Aetna OH Network Update: Negotiations with Trinity – Mount Carmel Health System

Sourced from Aetna Broker Communication on 12/22/21:

Network Update                

December 22, 2021


Update on negotiations with Trinity – Mount Carmel Health System – OH


As promised, we are keeping you informed on the progress made during Aetna’s negotiations with Trinity – Mount Carmel Health System – OH. This update, and the ones that follow, will supplement the original network communication you received on 10/26/2021. We will keep you informed of updates until negotiations are complete and/or concluded.

Update #

Date of Update

Update Description



Negotiations were to be concluded and continue with a positive tone for Trinity nationally as well as in the local markets.

Trinity has made a slight modification to one state fee schedule and due to the holidays, we have been given an extension until 2/15/2022 to finalize the contracts with Trinity.



Trinity Health has provided Aetna with a contract extension to 1/31/22 – for the Commercial and Medicare products.

The parties agree to continue to work through the local market negotiations and memorialize the terms and conditions of a new National LOA over the next several weeks.   This National LOA will memorialize the new national template contract language, the respective rate increases for the respective markets and a commitment to utilize a Trinity-specific national contract template for all of their Trinity Ministries by January 1, 2023 or sooner.

Aetna and Trinity Health have signed a contract extension, assuring continued in-network access for its members in NY, OH, MI, and IL.  We’re pleased that our members will be able to continue receiving in-network care from their hospitals and doctors with the intent to limit further disruption during open enrollment.

Trinity Health extended the termination date of the following NY, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan hospitals to 1/31/22:

  • Samaritan (Troy)
  • Samaritan / Albany Memorial (Albany)
  • St. Josephs (Syracuse)
  • Mt. Carmel East Hospital (Columbus)
  • Mt. Carmel New Albany Surgical Hospital (New Albany)
  • Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital (Westerville)
  • Mt. Carmel Health System Grove City (Grove City)
  • Diley Ridge Medical Center (Canal Winchester)
  • Loyola University Medical Center (Chicago)
  • MacNeal Hospital (Chicago)
  • Gottlieb Hospital (Chicago)
  • Mercy St. Mary (Grand Rapid)
  • MHP Mercy Campus (Muskegon)
  • MHP Hackley
  • Lakeshore (Shelby)
  • St. Joseph Mercy (Chelsea)
  • St. Joseph Mercy (Ann Arbor)
  • St. Joseph Mercy (Oakland)
  • St. Mary Mercy (Livonia)
  • St. Joseph Mercy (Livingston)

We appreciate your support in this matter, as we continue to try to address the rising cost of health care services for Central Ohio area employers and residents.  We will continue to keep you informed of any changes in our local network.


If you have questions regarding Aetna’s Ohio network, please contact your CSM representative.

Devoted Health HRA Update – 12/20/21

Sourced from Devoted Health Broker Communication on 12/20/21:


If you have any questions regarding Devoted HRA’s please contact your Cornerstone Senior Marketing rep.



Cigna News: New AMPLIFY Agent Dashboard To Track HRA Submissions

Sourced from Cigna Broker Communication from 12/20/21:

As we continue to upgrade your experience when facilitating health risk assessments (HRAs) with your customers, today we’re making it easier to keep track of your submission history with our new dashboard.

When you log in to your Amplify account, you will see a dashboard. Select the phone book icon in the left navigation panel to add a new enrollee or view your HRA submission history. You can search and filter the list or export it into an Excel spreadsheet.

A one-page guide* is available on Producers’ University under Sale>Sales Aids. Scroll to the bottom and click on Value Based Enrollment-Amplify Agent Dashboard.

Still haven’t completed training to facilitate HRAs with your customers? Simply log in to Producers University and click My Learning to complete the training and to begin earning $75 for each HRA.


Questions? Reach out to your Cornerstone Senior Marketing representative 

MedicareCENTER Update: Anthem MA & MAPD HRA’s On MedicareLINK (SunFire)

Anthem MA and MAPD Health Risk Assessments (HRA) are now available in MedicareLINK (SunFire)!

SunFire and Anthem have furthered their strategic partnership by expanding HRA’s within the SunFire platform. Agents are now able to complete HRA’s for eligible MA and MAPD enrollments directly in the SunFire platform. HRA’s can be accessed directly at the end of the enrollment or through enrollment reporting.

HRA’s are available to be completed up until 3/30/2022 for any 1/1/2022 effective enrollments. All of these past enrollments can be accessed through the second entry point as described below.




If you have any questions or concerns on this new update within MedicareLINK, please contact your CSM representative.


Mutual of Omaha: Important New EFT Direct Deposit Requirements Effective 2/1/2022

Sourced from Mutual of Omaha’s broker email communication from 12/15/21: 

Get Ready!

Effective February 1, 2022, Mutual of Omaha will require an electronic deposit for all commission payments. Enrolling in EFT will get you paid in a more timely, secure, and convenient manner with no checks needing to be deposited. Once compensation totals more than $25, we will send an electronic payment directly to the bank that is in your profile on Sales Professional Access.

Failure to enroll in EFT will result in your commissions being delayed and will be paid annually in January following the end of a calendar year.





Anthem Ohio News: 2022 Member ID Cards & Non-SNP Medicare Advantage HRA Bonus

Sourced from Anthem Broker Communication from 12/14/21:

We would first like to acknowledge that our friends and families in Western KY are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. When things like this happen it makes us all stop and think about what is really important and to be grateful for the things that we have. We are doing outreach to all of our brokers in Western KY to see how we can help. If anyone on this email needs anything, please let us know.


Now that AEP is behind us, we want to thank all our broker partners for finishing strong and putting up some great numbers for Kentucky. We appreciate all your hard work and we can’t thank you enough.

Here is what is included in your Ohio News:

  • ID cards and when to expect them.
  • HRA for Non-DSNP members eff 1/1/2022


Member ID Cards 2022: What To Expect

For 2022 plan effective dates, based on product availability and selection, our members can receive up to four different member Identification (ID) cards as follows:

  1. Member ID card: to be used for all medical services
  2. OTC card: to be used to purchase over-the-counter products at specific retailers
  3. Healthy Groceries: A monthly grocery allowance that can be used to purchase healthy grocery items.
  4. Flex Account –An annual allowance that a member can use to extend their supplemental coverage for dental, vision, and hearing.


When will the member receive their cards? On certain plans, some of the benefits included in Essential Extras/Everyday Extras for 2022 are embedded supplemental benefits. Please review specific plan documentation for more details and lists of specific plans.


Member ID Card:

  • New members will receive their ID card and either a Welcome Guide or a Checklist in their Welcome Kit that is mailed to the member approximately 10 days after their enrollment is confirmed.
  • Existing members MAY receive a new ID card.  Existing members with plan benefit changes (copay amount, phone number, etc.) can expect to receive a new card late November or early December.

OTC Card:

  • New and Existing members – Members will receive their ID card in their 2022 OTC Welcome kit along with the catalog. No activation is required.
  • New members enrolling during AEP will receive their OTC card and product catalog by 1/1/2022. If enrolling after AEP, they will receive it approximately 4 weeks after their enrollment  date.
  • Example of Kroger OTC card below (for Kroger branded plans). Reminder, OTC can be used at both Kroger AND Walmart in store.

Grocery Card:

  • If pre-certification IS NOT required (DSNP Plans) – The Grocery Card should arrive prior to the member’s enrollment effective date. No activation is required
  • If pre-certification IS required – Essential Extras/Kroger HMO & PPO – The Grocery Card should arrive within 5 weeks from initial request. Member must call in to request this benefit.

Flex Card:

  • Essential Extras/Everyday Extras – The Flex Card should arrive in about 3 weeks from initial request.


Earn EXTRA CASH While Building Relationships with Your New Non-SNP Members

OEP is just around the corner. As promised, beginning January 1, 2022, you can earn an extra $50 for the completion and submission of a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for members enrolled in a NEW Non-SNP Medicare Advantage (MA) plan for January 1, 2022 effective dates and beyond.

You read that right! During OEP, from January 1 through March 31, when following up with your NEW Non-SNP members who enrolled and are effective January 1, 2022 and beyond, simply help them complete the Non-SNP HRA and you’ll receive an additional $50.


Be on the lookout for a separate email communication that includes the following details:

  • Ways to submit the Non-SNP HRA
  • Talking Points for OEP check-in calls leading to the completion of an HRA
  • Payment process and timing of payment



We appreciate your support and commitment to us during this selling season and thank you for your dedication to our members.



Integrity News: Integrity Announces Strategic Investment from Silver Lake to Accelerate Growth

DALLAS – DECEMBER 9, 2021 – Integrity Marketing Group, LLC (“Integrity” or “Company”), an omnichannel insurtech leader in life, health and wealth solutions, today announced a new strategic investment of $1.2 billion led by Silver Lake, the global leader in technology investing, for a minority stake in Integrity. Integrity’s founders, management and employees will continue to be the majority shareholders of the Company. Harvest Partners will remain the largest institutional investor, along with HGGC as a significant investor.

This partnership with the leading global technology investment firm is aimed at accelerating the ongoing development and implementation of Integrity’s innovative, one-of-a-kind omnichannel insurtech platform. In connection with this investment, Silver Lake will gain a seat on Integrity’s Board of Directors and will collaborate with Integrity’s leadership and partners on strategic initiatives to accelerate the Company’s organic growth initiatives.



Cybersecurity Tech Tip | Holiday Edition: Holiday and Seasonal Scams


Holiday and Seasonal Scams

With the ever-growing popularity of online shopping and online communications, you should always have your guard up in the cyberworld. Criminals will use any situation to their advantage–especially when it comes to annual holidays. Below you’ll find a few examples of commonly used seasonal and holiday scams, and what you can do to protect yourself.


End of the year holidays invite a greater likelihood of this common phishing attack, but this is a scam you must be cautious of all year long. Scammers send fake notifications that appear to come from postal service companies. The emails include dangerous links that, if clicked, could install malware on your computer or take you to a fake login page where your credentials will be stolen.

To check the legitimacy of these types of claims, always login to your online account or service through your browser—not through links in unexpected emails.


Scammers know that their potential victims travel for holidays throughout the year. Cybercriminals send emails offering fake travel deals from well-known travel sites. They’re even known to create phony websites for cheap hotels and flights so they can rob you of your money.

When something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Never click on links in unexpected emails. Before booking through an unfamiliar service, do your research and ensure the company is legitimate.


All social media advertisements are not created equal. A “paid advertisement” may seem trustworthy, but be warned: Anyone can pay to put an ad on social media. During holidays and popular shopping seasons, fraudsters buy ads that offer deals for items that you’re more-than-likely interested in–considering social media ads target the buyer market. The ads typically contain phishing links that lead to fraudulent websites where they will steal your credit card data. Even if the malicious ad is reported and removed, the bad guys typically only need one victim to fall for their trick to make it worth their investment.

Always hover over links and URLs before clicking to check whether the URL will take you to a dangerous or unexpected site. If a social media ad appears to be from a company you’re familiar with, check the company’s website instead of clicking on links from the ad.


Stop, Look, and Think. Don’t be fooled.

WellCare Ohio Member ID Card Information

Sourced from WellCare broker communication from 12/2/21: 

Member ID Cards

ID Cards are mailed within 10 days once the application has been approved. Existing MA and MAPD members that did not change plans during AEP will begin to receive new cards this December.
MA Only plans still get RX codes printed on the card, because they may qualify for limited pharmacy benefits that are tied to medical procedures.
The signifier if a member has prescription drug coverage on their ID card is Medicare Prescription Drug logo.



RFI – Request for Information

Our RFI line is experiencing higher call volume – we appreciate your patience
You can also resolve your RFI by submitting a ticket in agent connect.

Common Application Mistakes

As you are filling out the application, make sure you include the entire plan name. Even though you have entered the correct plan code, an RFI can occur if the plan name is incorrect. Example: Leaving out HMO-POS or D-SNP.

HICN Missing: Double checked the MBI number and it is correct? Make sure you also have entered the correct birthday.

AEP Reminders: Last Days of 2022 AEP Enrollments

AEP Ends Tuesday December 7, 2021


Important information about the last days of AEP and submitting enrollment apps.

The following tips will help ensure your hard work this AEP pays off and your applications are processed correctly, including those submitted on Tuesday, December 7, 2021!

1. AEP application submission deadline: ALL applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm on December 7.

2. Date the application. It’s important to include a date on every enrollment application. Applications without a date, received after December 7, 2021, are assigned the date the application was received by the carrier, which can invalidate apps received after AEP ends. Apps that you receive on December 7 must be submitted to the carrier, dated December 7.


3. Faxing Applications:  If faxing the application, remember to keep a copy of your successful fax transmittal as confirmation of submission.


4.  Application Submission Guide:  Click the link below to download the most up to date application enrollment submission process, by carrier.





Most apps now are plan specific. Be sure the check that the app matches the plan requested.

Invalid Medicare ID number. It’s best to always see a copy of the clients Medicare card to insure the current number is on the app.

Missing signatures or signature dates
Always make sure you and the applicant sign and date the application. Remember, you should not sign and date the application until it is in your possession.

Double check that all signature fields are completed and the dates are correct. We frequently see a date of birth or effective date listed as a signature date!

Missing or Invalid Writing Numbers
This is very important as this is how you are paid! In cases when the incorrect writing number is listed on the application the carrier will drop the policy as a house account until a correction is processed.

Invalid Election Period
Be sure to check or write in the AEP election on the application that requires the election to be entered. The carrier won’t assume the AEP election.

While most elections will be marked AEP this time of year, it’s still important to make sure you are using the correct election period for age-ins or other special circumstances.

Missing Effective Date
Be sure to enter the effective date in regardless if it is AEP. We have seen apps pend for not entering the effective date.

While not all carriers require electronic enrollments, many prefer this method.




For more information or questions please contact us