MedicareCENTER UPDATE: Pharmacy Search Change in MedicareAPP

Pharmacy Search Update: When searching and selecting a particular pharmacy while enrolling and quoting through MedicareAPP, it is important to click the ‘search this area’ button to ensure you are viewing all the pharmacies in that selected zip code.  Please see screenshot below for reference: 

If you have any questions or concerns reach out to your Cornerstone rep.



Devoted Health’s Newest Features on Agent Portal

Devoted communications from 1.25.21:

new features and updates on our Agent Portal that will help you sell with us:

  • Access your commissions statements
  • View your book of business in one list
  • Requirements for unrecorded phone applications – call our Agent Support (1-877-764-9446) for verbal attestation before 3PM on last day of month

NEW FEATURE – Access Your Commissions Statements on 1/29

Starting on Friday, 1/29 you’ll be able to access your commissions statements in Agent Portal.  How?  Log in here, click “Commissions” on the left hand panel, and view/download your statements.  It’s easy!

For those of you who have Evolve accounts:  the commissions statements in Agent Portal and Evolve will be the same – it’s just one less portal that you have to log into. Historical statements are not available yet, however, you can still access those in Evolve.

For agents who are new to Devoted this year:  you should also receive a payment email this week which summarizes your monthly payment information.  Note that the email is simply a summary, please do not be alarmed by the lack of detail in it.  The email is not the same as your statement, which does provide greater detail on your enrollments.

For indirect payee:  you will not see any statements – please contact your agency for payment information.



You spoke, we listened! Now you can see all your applications and statuses, contacts, and member IDs in one list in Agent Portal.  To learn more about application status definition, hover your mouse over the status. If you’re using a tablet, click the status to view the definition. 


If you are submitting an application using Phone, Unrecorded Line because a face-to-face appointment was not possible for the beneficiary, please read the reminders and updates below: 

Phone, Unrecorded Line applications will not be submitted to CMS without verbal confirmation from the beneficiary on a recorded line. Deadline for Phone, Unrecorded apps is by 3PM EST on the last business day of the month. If you submit after the deadline, you’ll need to submit a new application for the following effective month. If the enrollee would like to complete the verbal attestation after submitting the application, a 3-way call can be initiated with  Agent Support at 1-877-764-9446, during business hours.

Have you logged onto our Agent Portal?  

Make sure you log-in before commissions are released on 1/29! It’s a one-stop-shop to Devoted Health resources and an easy way to submit an electronic application (instructional video here).  Or give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. 


Quick Resources 

  • Scope of appointment (English/Spanish)- online version that will email you a copy (instructional video here)
  • Play the full Devoted Sales Presentation Video OR use our handy Flipbook
  • Sales Video (English) — can be downloaded in our marketing portal
  • Sales Video (Spanish) — can be downloaded in our marketing portal
  • Sales Flipbook

Our Marketing Portal where you can order more sales materials


Learn Recent Buying Behaviors From Today’s Seniors with Deft Research

Our friends at Deft Research shared some interesting findings on their latest project, “National MedSupp and OMO to MAPD Conjoint Study.”  This study looks at the reasons why both segments of the non-MA senior population are not in MA today, and what from a design perspective needs to happen to bring them in.




If you have any follow up questions please contact your Cornerstone sales rep here

SureBridge Update on Large Call Volume

Communication as of 1/13/21:
As you know, SureBridge customer service has been experiencing high call volumes.  Last month we put in place a call triage system that allows customers with simple requests such as cancellations, policy prints, address changes and ID cards, the ability to simply leave a voicemail message rather than holding to speak to a customer service representative.

Please remember that many changes/inquiries can be made on the new Customer Portal at and we have also re-opened the self-service tool at (or for customers and agents. The table below provides a list of functionality available through both sites for your convenience.

New Customer Portal

Reinstated Self-Service Tool
Customers with policies that have migrated to the new system are able to:

·       Cancel a Policy

·       Make a Payment (One-time Only)



1.     The email to register must match the one submitted at the time of application

2.     DOB must match the application

3.     Do not use the “02” or “08” at the beginning of the Member ID (policy number)

All customers and agents are able to:

·       Cancel a Policy

·       Update Payment Information (Customer only)

·       Address or Phone Number Changes

·       Request ID Cards

·       Request a Duplicate Policy Print

·       Search for a Provider


NOTE: Requested changes made on the reinstated Self-Service Tool require manual processing that can take 7-10 days to complete.

These actions allow us to more efficiently route customer calls, however completing these transactions requires manual processing and we are still working though the requests.  This is our top priority and we have brought in a large number of additional resources to work through them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work to process all requests as quickly as possible.

URGENT: ODI Lincense Renewal Notificaito Change- PLEASE READ!

Communication from Ohio Association of Health Underwriters from 1/13/21:

Beginning January 1, 2021 the Ohio Department of Insurance will begin sending license renewal notifications via email instead of U.S. Mail.  Renewal notification emails will be sent approximately 90 days, 60 days, and 30 days prior to an agent’s license expiration date to email addresses on file with the department. 

This is a departure from the previous notification schedule, which included a 90 day licensure renewal notification via U.S. mail and a 30 day electronic licensure renewal notification. 

What Does This Mean for Me?

If your license renews in November 2020, December 2020, January 2021, or February 2021 you will still receive the 90 day U.S. mail licensure renewal notification, as well as the 30 day electronic licensure renewal notification. 

If your license renews in March 2021 or after you will NOT receive the 90 day U.S. mail licensure renewal notification. Instead, you will receive three electronic renewal notifications — approximately 90 days, 60 days, and 30 days prior to your license expiration date.

Do I Need To Do Anything? 

Yes! Make sure that your contact information is correct, especially your email address.  Please request contact information updates via the National Insurance Producer Registry’s (NIPR) Contact Change tool. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Ohio Department of Insurance at or call 800-686-1526.

Dental Care Plus January 2021 Updates

Dental Care Plus Newsletter from 1/12/21:

January 2021: Happy New Year – Commercial Individual Product Update

The Dental Care Plus Group continues its integration into the DentaQuest family! We are now part of an organization that manages dental and vision benefits for more than 30 million Americans — and we are excited to bring you and your clients the benefits of DentaQuest while maintaining the same local provider network and continuing to provide exceptional service.

On February 1, 2021, the Dental Care Plus Group plans will be available on DentaQuest’s Shop, Quote and Enroll website, and we will launch a new Member Portal.

Additionally – you may notice we’ve updated our overall look and feel. Our materials and communications may look different but will include the essential information you and your clients need.

Please note the following:

Plan Designs:
• DCPG’s individual plan designs will remain the same – how the plans are purchased will change. After 2/1/2021, the DCPG individual dental plans will be offered on DentaQuest’s enrollment platform, Shop, Quote and Enroll (SQE).
• In addition to the DCPG dental plans, there will also be three DentaQuest individual dental plans in Ohio and Indiana – resulting in more options for your clients and more opportunities for you to earn commissions.
• As part of this change, we are excited to offer your clients additional payment timing options your clients have asked for – including quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments. In addition to the timing options, subscribers will have the ability to choose the date the payment is made from their account.
Member Portal:
• Our current individual members will migrate over to the updated portal and will receive timely communication throughout the process.
Personalized URLs:
• Updated personalized URLs will be created prior to the migration date and training will be offered to help you navigate the Shop, Quote and Enroll (SQE) website. Please click here to request a personalized URL to the SQE website.
Customer Service:
• DCPG customer service will continue to use the same phone numbers, aiding in a seamless transition to our parent company’s system. Starting Feb. 1, 2021, all customer service functions will run through our parent company’s system, and all relevant data will be migrated from our current system by that date.
Training Sessions and Additional Resources:
• We will be offering training sessions and additional materials in the upcoming weeks. Dates and times will be available soon.


Aetna Med Supp Rate Changes

Upcoming Medicare Supplement rate adjustments effective 3/1/2021 for the following states:




North Carolina


DocuSign Website Enhancements

DocuSign will be making some changes to the Home Page of their website sometime between now and January 19th.  The main change will be moving the section where you click to see outstanding documents from the left side of the page to the top of the page.  These changes will not require any action by you and functionality should be remain the same.

For a short period of time, Docusign will offer you an option on the new Home Page to return to the previous version.  This will allow you the opportunity to get familiar with the new enhancements before they are made permanent.


If you have any questions please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing Rep

Devoted Health: Tools to Help For a Successful OEP

Devoted  communication from 1/7/21:


As OEP begins to ramp up, our team is prepared to support you in another successful selling season and provide tools that will help reduce risk of member disenrollments after your hard-earned AEP efforts.

As you know, dis-enrollments are highly unfavorable in many ways. It may not only lead to commissions chargebacks and poor compliance performance, but also poor overall member experience.  As such, we’ve put together a broker toolkit designed for you to help reduce dis-enrollments based on our data:

Members who are at higher risk of disenrollment:

  • PCP Experience: Members who do not see their PCP
  • Plan Engagement: Members who do not engage with Devoted Health
  • Benefits: Members with mismatched expectations or were not enrolled in the best plan for their needs
  • Higher-need members: Beneficiaries who qualify for Extra Help

What can you do to help these members from disenrollment:

Call members to check in:

  • It’s best practices to check in on members who recently enrolled during AEP to ensure smooth onboarding, pre-authorizations were taken care of and PCP appointments were made — you could even warm transfer them to a guide at 1-800-DEVOTED to make sure we take good care of them!
  • Help members to schedule PCP visit during OEP (before March 31st)

Member education events 

  • Encourage members to keep an eye on their email (and our website) for more information about our Music & More member educational  series. We’re planning to host a few virtual performances followed by new member Q&A!

Remember to log on to our Agent Portal, a one-stop shop where you can view your members and their statuses among other helpful resources. 

Quick Resources 

  • Scope of appointment (English/Spanish)- online version that will email you a copy (instructional video here)
  • Play the full Devoted Sales Presentation Video OR use our handy Flipbook
    • Sales Video (English) — can be downloaded in our marketing portal
    • Sales Video (Spanish) — can be downloaded in our marketing portal
    • Sales Flipbook

Update: SilverScript PDP ID Cards

We have received word that there is a delay with members getting their SilverScript PDP ID cards via mail. ID cards are generally taking anywhere from 15 – 21 days for them to be mailed out, plus any delay with the US postal mail delivery also.

AGENTS- you can provide a temporary ID card to give to clients that can be used for ALL SilverScript products in the meantime. DOWNLOAD HERE


To register for Silverscript’s member secure website , go to   and the member services number is 866-235-5660.


Please contact your Cornerstone Service Rep for more information or questions.