Medicare Supplement Plans!

* Incentive is limited to new enrollees only-and based upon approval of the policy. All incentives will be paid within ninety days of the end of the bonus period. Anthem reserves the right to make all rules and determinations regarding the bonus program and may modify or eliminate the program at any time without notice.  For more detailed information on the bonus program, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

**SilverSneakers® is a value-added program. It is not insurance and not part of the Medicare Supplement insurance plans. It can be changed or withdrawn at any time.

Current Carrier Bonuses

Integrity’s Proprietary Products: Lumico, Union Security, & CSI Q2 2020 Broker Bonus

Anthem Med Supp 2020 Bonus Program (Extended until Dec. 2020!)

Mutual of Omaha’s Med Supp Q2 2020 Broker Bonus Program