MedicareCENTER 2021 Enrollment Updates – Please Read!

2021 MedicareCENTER Enrollments – PLEASE READ! 

Agents, please be aware of the availability to print/save your 2021 Enrollments! Connecture has advised that agents looking to access any 2021 enrollment they completed should be saved/printed from the 2021 site before 12/15/21.



When starting an enrollment process via MedicareAPP, agents should either print or save the PDF of the completed SOA each time for each client if they choose to keep one on file. Every year the MedicareCENTER site changes and the previous SOA’s that were captured will be overridden by the newest plan year SOA. 


If you have any questions regarding your MedicareCENTER enrollments for PY 2021 or PY 2022, please reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative.

Industry News: 88% of Medicare Advantage plan buyers going for $0 premiums

Article and data sourced from Becker’s Healthcare/Hospital Review from 11/18/21:


About halfway through 2021’s open enrollment period, 88 percent of Medicare Advantage plans purchased on marketplaces have $0 premiums, according to a Nov. 18 survey from eHealth.

Over 4,200 Medicare beneficiaries’ responses came out of the survey, which targeted eHealth users who had previously purchased a Medicare plan.

Here are seven takeaways from the survey:

1. The number of people purchasing plans with $0 premiums is substantially higher than the number of Medicare Advantage plans for 2022 that offer $0 premiums, which is 59 percent.

2. The average premium for Medicare Advantage plans purchased this open enrollment period is $4, which is down from $5 in 2021 and 2020, and $10 in 2019.

3. Medicare Part D average premiums are $21, up $1 from 2020 and 2021, but down from 2019’s average of $23.

4. Medicare Supplement plans had the largest increase in average premiums so far this year, sitting at $172. This is up from $160 in 2021, $157 in 2020 and $146 in 2019.

5. The survey found that while Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D premiums haven’t changed much since last year, Medicare Supplement plan premiums have gone up 8 percent.

6. Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement members have different priorities when it comes to cost. Medicare Advantage members reported out-of-pocket costs as a top concern, while Medicare Supplement members cited low premiums as a priority.

7. The survey found overwhelming support (92 percent) for expanded Medicare dental, hearing and vision benefits, but that support dropped to 50 percent if coverage costs increased.


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MedicareCENTER UPDATES: 11/19/21

Introducing new features within the Client Management Quote & Enrollment Tool on MedicareCENTER!

  • Plan Comparison
    • Agent view only; “send plan comparison to client” is still being developed.
    • At the bottom of each plan card on the View Plans page, there is a “Compare” checkbox. Agents can click up to three plans to compare at once. Please see attached screenshot for reference.


  • Contact Management filters
    • Contact type (prospect vs. client)
    • Stage
    • Has reminders
  • Address, city, state, zip, and county in bulk import
    • State was inadvertently left off the list of available fields on the page, but will be added shortly. Please see attached screenshot for reference. State *is* available in bulk import and is included in the downloadable template.

  • Lost lead reason
    • When an agent changes a contact’s stage to Lost, they will be presented with a modal window with a list of potential reasons the lead was lost. For leads delivered to agents through our co-op program, we will use these reasons to optimize our lead vendor mix. After the reason is selected, it is not currently visible anywhere, but we will make it visible in an upcoming release.


If you have any questions in regards to these new MedicareCENTER features please reach out to your CSM representative 


CMS Announces 2022 Medicare Parts A & B Premiums

Nov. 12, 2021 | Medicare Parts A & B

Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the 2022 Medicare Parts A and B premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance amounts, and the 2022 Part D income-related monthly adjustment amounts. Most people with Medicare will see a 5.9 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in their 2022 Social Security benefits—the largest COLA in 30 years. This significant COLA increase will more than cover the increase in the Medicare Part B monthly premium.

Medicare Part B covers physician services, outpatient hospital services, certain home health services, durable medical equipment, and certain other medical and health services not covered by Medicare Part A. The increase in the standard monthly premium—from $148.50 in 2021 to $170.10 in 2022—is based in part on the statutory requirement to prepare for expenses, such as spending trends driven by COVID-19, and prior Congressional action in the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2021 that limited the 2021 Medicare Part B monthly premium increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also reflects the need to maintain a contingency reserve for unanticipated increases in health care spending, particularly certain drug costs. There is significant uncertainty regarding the potential for future coverage of clinician-administered Alzheimer’s drugs (i.e., Aduhelm™), requiring additional contingency reserves. Potential Medicare drug coverage is currently the subject of a Medicare National Coverage Determination (NCD) analysis, which, if covered, could increase Medicare spending. The proposed NCD on Aduhelm (as well as any drugs in this category) is still to be determined.

Most people with Medicare will see a significant net increase in Social Security benefits. For example, a retired worker who currently receives $1,565 per month from Social Security can expect to receive a net increase of $70.40 more per month after the Medicare Part B premium is deducted.

“CMS is committed to ensuring high quality care and affordable coverage for those who rely on Medicare today, while protecting Medicare’s sustainability for future generations,” said CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure. “The increase in the Part B premium for 2022 is continued evidence that rising drug costs threaten the affordability and sustainability of the Medicare program. The Biden-Harris Administration is working to make drug prices more affordable and equitable for all Americans, and to advance drug pricing reform through competition, innovation, and transparency.”

By law, the Medicare Part B monthly premium must equal 25 percent of the estimated total Part B costs for enrollees age 65 and over. CMS has a responsibility to establish an annual Part B premium that will adequately fund projected Medicare spending and maintain an adequate reserve in case actual costs are higher than estimated.

The annual deductible for Medicare Part B beneficiaries grows with the Part B financing and is increasing from $203 in 2021 to $233 in 2022.

Read the full article

Humana Dental Now Available to Enroll Via CSG!

Sourced from CSG Communication from 11/15/21:

Humana is the newest carrier available on our Dental E-Application!

Humana Dental Plans available on E-App include Bright Plus, Loyalty Plus and Preventive Plus. The plans we have available for enrollment are age rated, meaning premium is calculated by individual based on the age band they fall into. Humana has tier rated dental plans that we do NOT have available yet. It’s in the works, but do not have an ETA on this.

Agents will validate their appointment using their Humana agent number, which Humana refers to as a SAN.

The Humana Dental E-App is available on MedicareCENTER.

Cross-sell, cross-sell, cross-sell!!!!! Agents can use the CSG Shopping Cart to cross-sell and enroll a Med Supp plan with a Humana dental plan. For example, an Accendo or UHC Med Supp with a Humana dental plan can be taken in ONE application process! Client shopping cart training video is available here –


If you have any questions, please contact your CSM rep.

Aetna Medicare Network Update: Mount Carmel Health System & Negotiations with Trinity

Sourced from Aetna broker communication from 11/10/21:

Network Update | November 10, 2021

Update on negotiations with Trinity – Mount Carmel Health System – OH



As promised, we are keeping you informed on the progress made during Aetna’s negotiations with Trinity – Mount Carmel Health System – OH. This update, and the ones that follow, will supplement the original network communication you received on 10/26/2021. We will keep you informed of updates until negotiations are complete and/or concluded.

Update # Date of Update Update Description
1 11/09/2021 Trinity Health has provided Aetna with a contract extension to 1/31/22 – for the Commercial and Medicare products.

The parties agree to continue to work through the local market negotiations and memorialize the terms and conditions of a new National LOA over the next several weeks.   This National LOA will memorialize the new national template contract language, the respective rate increases for the respective markets and a commitment to utilize a Trinity-specific national contract template for all of their Trinity Ministries by January 1, 2023 or sooner.

Aetna and Trinity Health have signed a contract extension, assuring continued in-network access for its members in NY, OH, MI, and IL.  We’re pleased that our members will be able to continue receiving in-network care from their hospitals and doctors with the intent to limit further disruption during open enrollment.

Trinity Health extended the termination date of the following NY, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan hospitals to 1/31/22:

  • Samaritan (Troy)
  • Samaritan / Albany Memorial (Albany)
  • St. Josephs (Syracuse)
  • Mt. Carmel East Hospital (Columbus)
  • Mt. Carmel New Albany Surgical Hospital (New Albany)
  • Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital (Westerville)
  • Mt. Carmel Health System Grove City (Grove City)
  • Diley Ridge Medical Center (Canal Winchester)
  • Loyola University Medical Center (Chicago)
  • MacNeal Hospital (Chicago)
  • Gottlieb Hospital (Chicago)
  • Mercy St. Mary (Grand Rapid)
  • MHP Mercy Campus (Muskegon)
  • MHP Hackley
  • Lakeshore (Shelby)
  • St. Joseph Mercy (Chelsea)
  • St. Joseph Mercy (Ann Arbor)
  • St. Joseph Mercy (Oakland)
  • St. Mary Mercy (Livonia)
  • St. Joseph Mercy (Livingston)



We appreciate your support in this matter, as we continue to try to address the rising cost of health care services for Central Ohio area employers and residents.  We will continue to keep you informed of any changes in our local network.

Anthem’s OTC Network to Now Include Kroger Stores

Sourced from Anthem broker communication on 11/10/21: 

Kroger Company Stores will soon be included in Anthem’s OTC network of retailers

Convenience and value are important factors when your clients shop using their OTC network — and they deserve nothing but the best. That’s why we are proud to include all Kroger Company stores as participating retailers.

You and your clients will both be pleased to know that as of January 1, 2022, Kroger Company retail stores and affiliates* will be part of the Anthem OTC retail network.


As a MEDICARE AGENT, If you have any questions or concerns regarding Anthem’s OTC network or issues  please reach out  to  ANTHEM’S BROKER SERVICES AT   (800) 467-1199

Zing Health + Lasso Healthcare Acquisition Update

Sourced from Zing Health broker announcement from 11/9/21:


Zing Health has completed its acquisition of Lasso Healthcare Insurance Co., which offers an innovative application of the Medical Savings Account (MSA) model in the Medicare Advantage market.

Lasso Healthcare’s unique Medicare MSA plan, currently available in 34 states and Washington, D.C., is a high-deductible, $0 premium health plan paired with a tax-advantaged medical savings account. Lasso Healthcare deposits $2,000 to $3,000 into an MSA savings account, which members use to pay qualifying healthcare expenses. The MSA has particular appeal for seniors in rural areas, where the more typical in-network provider model includes few hospitals or physicians.

Mutual of Omaha Senior Health Social Media Group- New Launch

Mutual of Omaha has created an exclusive marketer LinkedIn group. This group will focus on promoting Senior Health products, lifestyle events, and business tools. You can interact with other marketers and the Senior Health Sales Team directly.

To stay connected with Mutual of Omaha, please join the SHS Marketer Connect group on LinkedIn.


If you have any questions please reach out to your CRM representative.

Earn Marketing Credits with Devoted Health Enrollments this AEP

We’re paying it forward!

Earn 2022 marketing credits with your AEP Devoted enrollments.

Devoted has one of the fastest growing Medicare Advantage plans in the U.S right now. You work hard to provide the best plans for your clients and with Devoted Health, you can do just that and EARN 2022 MARKETING CREDITS too!

Here’s how:

Earned CSM Marketing CredIt can be used toward any marketing medium — Mailers, Flyers, Print Ads, etc.

The fine print:

  • An active enrollment is written during AEP (Oct. 15 – Dec. 7, 2021) with a January 1, 2022 effective date.
  • Enrollment must be in effect on Apr. 1, 2022, to qualify for marketing credit.
  • Enrollment changes during OEP and/or rapid dis-enrollments do not qualify.
  • Cornerstone Senior Marketing will notify qualifying agents of earned marketing credits after April 1, 2022.

Why Devoted?

Fortify your 2022 marketing budget with Devoted enrollments today!

  • Devoted offers advanced, easy-to-use tech and data platform for clients and agents.
  • Devoted Medical Group: designed to pick up where PCP’s leave off to work in conjunction and provide excellent care in member’s home.

Ready-to-use, customizable marketing resources at your fingertips on your agent portal.


Added advantage

Quote and enroll Devoted Health plans using MedicareCENTER

Devoted Health Ohio Expansion

Plans are available for your clients in these Ohio counties:

Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Medina, Lorain, Stark, Summit, Portage, Erie, Huron, Sandusky, Ottawa, Seneca, Columbiana, Trumbull, Mahoning, Fulton, Hancock, Lucas, & Wood